6 Best Classic Shell Alternatives You Must Try

Death of Classic Shell will leave you looking for new tools to replace the beloved app. But worry not, there are many replacements to the Windows Start Menu and in this post, we will be looking at 6 best Classic Shell Alternatives.

Classic Shell was a popular application to get the classic Start Menu back in Windows 8,8.1 and Windows 10 until its development was stopped in December 2017. If you don’t like Windows’s new take on Start Menu and Star Screen, Death of Classic Shell will leave you looking for new tools to replace the beloved app. But worry not, there are many replacements to the Windows Start Menu and in this post, we will be looking at 6 best Classic Shell Alternatives.

Best Classic Shell Alternatives

IOBit Start Menu 8

For a cheap price of Free, Start Menu 8 is probably one of the best Classic Shell replacements around. As the name suggests, it replaces the new touch start screen with a very familiar Start Menu very similar to Windows 7. It supports both Windows 8 and Windows 10, and it is very flexible, allowing you to customize the start menu to your liking. At the bottom of the menu, there is a search box too, which works very similar to Windows 7.

Start Menu 8 looks almost identical to Start Menu in Windows 7

While there are no ads on the menu itself, be careful during Installations, as the setup may try to install bundled apps which as to be unchecked before installation.


Developed by the same folks that work on well-known Fences, Start8 is designed to replicate Windows 7 style start menu for Windows 8. The application allows you to bypass the start screen of Windows 8 altogether by directly booting you to desktop and has support for pinning desktop and modern Windows Store apps to the start menu.

Start 8
Start 8 is one of the best Classic Shell Alternatives

Apart from these, Start8 supports multiple skins for start button and start menu and it has a very powerful search box directly in the Start Menu.

After a 30 day trial, Start8 is costs $5 at the time of writing. If you are on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, Start8 is one of the best alternatives for Classic Shell.

Start Menu Reviver 2.0

While above two apps in our Classic Shell Alternatives rundown focus on bringing the old Start Menu back, Start Menu Reviver tries to blend usability and features with a touch of modern Windows aesthetics. Start Menu Reviver certainly looks better compared to other offerings and apart from the looks, it includes some neat personalization tweaks including letting you pin any files, videos and tasks right to the start menu.

If needed, the menu can be resized very easily and because it is inspired by modern UI of Windows 8 and 10, it should be very touch friendly if you are on a computer with a touch screen.

The application is free and has a 22 MB installation footprint. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Start Menu X

Start Menu X claims to be the “Replacement of the system menu for professionals”. To live up to its claims, it has a very flexible UI and it supports Virtual Groups where a user can add together similar programs to get them quickly. The Start Menu X looks similar to the classic Start Menu’s that you could enable in Windows XP, only with a facelift and some much-needed additional features such as a search box at the bottom and separate buttons for Log-off and Shut down.

The base version of Start Menu X is free, You can also buy a Pro version to get Single-click launch and tabs to easily sort groups. The free version includes shut down times and internal document searching by default.

It is one of very few Classic Shell replacements that support from Windows XP up to Windows 10. Be sure to check the free version before buying the pro version, because it may not be suitable for everyone.

Power 8


Power 8 is a powerful, open source start menu replacement for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The lightweight application looks very similar to the start menu in Windows 7 with some changes in pinning and app listing.  Apps are listed in the left half of the menu and the right half of the menu is for quick access to important folders and power buttons.

What I liked about Power 8 are its no-frills approach to installation and its simplicity. There is no need to install anything, as long as you have a recent .NET framework installed (In most cases, it should already be) it works without needing any restart or replacing system files.

The application is actively in development and its a very good Classic Shell Alternative if you need a simple and lightweight solution.


While the application is not free, it looks and feels a lot like Start Menu from Windows 7 and Windows Vista

StartIsBack is a Start Menu replacement that is completely focused on replicating the start menu experience from Windows 7. The layout is almost identical with a powerful and fast enough search bar on the bottom, a list of frequently used apps on the left and system locations on the right.

Aesthetically, it tries to blend in with the OS in use. And, it has many skins that can either look like Modern UI or look just like how Start menu looks on Windows 7. StartIsBack also lets users customize the start button with some built-in options. If needed additional buttons can be added easily.

StarIsBack supports Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 and there is a free trial available. Keep in mind that there are 3 different versions of the applications and you will have to pick the one that is compatible with your computer.

Which one is your favorite?

Do you know about any other Classic Shell Alternatives? Which one do you prefer? Share with us in the comments below…

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Everything You Need To Know About LG Bridge: Features, Download and Alternatives

LG Bridge is an application released by LG that lets users manage and backup their phone with their PCs. You can download it from LG’s official website.

LG Bridge is an application released by LG that lets users manage and backup their phone with their PCs. The software lets you backup, restore and update your LG phones on your PC. In this post, we will discuss how it is and how you can download LG Bridge on your PC. We will also discuss some features of the software alongside covering phones that are supported by the software. If you don’t have an LG phone but you are looking for tools to let you connect your phone to your PC,  I have listed some device-independent alternatives too.

What is LG Bridge?

In a nutshell, it is an application suite that replaces older LG PC Suite. The free software is to let users connect their phones to their computers wirelessly and do some common maintenance tasks such as backup and restore.

The LG Bridge is available for PC and Mac and supports all modern Android-based LG phones. Aside from usual backup and restore featues, the Bridge can be used to update software for any supported LG phone.

Supported Phones

The Bridge supports most of the recent Android phones launched by LG. These supported phones include:

  • LG G Series: G6, G5
  • V Series: LG V10, LG V20, and LG V30
  • LG X and K series
  • LG Stylus series phones.

If you have a phone older than the above, you can try downloading and installing LG PC Suite. If you try to connect an older phone, LG Bridge will ask you to download and install the PC Suite instead. Smartphones from brands other than LG are completely unsupported.

Some Important Features of the Application

LG Airdrive

Airdrive lets you wirelessly connect your LG phone to your PC. Once the connection has been made, you can wirelessly copy, move and delete files from your smartphones. To connect you will have to create an account and you will also have to enable Airdrive in the phone’s settings.


Probably the most important feature of LG Bridge, Backup will let you have a local and restorable copy of data on your LG phones. Aside from supporting data inside your internal storage and media files, Backup can also include contacts and SMS messages too. To backup be sure to connect your phone via Media Sync (MTP) or File Transfer mode.

Keep in mind that you cant open these backup files on your PC, instead, the only way to read a backup file is to restore it on the phone.

Download LG Bridge

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


In my personal experience, the application is a bit slow at times and definitely needs more polish. If you are looking for an alternative, for wirelessly transferring files, Airdroid is worth a look. AirDriod has always been one of the best apps made for file sharing between PCs and phones and recent updates have added some of the best Pushbullet features into it. For backups, Android has a built-in backup to cloud feature that you can activate in settings.

For offline backups, Helium is a good free Android app that you can install.

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8 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking That You Should Know About

Windows CMD packs many commands that a hacker should know. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best CMD commands used in hacking.

Learning to hack needs a user to have good knowledge of tools and options related to networking and understanding how most things related to networking and internet actually work. While Windows CMD is not the most powerful command terminal, it packs many commands that an aspiring ethical hacker should know. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best CMD commands used in hacking.

Keep in mind that after learning these commands, I am not claiming that you will become a hacker, instead, you will have a better knowledge of networking tools and terms that will help you in learning to become a good hacker. After all, I don’t want you to become a script kiddie.

Before we start taking a look at best CMD commands used in hacking, you will need to open the Windows Command Prompt with administrator privileges first. To do this, make sure that you are using an Administrator Windows profile and search for “cmd.exe” in the Start Menu.

Next right click on the first result and select Run as Administrator.

Now that Command Prompt is ready, we can take a look at some hacking commands for CMD.

Launching Command prompt with administrator privileges
Launching Command prompt with administrator privileges



nslookup is a command that can find you the IP address of any website. For example, to get the IP address of Microsoft.com, you will have to enter the following in the CMD prompt:

nslookup www.microsoft.com

Aside from domain names of a website, nslookup can be used to find the IP address of an email server too, for example, to get the IP address of example.com, you will have to enter the following:

nslookup (press enter)

set type=mx (press enter)

example.com (press enter)

Once you have entered the above in the command prompt, you should see the IP address of website’s mail server on your screen.


One of the most common CMD command used in hacking, Ping simply checks if your computer can reach a specified computer or not. It works by sending an ICMP echo request to the destination computer. If there is no response from ping or there is an error, it is likely that either the destination computer is offline/malfunctioned or there is some problem with your network.

To use ping in the command prompt you use the following syntax:

Ping x.x.x.x

Here, x.x.x.x is the IP address of destination computer. This can also be replaced with a domain name, such as

Ping www.example.com


It is one of the best CMD commands used in hacking. IPconfig shows you important information about your computer and your network, including DNS in use, your IP address, and your gateway etc.


Also, if you are using a dynamic IP address, you can change your IP address with following commands:




Route is an important command that shows you a routing table, gateway interfaces, and other important metrics. To see the routing table, enter the following in your command prompt:

route print


tracert command lets you know how a packet will reach its destination. In addition to letting you know the hops, tracert also shows you exactly how much time it took at every hop when reaching the destination IP address. For example, to see the hop table of an IP address enter the following:

tracert x.x.x.x

If you don’t know the IP address of destination website, you can also use its domain name.

tracert example.com


The arp command lets you simply know the arp table. Using ARP command you can also detect if someone has poisoned your LAN. To get the ARP table, you should enter the following in the command prompt and then press enter key:

arp -a


Netstat is useful in knowing some crucial information about your connection. With netstat, you can easily get your listening ports, open connections, and information above all available sharing folders. To get different types of stats, all you have to do is a use a different switch, for example:

netstat -a

will show you a list of all listening ports.

netstat -n

The above shows you a list of all open connections and the IP addresses.

To get all information at once, just use the switch -an with the command.

Netstat -an

net user

Windows PCs have the ability to let every user have a different user account with their personal folders, application data, and wallpapers. Net user command on CMD prompt lets you make changes to any account as long as you know their passwords. Additionally, net user lets you create and remove user accounts too. For example, to delete a user, you will have to enter the following:

net user (username) /delete

Do you know About other DOS commands used in Hacking?

Aside from some of these best CMD commands used in hacking, do you know about any other command that may come in handy for people learning to hack? share with us in the comments below…

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Here are 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac

The default finder preview is not featured for filling all the needs of a good image viewing application. Let’s take a look at 5 Best Image Viewers For Mac.

Viewing and organizing photos is a common thing people do on their computer. Recently, I received a mail from a reader John. He wrote that he is searching for an alternative to Photos App and what are the best image viewers for Mac.

Hello Saurabh,

I have been using Mac for years, and I store and manage all my photos on my Mac Mini. I know that I can press spacebar to get a preview of the selected photo on the finder. But I don’t like Mac’s built-in photo editing and viewing options and I don’t want to spend money on Adobe’s Image Management apps.

Can you recommend me some of the best image viewers for Mac?



You can also submit your questions here.

One thing that I don’t like with finder’s image preview is that to navigate all photos through arrow keys on keyboards, you need to select them with Command-A.

On Windows 10, Microsoft has a good photo viewing app called Photos where you can view photos and start a slideshow. Let’s take a look at some of the best image viewing apps on Mac.

Best Image Viewers for Mac


Sequential is a slick and good looking image viewer for Mac OS X. It supports all common image formats including jpg, PNG, GIF. Additionally, Sequential can open files in ZIP, RAR and PDF format. One of the unique features of Sequential is that it can open CBZ and CBR formats that are used for digital comics. With Sequential, you can easily open a folder containing images and then view them in the correct order. At the time of writing, the app is completely free.

Sequential for Mac is a good image viewing software
Sequential for Mac is a good image viewing software

Its lightweight too, making sure that it will run well even on your aging Mac Mini or MacBook Air.


While Xee costs $4 on the Mac app store. The streamlined user interface and good functionality. Xee can open all photos inside a folder and compressed archives. After launching Xee, you can see an image and its metadata.

The image viewer of Xee is fairly minimalistic and it hides al unnecessary info when you are inside a preview. Just like Sequential, Xee can also open CBR and CBZ files making it good for reading comics. One of the strong points of Xee is its good support of gestures. You can zoom and rotate images with your touchpad. If all you want is a minimal and strong image viewer for Mac, Xee is worth a look.

Xee on Mac OS
Xee on Mac OS


XnView is a popular image viewer. The developer claims that XnView has support for almost 500 different formats. In my testing, it did open most types of image formats that I had. As a cherry on top, XnView can also convert images to another format should you need to.

XnView’s features don’t stop there. It has built-in options for applying basic fixes and filters. Also, it can create slideshows for you. In image management departments, XnView has great support for batch renaming, metadata management, and a duplicate file finder.

XnView is a great image viewer for Mac
XnView is one of the best image viewers for Mac

XnView makes it a great replacement for built-in photo preview in finder if you deal with tons of image formats every day or you want some extra control with your pictures. It is free for personal use and does not include any adware or spyware.

Google Picasa

Picasa is probably one of the most polished image viewers for Mac OS. Sure, Google Killed off Picasa recently, but the photo viewer app is still polished enough for most people. The Picasa Photo Viewer is fast, stable and still looks and performs as good as most other photo viewers for Mac.

Rather than looking like an image viewer in Android’s Gallery app, the Photo Viewer for Mac has a similar feeling to a media player. You can press Enter key on your keyboard to see any image in the fullscreen mode, and if you need, with just one click, you can start a slideshow.

Now that Google has shut down Picasa’s web service, the image upload feature will not be supported. Still, the app should run fine, and you can always use other services to upload photos to the cloud.

Even if you don’t want advanced image editing that Picasa offers, you should give Picasa a try. I have been using it on all my computers, and it has never let me down.


If you have been editing photos for some time, you must have heard about GIMP. It’s a powerful image edition program that has been around for decades. It is an open source application that supports not only viewing but it also has airbrushing, fixing, penciling and a ton of other features. GIMP for Mac UI opens with a folder and file directly tree on is left pace. Next to it is a set of thumbnail images and there are buttons with a set of commands surrounding these panes.

GIMP is a powerful image editor
GIMP is a powerful image editor

GIMP has a slight learning curve if you have never used professional image editing applications. But. GIMP is the most powerful free image editing and viewing too around.

Which one is your favorite?

Among all the app in this post, which ones do you think is the best image viewers for Mac and why? Share with others in the comments below.

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Is Sleeping Next To Your Phone Dangerous?

Ever since the concept of wireless phones came into existence, folks have been trying to find if they can be harmful to human body. Nowadays, many people use their phone before sleeping and most of them keep their phones next to their head or under the pillow while they sleep. If you have are one of the people and you have been wondering if it can be dangerous to your health, the short answer is no. No research has thoroughly proven that sleeping next to a phone can cause cancer or any other damage to human body.

Is Sleeping Next To Your Phone Dangerous?

Here is a details answer to the question that Toxicologist Renee Hartsook answered on Quora:

First, let’s understand the facts about mobile devices and this perception of risk of harm:

  • The type of energy emitted from mobile devices is radiofrequency and it does not have the ability to damage to DNA like ionizing radiation (such as an x-ray).
  • Several large epidemiology studies were conducted on mobile phone use and the risk of central nervous system cancers. The studies do not establish an association between mobile device use and the risk of central nervous system cancers.
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, is the predominant public health authority on identifying and labeling carcinogens as such. Their working group concluded that it was possible that radiofrequency exposure from mobile devices is associated with cancer risk.

However, all of US health agencies (Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) make strong statements for mobile device safety and find no link between radiofrequency energy and cancer risk.

The National Cancer Institute has created a great fact sheet on this topic.

Bottom line: As a toxicologist do I believe that there is a risk? No.

That said, common sense is a good thing. I would not advocate sleeping with your phone next to your head, primarily because you will benefit from uninterrupted sleep.

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These Are The 6 Best Free Stardock Fences Alternatives That You Need To Try

Fences make your desktop feel minimal and clean but it’s not free. Here are 5 Best Free Stardock Fences Alternatives that you should defiantly try.

In case you have never seen, Stardock Fences is an excellent desktop organization application for Windows. Fences help you in managing your cluttered desktop by letting you organize and store your icons and folders in “Fences”. As much as it helps in finding right application and files on desktop easily, Fences’ biggest benefit is that it makes your desktop feel minimal and clean without you having to do all the dirty work. The caveat of Stardock Fences? It’s price. Here are 5 Best Free Stardock Fences Alternatives that you should defiantly try.

Nimi Places

The first on our Stardock Fences Alternative list is a lightweight and free desktop organizer Nimi Places. It lets you organize your icons and files into customizable containers. Once you have made a container, you can change its name, add colored labels and create different rules to automatically do some tasks at predefined times.

NImi Places let's you easlily label files and shortcuts
NImi Places lets you easily label files and shortcuts

Apart from these features, you can change icon side, see thumbnails and even change container themes if you want to. If all you want is a minimal, no-frills alternative to Stardock fences, Nimi Places is defiantly worth checking out.

Virtual Desktops

It’s not exactly a Stardock Fences Alternative, but for many people, Virtua Desktops are very helpful in managing a cluttered desktop. Windows 10 is the first Windows version to have built-in support for Virtual Desktops and with just a few clicks, you can start organizing all your open Windows into different desktops. For example, I keep all my social websites and tools open in a virtual desktop while I work on OneNote and Google Scholar in another one.

Virtual desktop as Fences alternatives
Virtual desktop are built in onto Windows 10

To create a Virtual Desktop on Windows 10, just click on Task View icon on the taskbar and then click on New Desktop button.

If you are on an older version of Windows, you can try Dexpot, it is a bit complex, but this free app is much more powerful.


Well, no list of Free Stardock Fences Alternatives should be complete without mentioning Fences. Yes, the latest version of Fences costs $10 after a 30-day trial. But, you can still download the first version of Fences for free. Sure, the new versions some more features and a bit better user interfaces. But if you don’t need these features, the free version of Fences should be perfectly serviceable for you.

Fences 1.0.1
Fences 1.0.1

As an added bonus, this version of Fences should be less resource hungry.


RocketDock is not exactly a desktop icon manager, instead, RocketDock is a powerful icon dock that mimics most features from macOS’ dock. You can add shortcuts to files, folder, and programs just by dragging them into the dock. RocketDock also has many useful extensions that can increase its functionality, for example, you can easily add a real-time analog clock to the dock. Heck, if you want, you can directly minimize your window to the dock, freeing you from using Windows taskbar most of the time.

RocketDock is free and there is a good community of users who have made skins and icon pack compatible with the dock. If you want a Stardock Fences alternative to just organize your desktop in a better way, RocketDock is definitely worth a download.


Just like Nimi and Fences, ViPad is also a container based organization system. The difference is that Vipad only uses a single container. To further let you organize icons and files, you can create tabs inside the container.

You can store files, web links, music and even video files inside these tabs if you want to. These tabs can be searched easily too, and you just need to drag and drop to make any changes. Aside from these features, ViPad has deep customization options, you can change the icon size as you need, and you can also download many custom icon pack from its official website.

ViPad is completely free and open source.


Available only for Windows, Sideslide is one of the popular Free Stardock Fences alternatives. Unlike Fences and Virtual Desktops, Sideslide’s working is completely focused on creating and organizing “Workplaces”. Once you have made one, you can easily add shortcuts, documents and even RSS news feeds within.

Sideslide is very customizable
Sideslide is very customizable

You can make as many workplaces as you like. Whenever you need all data in a workplace is easily available with a click. Sideslice is a very powerful and flexible application. You can add tags to links, add multiple RSS feeds and custom themes to these workplaces easily. Additionally, you can run it as a portable application meaning you don’t need to install it, just open the .exe file whenever you need and will launch.

What are your Best Free Stardock Fences Alternatives?

Which of the Free Stardock Fences Alternatives do you use? Do you know about some other good app that I forgot to mention? Share with me in the comments below…

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The Easy Guide To Unblock YouTube At School, Office or University (For Free)

Want to access YouTube at your school? Let’s discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college and at the university for free.

Access to YouTube at your school may be blocked for any reason, many schools just block all outgoing traffic to unknown websites, many places will block access to YouTube because they think it could be a productivity killer. While it is no doubt that any website on the Internet can be a productivity killer, YouTube does have a lot of educational content, including tutorials, how-tos, and explanations. If you want to access YouTube at your school, unblocking it should be fairly easy, read on and we will discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college or at university without spending money on buying software or mobile apps.

Adding HTTPS on the address

Before digging into other techniques of getting YouTube to work, give this a shot: on the address bar, use HTTPS instead of HTTP when you enter the YouTube’s website address. While it may not work on all schools, many institutions block access to an insecure website. Using HTTPS makes sure that you are connecting to the SSL version of YouTube which may be enough to let you watch YouTube at school.

Unblocking YouTube at School: The VPN way

VPN is probably the best way to access YouTube at school. Not only you will be able to access YouTube, it will also tunnel all of your data, making it very difficult for ISPs to track what website you are visiting. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it definitely is the best way to unblock YouTube at school.

The market is full of VPN providers which offer their services for free or with a monthly fee. If you don’t want to shell out cash, in my opinion, the best free option is using Opera Browser. Opera comes with built-in free VPN services. Unlike other free VPN’s Opera does not have a daily data limit and it won’t inject ads into your YouTube experience.

Using Opera VPN to access YouTube
Using Opera VPN to access YouTube

To access YouTube at school, just download Opera from here. Install the app,  Open it and click on the VPN button on the left side of the address bar.

Apart from Opera, there are tons of good VPNs available, including:

  • TunnelBear VPN: Good service, it has a limited free tier. You will have to upgrade to a paid tier if you use a lot of YouTube.
  • Hotspot Shield: With Ads, this VPN offers a free experience. Keep in mind that they may keep a log of your browsing activity on the free tier.
  • ExpressVPN: It’s a paid VPN, but the service is fast and prices are reasonable. ExpressVPN does not track your browsing activities.

Just for watching YouTube at school, I think Opera’s free built-in VPN should be more than enough though and it has an Ad-Blocker built in too.

Using Proxy Websites

If you don’t want to install any app or extension and using HTTPS is also not working, using Proxy Web Addresses should be the way to go. With this method, all of your data is sent and received by your browser is passed through a proxy web address which should let you unblock YouTube at school. To change your Proxy Web Address, simply do the following:
First, you will have to find a proxy address to use, you can browse this website or search on the internet for free proxy addresses.

  • Once you have a Proxy Address, on Chrome open the menu and then Click on Settings.
  • Under settings, click on Advanced to get to proxy options.
  • Now, under System, click on Open Proxy Settings.
  • Under Connections tab, click on LAN settings.
  • On the next dialog, enable “Use a Proxy server for your LAN”
  • Enter the Address and Port number you have got from the internet.
  • Click on OK.
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school

If a proxy address does not work, you can always try other address. To disable a proxy, just uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN in the dialog box.

Just Download the video Locally

In case changing proxy is not your cup of tea and you don’t want to install apps on your school computer, you can simply download YouTube videos locally, We covered some of the best ways for downloading YouTube videos that you can check out. Otherwise, you can find the video via searching for the topic on Google and then clicking on the Videos tab just below the search box.

Then copy the video address and enter it on an online video downloading site such as KeepVid or Savefrom.net

Unblocking YouTube With TOR

TOR can be used to unblock YouTube at school

TOR is a very secure Mozilla Firefox-based web browser, which lets you browse the web anonymously. It can easily unblock any website that your School or college may have blocked access to. TOR also hides your IP address so it becomes very tough to see and track your browsing data. TOR is free to use and it will definitely let you browse and watch YouTube at your school or university.

Using Proxy Websites

Using Proxy Sites is one of the popular ways of getting around internet restrictions on schools and offices. While Proxy sites are not as private as using a VPN service, these don’t need you to install any browser extension and most of them are very easy to use. Proxy Websites have an address bar on them where you can enter the web address of the site (which will be youtube.com in your case). Once you have pressed enter, the website will be opened in a new tab with a proxy address.

Here are some popular Proxy Websites:

  • Kproxy.com
  • Hide.me

One of the major problems with Proxy Sites is that most of the inject unreasonable number of ads within web pages, to get around this, you can always use an ad blocker or a web browser that has built-in ad blocking features such as Opera or Brave.

How Do You Unblock YouTube at School?

Well, I have always used Opera’s built-in VPN to access YouTube at my college. How do you get YouTube at your institution? Let us know in the comments below.

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WhatsApp Policies Are Not As Secure As You Think: Report

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on both major mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. Facebook, who now owns the said messaging client, has worked a lot in recent years to increase the privacy and security of the app and we have also covered some tips to make WhatsApp more secure for you.

But it looks like WhatsApp’s policies are not as safe as they can be, which was revealed by Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF said in a report titled “Who has your back” that WhatsApp policies are too weak to protect users from governments.

“WhatsApp does not explicitly state that it prohibits third-party access to its user data, nor does it say that third parties are prohibited from allowing WhatsApp user data to be used for surveillance purposes,”  and “Our reading of WhatsApp’s public-facing policies would not prohibit it from sharing data to be used for surveillance,” the EFF report wrote about the messaging service.


Alongside with WhatsApp, the company prepared reports about many other companies, among them, Adobe, Dropbox, Uber, WordPress, Pinterest and some others did earn good marks and praise for their user privacy centric policy. Two biggest disappointments were Amazon and WhatsApp. both scored poor marks and were deemed not consumer privacy centric.

“This information is a magnet for governments seeking to surveil citizens, journalists, and activists. When governments do so, they need to follow the law, and users are increasingly demanding that companies holding their data enact the toughest policies to protect customer information,” said EFF Activism Director Rainey Reitman.

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These Are The 4 Easiest Ways To Do a Reverse Song Search

Want to know what song is playing in the background in a pub or party? Here are some of the best ways of doing a reverse song search.

If you find yourself wondering what great song is playing in the background in a pub or restaurant, this is the URL you should be at. In some cases, searching on Google for just a couple of sentences from the songs may do the trick, but what should you do if you are listening to a track that does not have lyrics? or when the song is in a language that you don’t understand? well, there are some great apps and services that detect the music playing in the background. Let’s talk about some of the easiest ways that you can use to perform a reverse song search.

Ask Google Assistant And Cortana

For most Android and Windows Users, you don’t need any additional app to do a reverse song search, just ask Google Assistant or Cortana “What song is it” and it should be able to listen for a few seconds and come up with a list of possible tracks. To do this, simply open Google app on your phone or click on the Cortana icon on the taskbar and then press the microphone icon on the screen. The simply say “what music is this” or ” what is this songs name” and you should be good to go.

It may not work in all countries though (In India, Google Assistant refuses to work) but you should give it a try if you already have an Android Phone or Windows PC.

Use Shazam Lite

Using Shazam Lite for Reverse Song Search

Shazam is one of the most popular apps to do reverse song search. It has one of the best databases and it works fairly well. While Shazam’s standard app works well on Android and iOS, it may feel bloated if don’t need anything more than some music identification. Shazam Lite can get the job done for you with a smooth and simple interface, the app will also keep a small history of recently scanned apps so that you can recall the name even after a few days.

MusicX Match

MusicXMatch on Android

MusicX Match is one of the most popular music players available for Android. While it does a decent job at creating, playing and managing playlists, MusicX Match is also one of the best apps to do a reverse song search and find the lyrics of the track currently being played. The app is free to use and it works well for most cases. If you are a person who keeps music offline on his phone, the app may be a better choice as it is good at music identification and music playing both.


Just like MusicX Match, Soundhound prides itself in being a good music identification and music playing app. The app is available on all important platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows UWP and even BlackBerry World. Major features of the app include reverse song search, music player and top charts and music discovery personalized for individual users. After you have searched for a song successfully, the app can show you lyrics, name and a YouTube Music Video if you want.

If All of the above fails…

[TOMT][song] Do do do doo doo song? from tipofmytongue

If none of the apps find the song and you are desperate to know the track name, try r/tipofmytongue on Reddit. Head to the site, (if you are not a redditor, you will have to sign-up.) Then you can ask the community about the song by describing the details. The community is quite large and someone there should be able to help you with the search. r/namethatsong is a good place to search for the track name too.

Do you know of any other way of doing reverse song search?

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Someone Made A Battery-Free Cell Phone That Sucks Power From Air

Battery tech has seemed to be not keeping up in recent years of advancements on smartphones. As phones are getting more powerful and fast, feeding them with powers for a long time is getting more and more challenging, so much so that Samsung ships Galaxy S8 with screen resolution turned low by default and so much that early Xperia XZ Premium phones almost never ran at 4K resolution even though they shipped with one. In the attempts to find a solution, it looks like Researchers from the University of Washington have made a breakthrough.

The researchers have developed a very first cell phone that does not rely on the battery for power, instead, the newly designed phone harvests light and radio waves to generate enough energy to keep itself running.

In the blog post, researchers shared some information about how they made the phone:

“… the battery-free cellphone takes advantage of tiny vibrations in a phone’s microphone or speaker that occur when a person is talking into a phone or listening to a call.

An antenna connected to those components converts that motion into changes in standard analog radio signal emitted by a cellular base station. This process essentially encodes speech patterns in reflected radio signals in a way that uses almost no power….”

The phone would be almost garbage if it did not have that special energy source conversion though, as you can listen in the video below, the audio quality is barely passable, but if something like this can be improved in future and implemented in smartphones, I would be so happy to not plug the phone to wall anymore.

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