Data Suggests Apple Slows Down Old iPhones With Weak Batteries

According to a data study conducted by Geekbentch, Apple has allegedly made changes to its iOS that it deliberately scales down the performance of older iPhone models as their batteries degrade beyond a certain specification.

The company detailed its findings in a blog post where they analyzed scores of iPhone 6s running the 10.2.1 version of iOS. These scores show that beyond a certain point in the battery wear, the scores cluster.

This change is because of a minor software update and it suggests that Apple has done it knowingly to reduce the performance of some phones. The same effect is more impactful on 11.2 version of iOS. Apart from iPhone 6S. Data gathering on iPhone 7 also yielded similar results.

The investigation was started by a Reddit user who claimed that his iPhone 6S was running frustratingly slow and the problem went away after replacing the battery of his phone. The user ran Geekbentch before and after replacing the battery and he found that the scores were drastically after replacing the battery which shouldn’t have. The original battery was not too weak either -just 20% wear.

This is not the first time someone has said that Apple intentionally slows down iPhones but it is one of the first time that the claims are backed by strong evidendce. At the time of writing, Apple has not made any comment regarding the matter, but I will update the post if we find any new information.

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Move Over Android Phones, iPhones Have The Best Camera Now

Long had iPhone enjoyed the top position in many specs including the camera. The company owns the credit of starting the phone photography revolution. But it had lost the crown to Android devices, especially Google Pixel last year as all critics hailed Pixel’s camera as the best deal in the market. Other Androids followed including relatively cheap OnePlus 5, which scored very respectful scores in the review. They have matched or surpassed Apple for several years. But as DxOMark’s intensive camera testing shows, the crown is reclaimed by Apple in 2017.

The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus surpass Android scores for the first time in a few years, and the iPhone X will almost certainly be better.

The iPhone 8 scored a 92 on DxOMark, while the iPhone 8 Plus scored excellent 94. It means Apple gets the crown for the best score on camera reference publication. For the moment The Google Pixel and HTC U11 are currently hailed as highest end Android phones, with a score of 90. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had scored an 85 and 88.

DxO cites an improvement in HDR, exposure calculation, and the telephoto lens performance and the iPhone 8 seems to be the first to match/surpass Pixel’s HDR performance. Last time Apple was in competition only in 2014.

Now considering the iPhone X adds optical image stabilization and a wider aperture to the telephoto camera. It already claims the better than its smaller siblings.

Nonetheless, competition keeps the spirit alive. Google’s new Pixel 2 is arriving in few weeks. Samsung hasn’t made a huge leap in performance since the S6. The battle is on. Let’s watch as new wrestlers enter the arena. While scores are in favor of Apple, there is no doubt that mobile cameras in high-end phones have improved to a point where it is more of a matter of preference.

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Real World Test Shows That OnePlus 5 is Faster Than iPhone 7 Plus

OnePlus 5 has already beaten many some of the most popular flagship Android Phones in speed tests and now tests show that the phone is faster than Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, the most powerful phone made by the Cupertino company.

In a video speed test by YouTube channel PhoneBuff, David Brahimi set OnePlus 5 against iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test of two laps of launching certain apps and games. Previous tests had ruled iPhone the winner consistently since iPhone 6s. But this term, OnePlus 5 launched the apps faster than iOS.

Although there are some things to consider, as speed tests are not definitive the indicators of a phone’s performance. They just take the launching apps to judge. The speed of copying files, performing other tasks in the OS is not taken into consideration. OnePlus 5 also had some help as it has its shorter app launch animations. While iOS 10 has extensive animations slowing it down, OnePlus’ animations are shorter. However, considering the phone does come with an impressive 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 835 SoC, OnePlus 5 is hard to face hiccups in performance.

The OnePlus 5 was announced globally last week. The phone was launched in India last Thursday at Rs. 32,999 for the base variant with 6GB RAM, and Rs. 37,999 for 8GB RAM. The phone has a 5.5-inch full-HD screen, Android 7.1.1 Nougat with OxygenOS skin, and comes with 64GB or 128GB storage. Camera on the back consists 16-megapixel and telephoto 20-megapixel sensors. The front camera has 16-megapixel resolution. It packs a 3300mAh battery with Dash Charge support for quick-charging.

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GST Effect: Apple Just Cut The Prices of iPhones And MacBooks in Country

As soon as GST is taken into the application, Apple iPhone’s MRPs have fallen, along with iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBooks throughout the market, though with few exceptions. The price drop varied from 1200 Rs. to 6,600 Rs. respectively for 32GB iPhone SE and 256GB iPhone 7 Plus.

For iPad models drop is from Rs. 900 to Rs. 3,900, as newly announced iPad Pro models have gone cheaper too. That too is before anyone could buy them.

MacBook Air prices have not differed, but MacBook and MacBook Pro models have new fallen prices benefitting Rs. 5,100 and Rs. 11,800. Mac Pro too has got quite a reduction after the last big revamp. And the newly refreshed Mac models also have price cuts even before market availability, while top-end 27-inch iMac models and Mac Mini are at the receiving end of a slight price bump.

All of this had a sudden and customer benefitting changes brought by GST. Arguably the same had been opening as many markets such as private transport and goods retail. It is deemed very near that not just Apple, but the whole smartphone market is going to react to GST as soon as it graduates on its path.

Here is the new pricing for iPhones in India:

iPhone SE

Before GST

After GST


₹ 27,200

₹ 26,000


₹ 37,200

₹ 35,000

iPhone 6S

₹ 50,000

₹ 46,900


₹ 60,000

₹ 55,900

iPhone 6S Plus

₹ 60,000

₹ 56,100


₹ 70,000

₹ 65,000

iPhone 7

₹ 60,000

₹ 56,200


₹ 70,000

₹ 65,200


₹ 80,000

₹ 74,400

iPhone 7 Plus

₹ 72,000

₹ 67,300


₹ 82,000

₹ 76,200


₹ 92,000

₹ 85,400

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(Source: NDTV Gadgets 360)

Apple is Preparing To Manufacture iPhones in India

India has been one of the biggest software manufacturer countries for many years, but it has not been able to compete with China or US in hardware manufacturing.

It looks like things may get better soon, Apple is reportedly preparing to manufacture iPhone in the country soon.

Indian IT Minister Priyank Kharge’s deleted tweets were spotted by BuzzFeed News today. These tweets claim that the Cupertino company is preparing to begin iPhone manufacturing in the Banglore state of India.

The two tweets by Minister read:

Glad to announce initial manufacturing operations of the world’s most valued company: Apple, in Karnataka. Another validation for Karnataka.

Apple’s intentions to make iPhones in Bengaluru will foster cutting-edge technology ecosystem & supply chain development in the state.

Apple did not release any statement about the IT minister’s claims, but considering Apple CEO Tim Cook has already visited India, the possibility of the company establishing some plants in India is quite high. WSJ has also reported in past that company is in talks with Indian Government about doing some manufacturing in India.

India has proven to be a profitable market for the company in recent years. Also, the Indian government passed some rules in 2016 which remove any restriction on opening a flagship store in India by Apple or other IT companies.

If Apple manufactures iPhones in India, users in the country should see a significant price drop (currently, iPhones in India cost a lot more compared to the US) and hence the company will have a better chance at beating Android Flagship markets in the country.

What do you think about Apple’s plans? If you live in India, would you switch to an iPhone if it were a bit cheaper? Share with us in the comments below.

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Live in India? The iPhone 7 is Going To Cost You a Lot More

As you may already know, Apple launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yesterday, the new phones have upgraded specs, better camera, improved battery life and a couple of more features. Considering the new features and a better design that the previous versions of Apple’s flagship smartphone, you may be tempted to buy one for yourself.

Well, if you are living in India, you will have to pay up to 40% more if you want to buy the new iPhone.

The base iPhone which comes with 32 GB storage (finally!) costs $649 in the USA, in India, you will have to shell out as much as 60,000 Rupees (almost $900)  for the same version. The additional cost is due to local sales taxes that are added when the phone is imported in the country. Additionally, instead of selling its products directly to customers in India,  Apple sells stuff via third-party retailers who will also add some additional bucks for you to pay before you get your hands on your own shiny new iPhone 7.

It is worth noting that India will not be the only country where iPhone will cost more than the US version, In UK, the iPhone will cost almost $80 more for the basic variant and similar charges will be added to some other countries.

It isn’t the first time, but it may be the last one

Apple’s product have always cost more in India than the original price in the US, however, we can expect it to end by next year. With the recent ruling about FDI, Apple will soon be allowed to open stores in Indian cities and if when that happens, you can expect charges to be a bit more reasonable.

Source: The Next Web

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to release in India on October 16

Apple’s latest iPhones namely 6s and 6s Plus will start selling on October 16 in india. Per-Orders have already begun.

According to Times of India, Apple’s latest iPhones namely 6s and 6s Plus will be available  for sale on October 16 in india. Per-Orders have already begun.It is being said that the launch event will be held in approx 80 Cities.

iPhone sales are already in fire.

This is the fastest release of any apple Product in india since the release of any apple product. Older devices took several months to be made available for sale in india. Apple has modified the market plans for new devices beginning from this iPhone Release.

The company surprisingly made new iPhones available for sales in China from on the same day, when it was released in US and other countries.

Pre-orders have begun

After confirming the release date in india, retailers have started taking Pre-Orders on iPhones. Among the phones, the cheapest 16GB Version costs around 62K whereas the 128GB iPhone 6S plus costs 92K.

You can pre-order the new iPhones on all major mobile retailers.

Apple released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on 25th September, it was announced with Apple iPad Pro, a new Apple TV and iPencil. Released date for other products is not yet confirmed.

Among all the products announced iPhone was most exciting due to several new features such as new 3D Touch Technology, a Better Cameras and improved camera.

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Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Broke Sales Records in first week

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple iPhone 6 sales has hit 13 Million, it is the highest for any apple product within first week of its launch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple iPhone 6 sales has hit 13 Million, It is highest sales number for any apple product within first week of its launch.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S+ were available for sale this week. Apple will start selling the phones on almost 40 more countries including  Italy, Mexico, Russia and Spain form October 9. iPhones have already received iOS 9.0.1 Updates after their launch. The update fixed several bugs.

Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history

-Tim Cook

The record breaking sales are just as apple expected. To sell iPhone in so high numbers, apple made several efforts. The company launched a program to let customers buy iPhones 6s and iPhone 6S Plus pay $0 as a downpayment and then pay every month.

The installment is $27 for iPhone 6s and $31 for iPhone 6S Plus.

Starting sales of iPhones in China with US is also said to be a factor in 13 Million sales. In pervious years, Apple did not make iPhone available in china from the day of starting sales in USA.