Thanks to Apple, We won’t be getting Rifle Emoji

Getting a new gun is may not be that hard in your country, but, Apple has made sure that no mobile user gets the pleasure of pointing someone an emoji rifle in their text conversions. Unicode, the organization that decides which emoji’s to approve for general public and which to discard, was requested to add a Rifle emoji for everyone.

However, the organisation has decided that it won’t be doing as it wont be in public interest. Apple is a very important and significant member of Unicode members. Its been told that the decision was largely influenced by Apple itself.

Considering that 200,000 Emoji are sent every second just on Apple’s mobile platforms, Unicode had to agree to Apple.

The ironic fact is, there is already a handgun emoji in Apple, Microsoft and all other phones, so, seems that Apple has problems with big guns. For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to Getting Geek.

For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to Getting Geek.

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