This ‘Real’ Hoverboard Can Be Yours For Only $19,900


Tired of fake hoverboards that have two small tires at their sides? Do you have Have too much money that you don’t what to burn? Well, Good news for you.

You can pre-order a Real hoverboard for $19,900. The trick behind this hoverboard is, it is real. ArcaSpace, the company that competed for the Ansari X Prize back in 2004 posted a video in its YouTube channel that demonstrates the ArcaBoard.

Rather than being based on some kind of cheating, it has real 36 Fans that make the Board hover in the air. Battery lasts for about 6 Minutes, so you won’t be making it go from New York to Mexico.

Bad News doesn’t stop here, the ArcaBoard takes 6 long hours to charge unless you spend another $4.5K to buy a dock to charge it. ( Then it takes 35 minutes to charge) You can control it using a smartphone or if you are crazy enough, you can use your body balance to do that.

ArcaSpace is currently taking pre-orders and the company is promising delivery in April 2016.

Costing a whopping $20K it is certainly a toy for a super rich child who does not care too much for his life.

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