5 Best Free Pushbullet Alternatives

Pushbullet is now paid and the free version is useless, In this post, we have some of the best apps that you can use as Pushbullet alternative.

Pushbullet is one of the best apps to make your phone work better with PC. It has the ability to send files from your computer to your android phone, using SMS from the PC and you can use it to view all your Phone notifications right on your computer screen.

If you have been following the news, you may know that Pushbullet is no longer completely free, instead, it now has two tires the first one being free and the latter costing 5 bucks per month.

Usually, when an App maker introduces a paid version of the app, instead of removing features from the free version, he introduces new features into the new app to convince people to upgrade. Pushbullet rather took a different approach and made the free version almost useless.

The following features are no longer available for Free version:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Sending large files
  • Universal copy and Paste

Pushbullet may have his own reasons to do it, there are already some great and free Pushbullet alternatives available.

Pushbullet Alternatives:

AirDriod: by far the best Pushbullet alternative

AirDriod has always been one of the best apps made for file sharing between PCs and phones, recent updates have added some of the best Pushbullet features into it.

Sure, there is a paid version of AirDriod available, but as a free Pushbullet alternative, the free version is enough for everyone.I have been using it for 6 months and it seems to be the perfect solution to get phone notifications on the computer.

free pushbullet alternative airdroid
AirDroid for Windows PC

AirDriod is available for OS X, Windows, as a Chrome extension and on Android.


Pushline does not have all the bells and whistles of AirDriod, but it is a good Pushbullet alternative if you are looking for an App to get notifications mirrored into your desktop.

free pushbullet alternative pushline

To use Pushline, you will need to install it on your phone and also install an extension on Google Chrome, note that there is no desktop client and also you can’t use it on any other web browser.

Feature wise, Pushline has you covered as long as you can live without file sending to your phone. Unlike Airdriod, there is no paid version and surprisingly, there are no advertising either, making it completely free to use.


Owned by hardware maker Lenovo, ShareIt is a Pushbullet alternative for users who are looking for file sharing instead of notification mirroring.

ShareIt uses Wi-Fi to connect to the phone and after installing it on both your phone and your PC, you can send and receive files. Unlike AirDriod or Pushbullet, ShareIt makes it easy to share files with friends too. In my tests, I have found that in most cases file sharing speed is better than using Bluetooth, but your friends should also have ShareIt installed in order to send and receive files.  There is a remote view also that lets you browse files stored on PC from Phone.

ShareIt is free to use and it is available for Android, Windows, and iOS


Unlike the above-mentioned apps, Yappy does not try to become a Pushbullet rip-off, instead, it may be an excellent Pushbullet alternative if you are looking for an App to send SMS from your computer.

free pushbullet alternative yappy
Yappy for Android

Yappy also has good enough capability of mirroring notifications similar to Pushline, but it excels at its messaging features. The UI is easy to use and you can send free messages to other Yappy users.

Yappy also has a paid option that adds some extra features for $2 per month. However, these features are not that necessary so you should be just fine without paying for Pro version.

Yappy is available for Windows, Chrome, Android and even for Mozilla Firefox.


free pushbullet alternative alt-c

One of Pushbullet’s best feature is that you can copy some text on your PC and paste to your phone, it is now in the paid tier, but you can get it for free if you use the free Alt-C app for Android.

As the name suggests, after you have done the setup on both devices, you can press Alt and C on your PC and then paste the text right into your phone, Alt-C is a good Pushbullet alternative if you are only looking for this specific feature and you don’t want to pay for it.

Alt-C is available for Android, Windows and OS X. A version for iOS is coming soon.


In conclusion, Following are the best alternatives to Pushbullet:

  • AirDroid
  • Pushline
  • ShareIt
  • Yappy
  • ALT-C

Which one do you prefer?

Among the above apps, which one do you use as Pushbullet alternative and why? Do you know about any other free app that has the same feature set? Share with others in the comments below.

7 Best Apps To Install On New Android Phones

Just got a new shiny Android Phone and can’t start to fill up with new apps? we will discuss some of the best apps to install on new Android Phones.

Just got a new shiny Android Phone and can’t wait to fill it up with new apps? You are on right URL. In this post, we will discuss some of the best apps to install on new Android Phones.


Formerly known as read it later, it is the  best offline saving app for any platform. Many time we see a great post on the internet but due to lack of time we can’t read it, at that moment, if you have installed Pocket, you can save it to your reading list.

ads in pocket

You can read saved articles even if you are offline. You can install the extensions for your web browser to add items to your list from a computer.

The Pocket basic (free) should be enough for most people. You can also opt for the premium version for some additional features such as better searching.

Download Pocket


Wunderlist is a simple To-do app. Wunderlist is now owned by Microsoft meaning you can expect excellent support for it in Windows too. It is already available on most platforms, but having a powerful and straightforward To-Do list manager on your palm can be a big help in increased productivity. Wunderlist is also available in a paid version, but the free version is good for most people.

apps to install on new android phone - wunderlist

Wunderlist has easy options to collaborate with other people and the options to create shared To-Do lists.

Download Wunderlist


Facebook and other social networks can be well used without installing a dedicated app, but Instagram is a different story.

instagram -

Instagram is mostly based on the App system as you can’t really do many things on the website. The app works well on most mobile phones, and it performs well even on low-end devices. The latest version also mimics the Force touch feature present in Apple iPhone 6s by focusing on time duration difference between tapping and holding.

Download Instagram

Microsoft Office

apps to install on new android phone - microsoft offfice

Sure Google has its Google Docs and other apps, but Microsoft’s Offerings are also excellent for their compatibility with Office formats. Office apps are tightly integrated into OneDrive, and this makes doing work on the go a breeze.

Office apps are among the first apps to install on new Android Phones for road warriors.

Download Microsoft Office

Google Chrome/ Opera Mini

There are reasons to have both apps for some people. If you live in a place where you always have access to fast internet, Chrome is the best browser; It still does not have support for extension but When Data saver mode in enabled, it performs better than other heavy browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

apps to install on new android phone - google chrome

Arguably, Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. If you use Chrome on a desktop computer, the Android app can sync all your bookmarks and password once you sign-in.

If you live in a place where you may have to deal with too slow internet speed, Opera Mini should be in your app drawer. It has two modes under settings the first one is High Data compression mode, it is not as good as Chrome’s Data compression, the other mode is called ‘Extreme Mode’ it may save your life if you are stuck with a 2G internet connection (It still happens in India).

Download: Google Chrome | Opera Mini

Arrow Launcher

It is Microsoft’s second app in our Apps to install on new Android Phones list, we have talked about it in our other posts. Mostly, brands ship new Android phones with their own custom launchers.

arrow launcher android

Arrow Launcher is different than all other browsers because it tries to deviate from the path of most Android launchers, It has only 5 Pages on the home screen. One is for Widgets, one for recent contacts and apps. One for apps, Once for Reminders and Once screen for Contacts.


Arrow Launcher also includes an app drawer which is simply a verticle grid with a search box on top. For people who are looking for a refreshing take on home screen management, Arrow Launcher is worth a shot.

Download Arrow Launcher


apps to install on new android phone - 9gag

Arguably the best app to kill time, 9GAG also has a website, but it is only good for a desktop browser. There is a mobile website too, but it keeps begging you to install the Android App. It is worth it. 9GAG has an almost endless supply of images and GIFs to entertain you. Most of them are funny; some are NSFW, and there are tons of Cat pics too.

Download 9GAG

How many of them have you tried? Do you know any other apps to install on new Android Phones? Share with others in the comments below.

Get Ready for Ads in Pocket

Get ready, you are soon going to see Ads in Pocket. The Popular read-it-later app, Pocket will soon be serving sponsored content in its recommended posts section.

Get ready, you are soon going to see Ads in Pocket. The Popular read-it-later app, Pocket will soon be serving sponsored content in its recommended posts section.

In a blog post, Nate from Pocket HQ announced about the news.

… in the coming weeks, you may see us begin experimenting with a second piece: showing you the occasional sponsored post inside Pocket.


The App is one of the most popular offline reading apps available for any platform, it has been installed by 22 Million people.

Previously, there were no ads in Pocket. Only a premium service existed. The Premium added some additional features to the service such as saving the posts even if they are deleted from the website.

After the Company waited for years in research, It seems that Pocket has found a good way to monetise through the App.  Rather than showing you a banner app covering screen space, the Recommended section shows you sponsored content. Intel is one of the first to advertise himself using Pocket.

The posts are labeled as Sponsored, and The company has announced that they will not sell user information to advertisers to show ads in Pocket.

Ads are only for Free users. Nate said in the blog post that anyone using the Pocket Premium will not be seeing sponsored content. The Premium subscription costs 5 bucks per month and adds some additional features such as Advance searching and tagging.

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Microsoft Made An App Just to Take Selfies (Seriously)

Microsoft Selfie is the new recently released app for iOS. The app uses machine learning to improve and edit selfies.

We have talked about Microsoft apps made for productively in past, we have talked about a Microsoft made an android launcher in past, but who could have thought that one day we will get to see an App by Microsoft just to take selfies.

Microsoft Selfie is the new recently released app for iOS. The app uses machine learning to improve and edit selfies.

After you have clicked a photo using the app, Microsoft Selfie analysis the photo and provides the best editing options. It takes gender, skin tone, lighting, age and other things into account before providing any edits. And shows you a preview of the resultant photo, if you wish, you can make other changes on the selfie using the built-in tools in the app.

The app is currently available in English and simplified Chinese language and it has good reviews so far.

Microsoft selfies

Though it is interesting, it is not the first time that Microsoft is doing something related to selfies, back in last year, the software giant created a website how-old.net that predicted the age of a person in a photo.

What do you think about Microsoft Selfie? share with others in the comments below.

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5 Unique and Cool Android Launchers to Customize your Smartphone

We have short listed some cool and unique android launchers that can replace your home screen experience.

Customizable android launchers are playing an important role in making android preferred among competition. There are many android launchers available on the Google Play to customize the graphics interface of your home screen. We have short listed some cool and unique android launchers that can replace your home screen experience:

Stella launcher by Jolla

unique android launcher - stella

This heavyweight resource hog launcher is definitely not for entry level androids, sizing more than 50 MB, Stella Launcher is made by jolla -company behind the Sailfish OS. This launcher includes beautifully styled home screen and swiping based operations. The launcher feels a lot like the Sailfish OS , the interface is snappy and beautiful.
Although there are very few customization options in settings.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Buzz launcher

Buzz launcher is a unique theme based launcher. The possibilities of customizability are almost unlimited becaues there are thousands of cool themes available for it. The growing collection of themes makes it really cool.
The application drawer is simplified and many gestures can be used.

unique android launchers - buzz

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Lucid launcher

Lucid launcher is not about dividing interface into pages, instead Lucid launcher includes 3 workspaces to the user. The first one is the conventional app drawer , the second is Widget page and last but not the least the third space is a web browser. It  makes searching very handy task – you only need to swipe to open a web site.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdQv1UAdhGM”]

Lucid launcher is available in both free and paid version in Google Play. Be sure to try the free version before buying the paid one for your convenience.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

 Chameleon launcher

unique android launchers -chemleon launcher

Being focused on Bigger screen devises such as Tablets and Phablets, It really is a kind of launcher that you can either love it or hate it , The interface is divided into grids and Widgets play a very important part. The launcher changes the pages according to your place. Such as in your workplace you will see your mails in the home screen and when in home you will see the Facebook and twitter alike widgets. Although it is not free and you will have to shell some cash for it.


 Yahoo aviate

unique android launchers - yahoo aviate

Yahoo’s aviate is one of the most organized launcher in Google Play store, It doesn’t have 10000 themes but itreally looks coo and well managed. The sidebar changes accordingly to your time and location after you configure it properly. Such as it shows news in the morning and sows you navigation when you are going to your worksite. Five spaces are available named as Morning, Moving, Listening, Work and Transit. Aviate is light on resources and really easy to use.

Download it on Google Play (Free)

Do you know any other laucher that is cooler than the default one? Share it with us in the comments below…