February 17, 2017

Probably The Best Email App From iPhone Comes To Android

Email has never been the strong point of Android Phones, sure Google installs Gmail by default on almost all new Android phones, but when it comes to managing emails like pros, Apps like Email by EasilyDo beats standard Android email clients by a long shot.

Lucky for us, the apps is now available on Android. Just like its iOS version, the app on Android will support same fast speed, simple one-touch unsubscribe to newsletter feature and it will have all sort of smart sorting featues from iOS counterpart.

Gmail is typically good enough for casual users, but for people who want a more powerful app, Email by EasilyDo is difinatly worth a look. As of now, the app supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and all other IMAP accounts.

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Saurabh Tripathi

Saurabh is Founder of Getting Geek and is an all around computer nerd. Currently Saurabh is at his home messing up with some ugly looking code. Send him your Questions, Suggestions and Pizzas at [email protected]

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