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Here is What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space

The infographic here shows how space food evolved over the years and What (and How) Astronauts Eat in Space?

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Lets take a look at some of the easiest ways to download 3D Videos from YouTube to your Windows/Mac computers.

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What is Hibernate and How to Enable it in Windows 10

it is like normal sleep on steroids.

Browser Slow? How to Make Chrome Fast Again

Google Chrome is great. It is fast, stable, has tons of extensions and it is easy to use. However, with…

What is Chromecast Audio and How is it different?

Phones and tables are already well understood by most people, Chromecast Audio is completely new device in Google Products. Rather…

Everything you need to know about Chromebooks

You have heard about em, haven't you? Chromebooks are essentially lightweight small and cheap laptop notebooks running Google's Chrome OS.