Which Browser is Most Secure? Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox

Web browsers are some of the most important apps that we use on a daily basis. To be a great choice, a browser should not only be feature rich, it should also focus on privacy as much as possible. The browser needs to be efficient as well as safe with regular updates and it should be aware of any phishing or malware that can potentially infect the PC. Folks at WhoIsHostingThis have made this interesting infographic that compares modern web browsers and tries to figure out which one is the most secure.

Click on the infographic to enlarge.

Which Browser is Most Secure?

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3 thoughts on “Which Browser is Most Secure? Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox”

  1. George says:

    I think that we’re getting a bit paranoid here. I mean, deleting cookies for the sake of privacy? Isn’t that a bit… extreme?

    1. Saurabh Tripathi says:

      I think for a lot of people it is indeed extreme, but it may be useful in case someone is using a public computer.
      Also, some people like cleaning cookies so that advertisers can’t track them continously.

      1. George says:

        I understand how it’s useful in cases of public computer usage. But, in advertising, it does more harm than good.

        Ads are something that you can’t avoid. You can most certainly install an ad blocker, but in that way, you bite the hand that feeds you.

        There are people who are willing to provide us with high quality content for free, like you. But, ads are necessary for that to happen.

        So, using an ad blocker is more or less out of question if you want to help out the ones who are providing you with free content.

        Which means that ads are going to be delivered anyway to us.

        We can either let the cookies do their job so that we can at the very least receive ads that are to our liking, which again helps the ones who provide us with free content in exchange for them.

        Or we can delete the cookies, receive ads that have nothing to do with us, and in the process hurt ourselves, the ad publishers, and the author who acts as a host for these ads.

        That is just my opinion regarding the whole cookies and advertising thing. I’m not intending to brand anyone as wrong because he believes otherwise or anything along these lines.

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