5 Ways to Make Real Money From Your Android Phone

make money from android apps

Your smartphone is probably sitting in your pocket all the time and you only use it to spend money on Apps, Calls and online shopping. Did you know that you can make some money from your smartphones?

A quick search on Google Play reveals that there are hundreds of app that claim to make money for you, however in real experience, most of them are shady scams that are designed in a way that you won’t really be able to receive the money that you make from the app.

After digging in them, here are some of the best apps and websites for you to make money from.

Google Opinion rewards

The first one in our list is from a familiar face Google. Google Opinion Rewards is a simple way for users to earn some Google Play Store credit. After signing up for the service, you need to complete surveys for Google. After completing any paid survey, you are rewarded Google Play Credits that you can use to buy Apps, Music and Movies for your devices. Even though it is really simple, keep in mind that not all surveys are not paid. The price for each survey is displayed under the survey title.


While Opinion Rewards is not going to pay for your mortgage, it is still a great way to make some money from your Android Phone.


SlideJoy is a lot different app than Google’s offering, it is an android app that puts Ads in your lockcreen and your home screen. For seeing these ads, you are paid in real money. The ads are often news articles. The best thing about SlideJoy is its simplicity, you don’t even have to click on these ads to get paid.

Android App is smooth on most devices and the app has a fair number of Positive reviews on its Google Play Page.

You can withdraw the amount earned in app to your PayPal account or your Bitcoin wallet.

Online Casinos

All other options in the article are for earning a few bucks, if you have the knowledge and luck, you can earn money by playing mobile casino games at casino.com

Many of these sites even provide you some credit after you sign-up for an account.


Unlike SlideJoy or Google Opinion rewards, you don’t need to see advertising or complete surveys to earn money. Foap is an Andorid App that lets you sell your Photos for a flat $10. As the photographer, you get 50% of that.

Foap may be a good option for you if you are good at taking photographs and you have a good camera phone.


taskbucks to make money from andorid

Taskbucks is an Indian app that pays you for installing apps into your android devices. Money earned with the app can’t be directly transferred to your bank account, instead, you can use this money to pay your mobile phone bills and top-up your Prepaid account.

After installing and launching the app, you can see a list of apps available for you to install, after installing any app from TaskBucks, you may have to keep it installed for a set period of time in order to earn money.

What is your favorite?

Among all the apps and sites mentioned above which is your favorite and why? Share with other readers in the comments below.