YouTube launched YouTube Red – a Paid Version of YouTube

YouTube red announced

Yesterday, Google announced its new subscription based YouTube service on its Official YouTube Blog.

It has been named YouTube Red and it costs $9.99 per month. With YouTube Red, the company jumping on the subscription based bandwagon. It will compete with subscription based music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Groove Music.


Although with YouTube Red, Google is also focusing on giving users an option to use the services without viewing ads on any devices. The apps will be ad free if a user does a sign in via its subscribed Google Account.

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A subscription to YouTube Red will also make user able to use Google Music free for charge. It will work on YouTube Music app as well and you can save the videos in your device for offline viewing.

Google has said that the ad supported versions of YouTube will continue to work just as they did in the past.

The free, ad-supported version of YouTube we all know and love isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still be able to enjoy YouTube, along with the YouTube Kids, Gaming and Music apps free of charge.

As Google’s Pay Per channel and Donation system for YouTube were pure flop, it will be interesting to see how much impact can YouTube Red make on Music and Video industry.

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