March 2, 2016

Kanye West And The Torrent Story

Who would have thought that Kanye will accidently share a photo proving that he uses Torrents too.

Earlier today, Kanye shared a photo on twitter showing off the view counts on his YouTube video, see that below.


The image looks normal at first but then twitter users noticed that the rapper had opened Torrent site ThePirateBay in another tab on the computer. Possibly trying to download a software for free.

Musician Deadmau5 soon replied to Kanye’s tweet and called him a “Dick”.

It is obvious that many people use torrents to get pirated software and music (Kanye’s too). It is surprising to see someone using it and also trying to sue torrent sites for pirating his music.

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Image credit: Jason Persse on Flickr


Saurabh Tripathi

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