Here is Everything You Wanted To Know About Deep Web And Tor

Tor and Deep web have never been more relevant than today, we have touched the matter of privacy in Windows 10 and talked about dark web before. Today let’s take a look at what Tor is and how to use it in the infographic below which was made by the folks at WIHT.

Click on the infographic to see in enlarged.


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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs : Everything You May Want to Know

There is no doubt that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are 2 the biggest CS visionaries in recent years. One is known for making the PC accessible to almost everyone and the other is behind iPhones. Following is an infographic that compares both of them with respect to their contribution, wealth and their products among other things.

Click on the infographic below to enlarge.


Bonus: Here is the ERB Music video about bill gates, it may contain some cursing, but I found it funny to listen to.

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How To Use Google Search Like A Boss

Google is everywhere, so much so that Google is now a word on Oxford Dictionary which means ‘to search something on the internet’. With that in mind and considering most of us use Google all the time, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting tips and tricks that can help you search the web like a Pro on Google.

Click here or on the infographic below to see it in full screen (especially if you are on a mobile device.

how to use google like a pro (Source) | NEXT STORY: Everything We Know About Upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

How Has Android Evolved Since It’s Birth

Ever since the Android OS was launched, Google and Android community has continuously been working to improve the operating system. The UI has been enhanced; security has been beefed, and new features have been added to keep the Smartphone-centric OS relevant and useful.

Folks at TopAppCreators made a simple infographic to help you keep up with the evolution of Google’s flagship operating system.

Click on the infographic to enlarge.

android evolution infographic

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PowerPoint VS Sway : Which One Should You Use [Infographic]

Cant decide about the PowerPoint vs Sway ? Don’t worry, this infographic compares all aspects of both programs and which one is better.

Microsoft Sway is an storyboard based app that works similar to PowerPoint and lets you create stylish Boards that you can use to explain a topic to someone or create a website like presentation. On the other hand, PowerPoint has never been as powerful as today and this Microsoft made app has made a deep impact on how corporate culture works.

So, which one should you choose? Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway and which one is better ?
The infographic below discusses PowerPoint vs Sway in various aspects and hopefully, at the end you will be sure about which one to choose for yourself.

powerpoint vs sway infographic

Via SlideGenius

Between Sway and PowerPoint, which one is your favorite and why ? share with others in the comments below.

55 Facinating Facts About Google in One Infographic

Think you know all cool things about Google ? Check our Google Facts infographic and find out yourself.

You probabbly use Google Search everyday. Heck, you may have come to this page from a Google. search result. But do you know everything about Google ?
Google has been the king of internet for a long time, ever since the company came to market, it has become a synoname of Searching on the internet.
There are a lot of cool and fascinating facts about the internet giant that you may not know about. Folks at bargainfox have created a great infographic that covers 55 interesting facts about the company, its origin and its products.

Click on the image to view it in full size.

google facts infographic

How many of the facts did you already know? is there any other fact about Google that was not in the infographic and you want to share with others? Drop us in the comments below.

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Here is What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space

The infographic here shows how space food evolved over the years and What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re fantasizing about traveling to space and discovering new planets and signs of other life organisms in the universe? Have you ever daydreamed of becoming an astronaut, exploring the endless vacuum zone and revealing its secrets?

Astronauts are that group of people that confront many challenges in order to contribute to the general progress of humankind. One of those challenges is definitely one of the most important human needs – eating. Imagine eating in microgravity where everything floats – food, plates, tableware etc. Not to mention the fact that the food also needs to be prepared in a special way.

Folks at Labeley created the following infographic that shows how space food evolved over the years. You’ll find out what Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn ate on their space missions in the sixties and how that changed for Scott Kelly, for example. The infographic also explains what astronaut food should be like, what kind of preserving methods are used so the food has longer shelf life, how astronauts prepare their food and how they eat their meals. Check it out and find out what it’s like to eat as an astronaut.

Click on the image to view it in full size.

Here is What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space

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Cupcake to Marshmallow : History Of Android in One Infographic

Here is a quick infographic that covers the entire history of Google Android starting from the Cupcake release to the latest version of Android called Marshmallow.

Since its launch in 2000’s, Android has gone under some major changes. Rather than being a iOS alternative for nerds, Android now powers almost 80% smartphones in world.

From clunky HTC hero to the sleek Galaxy S7, the OS has changed radically and made it possible for most non geek users to get around their phones without any confusion.

Here is a quick infographic that covers the entire history of Google Android starting from the Cupcake release to Marshmallow.

Click on the image to enlarge. 

android history infographic

Via: Mobilemadhouse

How to Enjoy Summer in the Office – by Wrike project management software

Summers are a great childhood memory for everyone. Years ago,  Summers meant all day sports and cool drinks for all of us. Now that we are grown-ups, we have work to do and summers mean that we will now have to deal with high temperatures while working. Still there are some ways we can still enjoy the summers at our offices.

Below infographic suggests how you can still make summer in your office enjoyable.

How to Enjoy Summer in the Office - by Wrike project management software

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management web tools.

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