Google Made a Cool Android App to Save Mobile Data

2017 07 01 16h20 36

Mobile data bills are often a bit deal for mobile users, to help them Google is developing a new experiment in the form an app that called ‘Triangle’. Through the users can track their mobile data usage quickly and easily. The Android App is currently in beta and is available only in the Philippines. Judging by the looks of it, the app might be particularly good for controlling individual mobile data.

2017 07 01 16h17 58

With Triangle, one can allow and block individual apps for cellular data or can do so for 10 to 30 minutes too, as per their requirements. It can also track user’s current data usage. It is a charm for prepaid data balances and its tracking. Another point is that users also earn additional data as carrier operator offer rewards for trying recommended apps, though yet this is limited to Smart and Globe prepaid customers.

In case you missed, Google launched a Data Saver mode on Google Chrome for Android and iOS in 2015,  though which can save 70 percent of mobile data. But still, mobile data mismanagement overcoming had been a tricky stuff to do this way.

And although modern smartphones offer inbuilt support for tracking and limiting mobile data, Google Triangle is said to uplift the process with everything brought together. While there is no official report on the global release, a beta test hints at an imminent launch and if you live in the Philippines, here is the link.

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