10 Helpful Tools To Improve Gmail Experience

10 Helpful Tools To Improve Gmail Experience

Google Mail or Gmail has been steadily among the most outstanding e-mailing services out there for a very long time. Even at the time of never-ending development of services, Google manages to keep up with the market and meet users’ needs. Yet, there is no limit to perfection – say the developers. So, what stops us from running through some of the most prominent tools for Gmail, developed directly to brighten our experience

Extensions for Google Chrome



An efficient tool that combines both a task manager and your Gmail, working both with Firefox and Chrome. There is a vast number of features that help you prioritizing letters, track deadlines, snoozing emails, showing the previous correspondence, tracking important messages and much more. If chaos has taken over your Gmail, then this is your solution to get things back under control.



A great tool for Chrome to share information through Gmail, branding yourself or your company, which, in any case, makes you personally look very professional. The extension creates an email signature that can be edited at any moment. The email signature works with HTML and social networks, and thus, you can use some cool features for your own signature (e.g. last posts, Google+ and Facebook updates, tweets and much more!).

Minimalist for everything
Minimalist for Everything

Minimalist for Everything

For those who want to rid of the interface elements, With a ton of customization settings. You can highlight a row, show email attachments as icons, turn on notifications, change graphics, elements, etc. Get your interface looks as minimalistic as possible.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

A vital tool for mail management. It tracks, plans and manages your emails and you can either archive them or return old messages on the top of your inbox at any time. Should one of your contacts delay with the answer, just schedule your follow-up reminders.

Works with Firefox, Outlook, and mobile devices.


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Integrated into social media, it helps you know the people who you correspond with a little more. After you connect your Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and upon opening an email, you will see your contacts’ recent posts, links to their profiles, their picture and make additional notes.

Compatible with Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Mailplane.

Add-ons for Firefox

Gmail Unread Manager

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Quite a useful extension that, among other things, allows to see a number of messages from different accounts. This Gmail Manager allows you to administer incoming letters in the status bar. From there it is easy to manage the messages any way you want, transfer them from folder to folder, mark messages as read or spam, delete and preview them. In order to see a number of unread messages, enable the toolbar icon.

Meeting Scheduler

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A perfect tool to reach an agreement on a meeting day and time. Use ScheduleOnce to manage meetings from your inbox, track messages and create meetings, suitable for all.

NetHunt CRM

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Useful CRM for sales persons and small business owners to organize & manage all communication with customers in your Gmail Inbox.


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For all those who are involved in all kinds of mathematical calculations. This tool enables you using LaTeX for typing mathematical formulas as you work in Google mail.


2017 01 25 18h42 34

Provides encryption and decryption for the messages to achieve additional security. Send an email and protect it with a password that can be opened in Gmail only if the recipient of your message has the extension installed and the password to open it.

Works with Chrome and Firefox.

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