Reportedly, Razer Plans To Build A Phone For Gamers, But Needs More Money

2017 07 22 21h44 59 1

If you are familiar with r/pcmasterrace, chances are that you are already familiar with Razer. It’s a company that has been launching successful gaming devices in recent years including a powerful but tiny Razer Blade and a crazy powerful Razer Blade Pro that has a mechanical keyboard and thin design.

2017 07 22 21h44 59 1

Razer Blade

Bloomberg recently reported that company is planning to make a phone targeted at gamers. The report also says that currently, the company does not have all the money that it will need to manufacture and ship the phone so it will be doing an IPO in Hong Kong that could value Razer’s business at $5 billion which will help in funding company’s smartphone plans

While it seems a surprising event, considering Razer acquired smartphone maker NextBit this year make company’s plans easy to believe. There are still tons of question that as a gamer I would love to get answers of. Will the phone run Android or Windows Mobile? what will be different for it to be called a gaming phone? will it have Nextbit branding or Razer’s? how much Razer tax will it have? I guess we will have to wait a bit to get answers. considering the IPO won’t be before October, we can be sure that the phone won’t be coming in this year.