Amazon May Launch $5 Music Streaming Service, But You Won’t Use it

amazon echo

Amazon is planning to launch¬†two music streaming services before we talk about second, let’s get the first one out of our way: It will cost $10, you can stream from all devices and it will have unlimited streaming.

The first one is fairly simple to understand, it works similarly to all other major streaming services and it costs the same too. (Apple Music, Spotify and Groove music etc. cost $10 for a month)

The second one a real interesting¬†plan, as recode reports, it will cost $5 and you can stream unlimited music from Amazon’s music catalog. But there is a catch: you can only use it on a Echo device.

While Amazon Echo is a fairly fine device, I don’t think the majority of people but it because of Music Playing capabilities. While I know some people who play music on Echo, Most people listen music on their Phones, Tablets or Computers.

Currently, there is no way to lisen Amazon Music without a Prime subscription, if Amazon really launces a $5 music service exclusive to Echo, I doubt that many people will sign-up for this. However, there are some other way Amazon can deal with this, The company may allow ad-supported music streaming on other devices. But, it is not confirm yet.