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Twitch Will Be Ad-Free if You Are an Amazon Prime Member

Twitch is going to be ad-free for anyone who pays for Amazon Prime alongside with that, the new user tier…

Microsoft’s Xbox One S is Launching On August 2

Xbox One's slimmer, sleeker version, The Xbox One S will be available for you to buy on August 2.

No Man’s Sky, Probabbly the biggest game of year, is ready

After spending many years in developments and many delays, No Man's Sky is finally been finished.

Fallout 4 Will be Coming in Virtual Reality in 2017

As the company announced in its E3 Gaming Expo today, the beloved game Fallout 4 will soon be available for…

9 Movie-Based Games You Don’t Know About

Video games based on major films tend to generate a lot of attention. But every now and then such a…