WTF is Windows 10 S : Everything You Need To Know

2017 02 01 08h16 11

Microsoft has introduced a brand new variant of the Windows 10. The Windows 10 S is the company’s brand new approach towards operating systems, that is mainly aimed towards the speed-hungry users. It will be incorporated in a number of devices in the future including just announced Surface Laptop.

2017 05 03 09h31 53

The Windows 10 S is a variant of the Windows 10. Its working is pretty much similar to the Windows 10 Pro with a few differences that are explained below. The major highlight of the Windows 10 S is that it only allows apps from the Windows Store. This a good thing as all the apps on Windows Store are verified by Microsoft and are incredibly safe. Secondly it decreases that load on your device and makes your system run faster. The Windows Store has the full Office Suite available, so you will be able to use PowerPoint, Word etc.

The Windows 10 S was mainly designed by Microsoft to serve the education sector. As Most of the schools use computers to teach children the Windows Store only policy and the fast speed of Windows 10 S will get the students to work in no time. In an effort to get its point across Microsoft is offering Windows 10 S for free to all those schools that are already working with Windows 10 Pro.

However if you want an app that isn’t available on the Windows Store you can always upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and get it. Windows 10 S will be available on all the new devices you will buy. Microsoft has partnered with Dell and Asus to produce in expensive laptops that will come with Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S will be launched this summer beginning with the Surface Laptop that will launch on 15 June.

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