Motorola’s Upcoming Flagship Moto Z Just Got Leaked, Here Are The Pictures

2017 03 12 08h44 15

The Moto Z smartphone was launched last year with Moto Mods. And now it seems as if Motorola is ready with the next generation of the smartphone. The smartphone company gave its audience a preview to the Moto Z smartphone at the MWC 2017 while showcasing new mods. It also hinted the same more recently during Sprint’s Gigabit-Class LTE service display on Thursday.

2017 03 12 08h44 15

Upcoming Moto Z | Credit: Android Central

The most notable change in the Moto Z is the oval shaped fingerprint sensor. The form factor of the Moto Z is mainly the same and it makes sense as it has to support present and future Moto Mods. Meaning that the next smartphone in the Moto Z series will feature a same size 5.5-inch display too like its predecessor.

The Moto Z smartphone is said to fall in the premium category, so it will come with exceptional specifications including Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 SoC. It will also feature a slim metal slab design.

The device that was showcased at the Sprint’s Gigabit-Class LTE service display was spotted running on a Snapdragon 835. The device encased and covered at the edges making it difficult to be sure if it is indeed the Moto Z(2017). However, Sprint later confirmed that the device was a flagship model. The carrier also said that it used a combination of “three-channel carrier aggregation and 60 MHz of Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum in combination with 4X4 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and 256-QAM higher order modulation to achieve incredible Category 16 LTE download data speeds on a TDD network.”

Last year’s Moto Z featured a 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display, and it ran on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC. It sported 4 GB RAM and a 13 MP back and 5 MP front camera.

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