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biggest Microsoft flops

5 of the Microsoft’s Biggest Flops of All Time

In recent months, Microsoft has enjoyed great success by building impressive hardware such as The Surface Tablets and it has also won a lot of praise with Windows 10, however, the Redmond giant has not always been as good in building products as it is today

How to Create a Mobile Banking App?

Fact: by 2019 mobile banking users will represent 32% of the global adult population. The question is whether your institution is ready for the shift towards mobile banking? So far we have noticed that the growth in mobile banking usage has exceeded most of the

10 Helpful Tools To Improve Gmail Experience

10 Helpful Tools To Improve Gmail Experience

Google Mail or Gmail has been steadily among the most outstanding e-mailing services out there for a very long time. Even at the time of never-ending development of services, Google manages to keep up with the market and meet users’ needs. Yet, there is no