7 Microsoft Excel Tricks You Need to Know

microsoft excel tricks

Microsoft Excel is one hell of Software when it comes to number crunching. It has been around for almost 30 years and It has shown no sign of slowing down even after release of several Free alternatives. Excel is a huge application, people use it for many degrees of work, starting from a simple Monthly Budget to calculation budgets of millions of dollars. Excel seems simple at first and seems just like a table making software to many, but after people learn some Microsoft Excel Tricks with Charts, Pivot Tables and Complex Functions Microsoft Excel turns into a full featured, Number Processing Powerhouse. When you are into using excel you can either use  silly ways to perform tasks, do calculations automatically, format each and every cell individually and other stuff or you can just use some excel tricks to make all these things automated. It will not just reduce the workload but also you will ultimately save time and increase the precision of your excel Worksheet.

Here I have a beautiful infographic that contains 7 Extremely useful Excel Tricks that will help you in getting most out of the software.

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7 Essential Microsoft Excel Tricks Everyone Should Know

7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know