5 Best Free Pushbullet Alternatives

Pushbullet is now paid and the free version is useless, In this post, we have some of the best apps that you can use as Pushbullet alternative.

Pushbullet is one of the best apps to make your phone work better with PC. It has the ability to send files from your computer to your android phone, using SMS from the PC and you can use it to view all your Phone notifications right on your computer screen.

If you have been following the news, you may know that Pushbullet is no longer completely free, instead, it now has two tires the first one being free and the latter costing 5 bucks per month.

Usually, when an App maker introduces a paid version of the app, instead of removing features from the free version, he introduces new features into the new app to convince people to upgrade. Pushbullet rather took a different approach and made the free version almost useless.

The following features are no longer available for Free version:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Sending large files
  • Universal copy and Paste

Pushbullet may have his own reasons to do it, there are already some great and free Pushbullet alternatives available.

Pushbullet Alternatives:

AirDriod: by far the best Pushbullet alternative

AirDriod has always been one of the best apps made for file sharing between PCs and phones, recent updates have added some of the best Pushbullet features into it.

Sure, there is a paid version of AirDriod available, but as a free Pushbullet alternative, the free version is enough for everyone.I have been using it for 6 months and it seems to be the perfect solution to get phone notifications on the computer.

free pushbullet alternative airdroid
AirDroid for Windows PC

AirDriod is available for OS X, Windows, as a Chrome extension and on Android.


Pushline does not have all the bells and whistles of AirDriod, but it is a good Pushbullet alternative if you are looking for an App to get notifications mirrored into your desktop.

free pushbullet alternative pushline

To use Pushline, you will need to install it on your phone and also install an extension on Google Chrome, note that there is no desktop client and also you can’t use it on any other web browser.

Feature wise, Pushline has you covered as long as you can live without file sending to your phone. Unlike Airdriod, there is no paid version and surprisingly, there are no advertising either, making it completely free to use.


Owned by hardware maker Lenovo, ShareIt is a Pushbullet alternative for users who are looking for file sharing instead of notification mirroring.

ShareIt uses Wi-Fi to connect to the phone and after installing it on both your phone and your PC, you can send and receive files. Unlike AirDriod or Pushbullet, ShareIt makes it easy to share files with friends too. In my tests, I have found that in most cases file sharing speed is better than using Bluetooth, but your friends should also have ShareIt installed in order to send and receive files.  There is a remote view also that lets you browse files stored on PC from Phone.

ShareIt is free to use and it is available for Android, Windows, and iOS


Unlike the above-mentioned apps, Yappy does not try to become a Pushbullet rip-off, instead, it may be an excellent Pushbullet alternative if you are looking for an App to send SMS from your computer.

free pushbullet alternative yappy
Yappy for Android

Yappy also has good enough capability of mirroring notifications similar to Pushline, but it excels at its messaging features. The UI is easy to use and you can send free messages to other Yappy users.

Yappy also has a paid option that adds some extra features for $2 per month. However, these features are not that necessary so you should be just fine without paying for Pro version.

Yappy is available for Windows, Chrome, Android and even for Mozilla Firefox.


free pushbullet alternative alt-c

One of Pushbullet’s best feature is that you can copy some text on your PC and paste to your phone, it is now in the paid tier, but you can get it for free if you use the free Alt-C app for Android.

As the name suggests, after you have done the setup on both devices, you can press Alt and C on your PC and then paste the text right into your phone, Alt-C is a good Pushbullet alternative if you are only looking for this specific feature and you don’t want to pay for it.

Alt-C is available for Android, Windows and OS X. A version for iOS is coming soon.


In conclusion, Following are the best alternatives to Pushbullet:

  • AirDroid
  • Pushline
  • ShareIt
  • Yappy
  • ALT-C

Which one do you prefer?

Among the above apps, which one do you use as Pushbullet alternative and why? Do you know about any other free app that has the same feature set? Share with others in the comments below.

Searching for a Cool Wi-Fi Router? Here are 5

Bored of your ugly looking router at your home? Here are 5 cool wi-fi routers that you can buy for your home.

If our home is a body than the Wi-Fi routes are blood vessels. Without them, you either have to be plugged to ethernet or to pay big bucks to mobile networks for a decent enough internet network.

While most manufacturers recommend them to install them in the center of the house, many most of us hide them because they are plain boring and sometimes downside ugly. If you are also one of those fashion conscious people and you care about how your Living room looks, Here are some of the most beautiful wi-fi routers that you can get for your home.

Google OnHub

The first ever internet router from Google, Onhub is one hell of a looker. The cool wi-fi router is designed with simplicity and the use in Living room in mind.

OnHub does not have any antenna out of its body, it has a nice circular notification lite on its top lid.

The router shines at its simplicity, Google OnHub is completely configured via its app.

Currently, OnHub is made by ASUS and TP-Link, the Asus version will cost you 219 bucks and the latter comes at $200 Price. Both models have automatic updates enabled, 1 USB 3.0 Port and 1 GB of memory.


beautiful cool wi-fi router eero

Eero has a different approach to wi-fi than the any other router in the list. Instead of having one unit to supply Wi-Fi signal to whole house, Eero recommends using more than one to get the internet connection to the house.

Eero is not cheap at the price, it costs $199 per unit. You can get a pack of 3 for almost $500. It is expensive than many routers out there but once you have done the set-up, it works like a charm.

The devices don’t have any standing antenna to make them look like a small spaceship. There is one tiny LED on the device to show network activity. similar to OnHub, you can control them via an App installed in your smartphone.


Asus’s offering looks a lot like it is from any other planet. The ridiculously cool Wi-fi router is not cute like the Eero or OnHub, but 8 big antennas surrounding the Modem give it unique feel and design.

asus rt ac5300 cool wi-fi router

The Asus RT-AC5300 costs almost $400 and packs some monster specs for a router. The router is Tri-Band and it can transfer data on upto 4334 Mbps in 5GHz mode. It is powered by a dual core 1.4 GHz processor and also it has a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 Port to connect it to dongles and storage devices.

The ASUS RT-AC5300 is more traditional router then OnHub but an app is also available to control and monitor the Wi-Fi connection in your home. The app is availablel for android and iOS.

D-Link AC3200

D-Links AC3200 is a $270 router that is poered by a 1Ghz dual core processor and it supports Tri-Band Wi-Fi setup. D-Link promisses 3200 Mbps total maximum data transfer speeds for the router.

D-link ac 3200 cool wi-fi router

The router is red in color and it has 6 antennas on it to make the signal work on every corner of your home. The router weighs 2.5 Pounds and as a 9.7 X 15 X 4 inch dimensions.

Though it looks a lot different from Eero or Asus’s router, it still is a pretty cool Wi-Fi router.

Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200

Nighthawk AC3200 beautiful cool wi-fi router

Nighthawk is also a high-performance router that costs $300. For this, price the router offers a USB 3.0 abd a USB 2.0 Port to connect it to storage media. The router has 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB flash memory.

similar to D-Link’s router, X6 is powered by a 1GHz dual core processor and it supports upto 1300 Mbps on each 5 Ghz band. You can expect 600 Mbps on the lower 2.4 Ghz band.

X6 gas weight similar to D-Link AC3200 (almost 2.5 Pounds) and its dimensions are 2.14 by 11.63 by 8.92 inches.

Do you know any other cool Wi-Fi router?

Aside from the one’s mentioned here, do you know any cool wi-fi router? if yes, share with others in the comments below.

7 Best Apps To Install On New Android Phones

Just got a new shiny Android Phone and can’t start to fill up with new apps? we will discuss some of the best apps to install on new Android Phones.

Just got a new shiny Android Phone and can’t wait to fill it up with new apps? You are on right URL. In this post, we will discuss some of the best apps to install on new Android Phones.


Formerly known as read it later, it is the  best offline saving app for any platform. Many time we see a great post on the internet but due to lack of time we can’t read it, at that moment, if you have installed Pocket, you can save it to your reading list.

ads in pocket

You can read saved articles even if you are offline. You can install the extensions for your web browser to add items to your list from a computer.

The Pocket basic (free) should be enough for most people. You can also opt for the premium version for some additional features such as better searching.

Download Pocket


Wunderlist is a simple To-do app. Wunderlist is now owned by Microsoft meaning you can expect excellent support for it in Windows too. It is already available on most platforms, but having a powerful and straightforward To-Do list manager on your palm can be a big help in increased productivity. Wunderlist is also available in a paid version, but the free version is good for most people.

apps to install on new android phone - wunderlist

Wunderlist has easy options to collaborate with other people and the options to create shared To-Do lists.

Download Wunderlist


Facebook and other social networks can be well used without installing a dedicated app, but Instagram is a different story.

instagram -

Instagram is mostly based on the App system as you can’t really do many things on the website. The app works well on most mobile phones, and it performs well even on low-end devices. The latest version also mimics the Force touch feature present in Apple iPhone 6s by focusing on time duration difference between tapping and holding.

Download Instagram

Microsoft Office

apps to install on new android phone - microsoft offfice

Sure Google has its Google Docs and other apps, but Microsoft’s Offerings are also excellent for their compatibility with Office formats. Office apps are tightly integrated into OneDrive, and this makes doing work on the go a breeze.

Office apps are among the first apps to install on new Android Phones for road warriors.

Download Microsoft Office

Google Chrome/ Opera Mini

There are reasons to have both apps for some people. If you live in a place where you always have access to fast internet, Chrome is the best browser; It still does not have support for extension but When Data saver mode in enabled, it performs better than other heavy browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

apps to install on new android phone - google chrome

Arguably, Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. If you use Chrome on a desktop computer, the Android app can sync all your bookmarks and password once you sign-in.

If you live in a place where you may have to deal with too slow internet speed, Opera Mini should be in your app drawer. It has two modes under settings the first one is High Data compression mode, it is not as good as Chrome’s Data compression, the other mode is called ‘Extreme Mode’ it may save your life if you are stuck with a 2G internet connection (It still happens in India).

Download: Google Chrome | Opera Mini

Arrow Launcher

It is Microsoft’s second app in our Apps to install on new Android Phones list, we have talked about it in our other posts. Mostly, brands ship new Android phones with their own custom launchers.

arrow launcher android

Arrow Launcher is different than all other browsers because it tries to deviate from the path of most Android launchers, It has only 5 Pages on the home screen. One is for Widgets, one for recent contacts and apps. One for apps, Once for Reminders and Once screen for Contacts.


Arrow Launcher also includes an app drawer which is simply a verticle grid with a search box on top. For people who are looking for a refreshing take on home screen management, Arrow Launcher is worth a shot.

Download Arrow Launcher


apps to install on new android phone - 9gag

Arguably the best app to kill time, 9GAG also has a website, but it is only good for a desktop browser. There is a mobile website too, but it keeps begging you to install the Android App. It is worth it. 9GAG has an almost endless supply of images and GIFs to entertain you. Most of them are funny; some are NSFW, and there are tons of Cat pics too.

Download 9GAG

How many of them have you tried? Do you know any other apps to install on new Android Phones? Share with others in the comments below.

Your New Computer Needs These Free Software

Here are some of the best free software for new computer to make you feel like home and to make sure that the PC keeps running fast for a long time.

Just got a new PC or Laptop and wondering what should you install first? No worries, here are some of the best free software for new computer to make you feel like home and to make sure that the PC keeps running fast for a long time.


We have talked about this PC cleaning utility before in our best free software list. CCleaner is  no-frills PC cleanup software that makes sure that you don’t have any unwanted crap in the PC. Made by Piriform, it really shines at removing history and traces of other software from your PC.

Aside from junk cleanup, it also has some really nice features such as registry cleaning, disk wiping and more.

There are alternatives available but CCleaner is the best cleanup software for new computer



Social Networking Apps

Windows 8 and later versions of Windows have a dedicated App store ( called Windows Store) to install many apps. Some of the most useful of them are social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Some will say that you can just use websites to do that, but believe me, it is better to do that via apps.

One major advantage is the Push notifications and system integrations of these services.

Microsoft OneNote

No matter how you want to ignore Microsoft’s Paid Office suite, Office OneNote is arguably the best note-taking app in the world. OneNote is totally free and unlike Evernote, you are not supposed to pay a monthly fee. It has absolutely no ads and the PC client is perfect for any kind for notes.

OneNote is really good at capturing and organizing notes. Dedicated apps are available for almost all platforms and web version works fine too.

Microsoft OneNote

Google Photo Backup

It may be an odd thing to install first on a PC, but it really works. Google Photos stores unlimited photos in the cloud for free. As long as you can live your life with Videos at 1080p and photos at 16MP, you don’t need to pay Google a dime.

Install it, sign-in using your Google Account and tell the app that where you keep your photos. It will be watching those folders and backing up them on the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about them when your wife goes crazy on your little brittle laptop.


Have huge music collection but hate iTunes? Don’t worry, MusicBee is here to save your ass. It is a music management and music playing program that does its job perfectly. The UI is good for a seasoned PC user ( it is not complex for noobs either)

Open the app, scan your PC for music files and you are ready for the next party at your home. MusicBee is good at creating and managing playlists and once you set it up, it can organize your music automatically.

K-Light Codec Pack

It just sucks when a media player can play some kind of file. K-Lite Codec Pack will take care of that, it includes codecs for almost all media formats and containers. The included Media Player Classic works well and plays the media( especially videos) perfectly.


uTorrent is filled with ugly ads and BitTorrent is the almost same case, qBitTorrent is one hell of a software at downloading your perfectly legal  ;) torrents. qBitTorrent is open source and it actively updated.

It does not have all bells and whistles of other ad-supported or paid alternatives, but it does its job of downloading torrents as fast as possible.

software for new computer- qbittorrent

Search Everything

It does exactly what the name says, Search Everything is a small and dead simple program that lets you search for files and folders within your computer. The special thing about Search Everything is, it is fast, really fast.

Once you have installed it you will soon forget about Windows Search.

Instant Results are similar to Google Search.

software for new computer- search everyhing

TrueCrypt 7.1a

Nobody wants his/her personal files to be seen by other people, TrueCrypt encrypts them to keep them safe from prying eyes.

TrueCrypt is no longer actively developed but I think it is safe enough to use for personal daily use. Please keep in mind to download the 7.1a version, not the 7.1b because the latter will only let you decrypt the disks.

software for new computer- truecrypt


Forget the WinRAR, that is old, limited and wants your money. Do yourself a favor and install 7-Zip, it is an excellent open source program that can compress or decompress almost any kind of format that you can throw on it.

7-Zip has support for almost all features that any archival software should have.

7-Zip is one of the best archiving software for new computer.

software for new computer- 7z

What are yours?

What is the software that you install on your Computer first? How many of the above do you have? Do you know any other excellent free software for new computer? Share with others in the comments below.


Best Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Edge

Following are some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge that will definitely help you in getting the most out of Browser.

Microsoft Edge is the shiny new  web browser for Windows 10. It was made to replace the older and hated Internet Explorer. It is the newest kid in the browser market and being honest, it is way better than Internet Explorer. It is better than Google Chrome in some aspects.

Following are some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge that will definitely help you in getting the most out of Browser.

Disable Flash

Adobe Flash is now a dead platform that is turning into a zombie. It definitely was useful in mid-2000’s but today it is more harmful than useful. With HTML 5 replacing Flash for Video playback on websites, it is just useless for users to keep Adobe Flash enabled in their computer.

If you are not working under a corporation which requires you to have Flash in order to use their web portals, you can disable it.

How to Do it?

Fire up Microsoft Edge and click on the three dots that open Menu.

Microsoft edge tips and tricks

Next click on Settings and from the next screen, hit Advanced Settings button located at the end of the list.

disable adobe flash in Microsoft edge

From here toggle “Use Adobe Flash Player” to off.

Import bookmarks from Other web browsers.

If you have been using another web browser such as Google Chrome for a long time, it is almost sure that you have a long list of Bookmarks ( or Favorites) You may want to import them to Microsoft Edge as well so that you don’t have to wonder about the sites you visit.

How to Import Bookmarks from other browsers to Edge

Click on the Hub button (highlighted in the screenshot) and click on the Favorites button (symbolized as a star)

From here, Click on Favorite Settings

Microsoft edge tips and tricks 4

Next, under the Import Favorite section, Select all browser that you want to import bookmarks from and click on Import.

Please note that it may take some time for a large number of Bookmarks.


Turn the Sync On/Off

Just like Google Chrome syncs all your data from one device to other after you sign in using a Google Account, You can sync your Data across multiple PCs and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

It requires you to have the Version number 1511 installed in your PC. It should also be noted that you can only sync Browsing data between Windows 10 devices as Edge is not available for other platforms.

To enable or disable sync, Open the Settings from Main menu and under sync your content section, toggle it to on or off.

Keep in mind that you need to sign into PC using a Microsoft Account.

Use Edge as a PDF reader

Similar to Google Chrome and other browsers, Edge has built in support for PDF documents. If you do not need to sign or comment on PDF files, it may come as handy for basic PDF viewing.

To use Edge to open PDF files, right click on PDF files and click on Open With> Microsoft Edge.

Change Default Search Engine

Obviously, Microsoft Edge has Bing set as the default search engine. By setting it to Bing, Microsoft tries to make sure that most users won’t bother changing it and Microsoft will get a continuous Ad revenue from search results.

You can change the default search engine to Google or any other site in a few clicks.

Here is how to do it

Open the website that you want to use as default search engine. ( I know that Microsoft is stupid about this, this could simply be ignored)

Open Settings from Menu and Click on View Advance Settings Button

Under the “Search in the address bar with”section, click on Change.

chage default search engine in Microsoft edge

From next screen, click on your desired search engine and click on Set as default.

Hide Ads from New Tab page

Edge does a good job of showing latest news and articles in new tab pages, however, they are also stuffed with advertisements. If you want to disable them fire up the Settings from the browser menu.

Under “Open new tabs with” drop down menu, select any one from following:

Top sites and suggested content: Loads and shows you your most visited sites followed by news, articles, weather reports (and of course, Ads) in the new tab.

Top Sites: Shows a search box and your most visited sites in new tab page.

A blank page : Shows nothing in new tabs except for a search box.

Do you have any other tip or hack to make Edge better? Do you use it just ignore it? share with us in the comments below.

Was Google too Eager to Release Pixel C

Over the years Google has made some really good hardware, most notable and famous are Pixel series of Chromebooks, This is not the same about Pixel C.

Over the years Google has made some really good hardware, most notable and famous are Pixel series of Chromebooks. Alongside with them, Chromecast is also impressive for the small design and almost perfect functionality for the price.

This is not the same about Pixel C.

A Really Promising idea

Pixel C starts with a really impressive idea, a Google-made tablet focused for productivity. That is what a lot of Die-hard Android users want. It has a great aluminium body and a really bright display.

Granted that it is slightly thicker than Apple’s iPad, it holds the charm with its great looks and gorgeous screen.

The keyboard is excellent too. Rather than going with a mechanical hinge like Microsoft Surface, it relays on some really strong magnets to connect the keyboard with the tablet. It charges wirelessly so you don’t need to plug it ever, not to mention that it connects with Pixel C via Bluetooth which helps in keeping it completely wireless.

Pixel C
Image: Google

Build quality is great and it matches the sturdiness that you expect with a $500 tablet. Keyboard costs an additional $150 but it is worth it and it has good key travel.

Despite having some great looks and features, feels like a too rushed product.

Failing on the software front

Google has made some excellent piece of software too, Google Chrome is one of the best examples, but Pixel C runs on Google’s Android.

This is where the problems show up.

Pixel has a really beautiful screen. The screen ratio is 1: Square root 2, which is good for web browsing and working on documents. With this screen ratio, a user can run two app side by side at once without losing the core functionality of the app.

Sadly, you can not run two apps at once, at least not side by side. With the almost perfect 10.2″ display that runs on 2560 by 1800 screen resolution, it sucks that the $500 tablet can not snap two apps on the screen. Even Apple has that available in iOS 9.

Microsoft has been doing this with Windows for desktops and even with Windows RT.

Early developer builds had the functionality of running two apps simultaneously, but it was dropped with the final builds of Android marshmallow.

Google has kept the OS almost stock, one of the most notable customization is done with the navigation and app switcher. The back soft touch control along with the touch key for home screen stays at the left bottom side of the screen whereas, unlike other tablets android phones, the task switcher stays on the bottom right side o the screen.

Lack of Tablet-y Apps

Google Android app store is huge, with more than a million apps made for android phones over these years.

However, the number of apps made specifically for tablets are really low. Most of the app looks like a stretched version of the Phone app. Some apps scale well but right now Google can’t compete with a large number of Tablet optimised apps made for Apple iPad.

We could wait, you could wait

The convertible tablet market is right now on fire. Microsoft is doing some great work with Surface tablet and even with Surface Book, Apple has recently released an iPad Pro with a keyboard aimed at professional users and now android has its flagship too. Lack of optimization of app and OS are really a deal breaker for many people.

Rather than jumping off the cliff with Pixel C google could talks sometime in customizing the OS for Pixel C or make ist available for all android devices by adding it in OS itself.

It is not impossible, Samsung has been doing it for many recent years.

I am sure that multi-window support will make its way on Android soon, But I don’t really thing that Creating a premium and low featured tablet was necessary for Google.

Pixel C is an expensive piece of hardware and it has its own limitations by Now, taking a looks at Pixel Chromebooks by Google, it won’t be too surprising for me if it could not turn itself to a tablet with large market share.

What do you think about Pixel C? Do you agree that Google rushed with the release date? Share with us in the comments below

What Are Facebook Instant Articles And Why Should You Care

Facebook is huge. Ever since its launch in 2003, Facebook has seen a really exponential growth. With time, the internet has also changed rapidly. The internet hosts millions of web pages and billions of people reading them. Facebook is trying hard to make sure that people spend more time inside Facebook.

You can see this attempt in Facebook’s music sharing features, with lets you buy music on Facebook, it can also be seen in Facebook’s attempt to shopping, now it lets people pay for stuff right on their Facebook feed. Heck, you can now even donate to charities in Facebook.


The reason behind all of that is pretty simple, the social networking giant does not want you to leave Facebook ever. The longer you stay in Facebook, more the company can show you ads and the more it will earn. Facebook Instant Articles are also a big step it this attempt.

Instantly Delivering and Getting Back

Normally, when a user or a page posts a link to any article outside, it looks like a big thumbnail and when anyone clicks on that thumbnail, he or she  taken to the website. Depending on the network and other factors, it can take 10 seconds or more.

For today’s world, it is too slow.

Instant articles try to solve this problem by showing the article right in the Facebook app. It strips down the time of loading a web browser into RAM and connecting to a website. This makes the content consumption fast as hell. Rather than being hosted on other servers around the globe, Facebook instant articles are hosted on Facebook’s servers. This makes retrieval of them really fast. Apart from being fast they look a lot streamlined and they are easy to navigate.


Instant Articles are also great at being interactive, they can have auto-playing HTML5 Video and moving animations. You can tap into any photo to open and zoom upon it. Not just this, They can interactive maps, Galleries and more.

Arguably more importantly, they provide a streamlined minimalist view of posts and articles. It makes it far less unlikely to get lost in tons of menus and banner ads and popups.

Facebook instant articles
Auto-playing videos make it a more immersive experience.

About the future of Instant Articles

It is all great for you. Currently, only a handful of internet websites are using Instant Articles and it is only available for iPhone App. Soon it will be made available for other platforms (Android, Windows Phone) as well and more publisher’s will jump into this bandwagon too.

Publishers are liking it for two reasons,

It makes the Article Load Faster

Every site owner wants its site to load as fast as possible. Google also considers page load speed as a factor when it ranks them on Google Search Results. More importantly, Faster load speed means makes it sure that more people will read the articles and thus it will result in more reader engagement. I also think that Facebook will give Instant Articles an advantage on user feed.

It doesn’t cost a dime and they keep the advertising money

More importantly, optimizing a website for fast load speed can cost money and resources, Facebook instant Articles are completely free to use. Publishers don’t even have to use any rocket science. Content can be published directly through the CMS of the website.

The other important factor is, publishers can show advertising in their articles be they native or tracking based. They can keep 100% of their ad-revenue. If they want, they can use Facebook to show ads. In this case, 30% of ad revenue will be kept by Facebook.

Keeping current market trends on mind, it makes a win-win situation for both.

With the introduction of Facebook Instant Articles, it will start a trend for its competitors. Others will also introduce some ways similar to Facebook to compete with the speed.

There can be one problem for publishers in future. When dozens of apps and services will be offering similar Article hosting services, it may become a pain in the ass for them to sign up for all of them and to  optimize and publish for every app/platform.

Let that be their problem, for readers, it saves their times and makes the web less annoying.

What do you think about Instant Articles? Do you think that they will prove to be useful for Facebook? Share with other readers in the comments below.

Finally, Chrome OS and Google Android are Getting Married

Google’s Chrome OS and Android both are strong evidence that Google can make some serious software. According to WSJ, Google is planning of merging both software platforms by 2017.

Prepare yourself for the marriage reception in 2017.

Google’s Chrome OS and Android both are strong evidence that Google can make some serious software. According to WSJ, Google is planning of merging both software platforms by 2017.

Android is the current biggest mobile operation system and it holds the largest user base. However, Chrome OS which is used in Google’s Chromebooks has not done so huge impact on Desktop OS market share. After merging both the Operating Systems, Google hopes to make a strong platforms which will be taken seriously on Desktops and Laptops too.


Although, Google Chrome OS and Google Android are going to merge, you don’t need to worry about Google’s Chrome Web Browser. It will be kept intact and the company will continue to work on this product. Also it is being said that Chrome OS wont be killed off completely, Laptop makers will still be able to install it on laptops.

Engineers at Google Inc. will contribute to Google Chrome OS but the main attention will be on The new OS that will merge Android and Chrome OS.

Why This Matters?

Google has tried very hard to make people jump to Chromebook bandwagon but even after all the efforts, Chromebooks were just able to become a product for niche audience. On the other hand, Android has turned itself into a money making machine for Google.

The biggest problem with android is that despite being optimized for large screen tablets, it still feels that this is an OS for small screen. On the Chrome OS side, the disappointing adoption definitely has a few good reasons. The biggest one on them is too much dependency on the internet connection.

android is merging with Chrome OS

Chrome OS is good and fast, but it is still too dependent on Internet connection and there are still not many good web apps that can replace desktop grade productivity software. Due to the lesser user base developers are not so interested in making serious full blown software for Google Chrome.

Google tried to reduce the app gap by making it possible to run several android apps on Chrome OS.

Merging both platforms makes sense for Google. It will result in a perfect software platforms that will be able to run android apps on full blown Laptops and if Laptop and desktop user adapt Google’s new OS, it will result in increased market share for Google.

What do you think about Google’s decision of merging Android and Chrome OS? will you but a laptop that is mix of Android and Chrome OS? share with us in the comments below.

Image Credits:  John Baer on Flickr, Maurizio Pesce on Flickr


5 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Have

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing.
Here I have listed some of the coolest extensions for your Chrome Browser.

The best thing about Google Chrome is most probably its huge library of extensions. Thousands of Apps and extensions are made for Google Chrome, some of them are even capable of working offline.

For those who don’t know about them, an browser extension are tiny piece of software that can add features in a web browser. Such as you can install an extension to remove all the ads or spoilers from internet.

They are a lot different than a browser plugin. Plugins are a lot more powerful and they sometime require system level permissions to work. also, a web site may need plugin installed in order to work, not a user.

Taking Adobe Flash for example, a website will need Flash plugin to be installed in order to play flash video whereas a website will never require you to install a browser extension.

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing because of a big library of extensions in Google Chrome Store.

Here I have listed some of the Must Have extensions for your Chrome Browser.

Pocket for Chrome

Pocket or formally known as Read it Later is a free extension, that is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Imagine times when you are browsing internet and you find an interesting post, but you don’t have time to read it. Then rather than bookmarking it, you can save it for offline reading in Pocket.

Once a page is saved, pocket will remove all the clutter from page and make it more readable. The app from Chrome Store can also save it for offline reading.

Not just that, Pocket also has an Android and iOS app and they sync with the desktop extension.

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SidePlayer For YouTube

We have already discussed it in past, SidePlayer will let you play a floating video in Google Web Browser, you can continue to do your work while keeping an eye on a YouTube Stream.

Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You can read more about SidePlayer in this post.

UpNext Music Player

This is one hell of extension for Music Lovers, UpNext Music Player is a legal way of using YouTube as a music player. To play a song just install the extension and type the name in search box, it will automatically pull results from both YouTube and SoundCloud and start playing music.

5 coolest achrome extensions - upnext music player

UpNext is completely free to use and it looks really slick. You can create playlists and you can also import your Public playlists from YouTube. The charts section of extension will give you recommendations from Reddit and other sources.


Are you getting sick of seeing the same ugly blue color of Facebook? well, you don’t really have to be. Stylish is the best extension for Google Chrome to change the theme of websites.

It simply replaces the UI components from websites with the custom made by users around the globe. It has thousands of themes for thousands of websites. It is both easy to use and free.

You can read how to use stylish to change website themes from here.



Available as both an Extension for Google Chrome and as an app for android. It is just like a god gift for managing phone from computers. PushBullet is excellent at sending files and text from Computer to Phone and vice versa.

Moreover, you can view and also reply to notifications from your PC. PushBullet makes it really easy to send text messages from your Computer.

5 coolest chrome extensions - pushbullet

Did I forget to mention a extension that is cool and should be on this list? if yes, drop it in the comments below.


Image Credit: Stephen Shankland On Flickr

Let’s Fix Windows 10 Privacy Problems

In this post I will guide you through the process of Fixing all the Windows 10 Privacy concerns.

As I have said in my review, Windows 10 is probably the best Operating System by Microsoft. It has almost all things required to make it likable. It is fast, responsive, stable and at the end it is free. Windows 10 begins a new era of Microsoft.

It has added tons of new features to the Windows ecosystem. Using Cortana is surprisingly pleasant  to use, switching from Desktop to Tablet mode is a snap – thanks to continuum.

Microsoft has done good job in most of the areas of Windows 10, but it has failed in the privacy department. Starting from the forced Windows updates to its new WiFi sense, all of these are a topic of serious debate.

In this post I will guide you through the process of Fixing all the Windows 10 Privacy concerns.

Beginning with Advertising

Open the settings app and go to the Privacy section, under the first tab you will find an option to disallow apps from using your Advertising ID. Toggle it to reset it and not let the apps access your advertising data from your computer.

windows 10 privacy stop adsYou will still see ads in ad-supported apps but they wont be able to track your browsing habits and they wont be able to serve you personalised ads.

Disable Peer-to-Peer updates

Windows 10 introduces peer-to-peer updates. It is the torrent technology and with this method, your PC is used to send Window Updates to other Windows 10 Computers. It increases bandwidth usage and this may lead to more charges for data if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Not to mention that it may also affect your Internet browsing speed.

To disable Peer-to-peer updates, first open the settings app and click on Update and Security. From the next screen click on Advance Options.

windows 10 privacy peer to peer

On the next screen toggle the button Off to stop your Windows 10 PC from sending Windows Updates to other computers, alternatively if you are on LAN, you can change settings to just use it to send updates to other PCs on the Local Area Network.

Tweak Your Location Settings

Many Apps and websites can use inbuilt GPS or other mathods to track youur location on your PC. If you don’t want to let any app know or track your currunt location, you can disable it from the Settings app in Windows 10.

To tweak your Location based Windows 10 Privacy options, go to the Privacy section on Settings App and Click on Location from the left sidebar.

From the next screen you can toggle the PC to enable or Disable location sharing to apps. If you want to turn location off for an specific apps you can toggle the button in front of the app name from this screen.

windows 10 privacy location

If you want, you can delete your location history by clicking the Clear Button

Turn off the Cortana

Lots of people think is Cortana is a big Windows 10 Privacy issue. This Virtual Assistant keeps track about tons of your information to assist you. For that user data is sent to Microsoft’s servers and then after it is processed, Cortana gives you the results.

If you want to shut her up, you can do so by clicking on its icon in Taskbar and Clicking on the Settings button.

You will a find a toggle button here, toggle it to turn cortana off.

You don’t need to worry about local searches, you can search by typing the file name in the search dialog box.

Stop Sharing Your WiFi Password

WiFi sense is a feature that is totally new in Windows 10. With this, your PC can share WiFi network with other computers. By default it is enabled for all of your outlook contacts. It means that they don’t need to ask you about your WiFi Password to access internet connection.

It may be good for some people, with this they wont have to tell their friends their passwords. However, it can be a big privacy issue for some people. If you find that frustrating, you can turn these off by doing the following:

  • Open the settings app and click on Network and Internet
  • Click on Manage WiFi settings.
  • From the next screen uncheck the checkboxes under “For the networks I select, Share them with my” section.

windows 10 privacy wifi sense

Use a local account to sign-in

With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying very hard to get people to use Microsoft cloud services such as the imperfect Groove Music, OneDrive and OneNote.

If you sign in using your Outlook account in Windows, you will be signed in to all Microsoft created apps via Microsoft Outlook account.

You still have an option to sign in using the old school way. You can change your user account to a local account to sign out of all Microsoft apps at once. If you need to access any app later, you can sign in individually.

To do that, Open the settings app and click on Accounts.

On the next screen you can find the option to sign in using a local User account. Please remember to create a strong password for the local account.

Hope this guide helped you in solving Windows 10 Privacy problems, if you have any question or suggestion, do drop a comment below…