Someone Made An App That Lets You Get The ‘Best’ iPhone X Feature On Android

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must already know about the new iPhone X that Apple released a few days ago. Among its bezel-less display and the one grand US dollar price, the most notable difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is that the latter has a notch on the top that houses all of its facial recognition sensors. And before the iPhone X is out there in the market, there is a way to turn your Android into it. Just kidding, not really but something else is invented by a bored programmer that gives people a pleasure of perverting their Android.

iPhone X has that very noticeable and at times enviable notch at the top of display making it gorgeous in its own way. However, Android is popular for its immense customization so Android finds its way through an app that gives a similar notch to whichever device you are using.

Developed by GitHub user idoideas, XOutOf10 is a funny app simulating the iPhone X notch on practically any Android handset. As it claims, the idea saves you $999 straight away.

Check out how the notch looks – and precisely how noticeable it is. You can download the XOutOf10 APK from this link in order to run the quirky app. Just Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above will be required to get it up and running.

This is how perhaps fashion industry runs making people adopt styles from celebrities and stars. But we wonder if really Android anytime needs to look like iPhone? There are powerful and adorable sets in upcoming Android lineup that have guts to make iPhone feel ancient. Heck, the recently launched Essential Phone from Android’s father Andy Rubin even has a notch. 

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This Apple iPhone X Clone Costs Just $100 (Rs 6,500)

If you have not been living under a rock, you probably already know about iPhone X, Apple’s latest -And the most expensive- phone to date. As goes an old adage “fake it, if you can’t make it”, if you grew a little frustration watching iPhone X priced at Rs 89,000 and Rs 102,000, you got something to either laugh, cheer or maybe celebrate about.

If you are looking for an alternative, The Apple iPhone X has a rival that is priced at $100 (approximately Rs 6,500). Yes, you heard it right it’s the smartphone by a Chinese company GizChina, and it is called The GooPhone X.

Recently spotted in China it looks identical to the iPhone X. GooPhone is a Chinese brand notorious for selling knockoffs of premium devices. It has managed to get its iPhone hack well before the launch of iPhone X itself.

GooPhone X, or GooPhone I8, is entirely lifted Apple’s iPhone X’s aesthetics. And as one would expect it runs on Android OS. It features a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge display aa MediaTek MTK6580 chip, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory, and a 720×1280 HD display.

It also displays fake 4G LTE status indicators while only providing 3G service, and shows 64GB of memory when it only has 16GB. And on rear what looks like a dual-camera setup, it actually an 8-megapixel sensor. The phone also has a 2-megapixel lens on the front for those high-resolution duckface selfies.

No guarantee of how long it can last. So if you really want a phone that looks like an iPhone X, and you don’t want to shell out $1000, you may just have found the perfect smartphone. If you are looking for real and acceptable alternatives, Essential Phone and the recently launched Galaxy Note 8 may be decent choices.

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Apple’s iPhone 8 May Lose Its Most Hyped Feature, Will Still Come With Bezel-less Display

We have talked about iPhone 8 in the past, the phone will be launching soon and it is going to be one of the most important smartphone launches of the year. While almost all leaks and reports show that the phone will have a bezel display, it looks like Apple is still having trouble with having fingerprint sensors on the screen instead of baking it into the home button.

For months iPhone 8 was rumored to come with a fingerprint reader built into the display. What it means is that you do not need the fingerprint scanner at the home button to unlock your device. You just do it from any place over the touch surface. However, Forbs reported that the iPhone 8 has a fingerprint scanner ‘on the home button’. It means Apple couldn’t get the technology perfected in time for its 2017 flagship and it was canceled to be incorporated in iPhone 8.

Source: YouTube

So as it seems, iPhone 8 is missing out on a key patent technology. It is US Patent No. 9,747,488 titled “Active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems”. It reads fingerprint for authentication through ultrasonic detection. An acoustic system built up that sends out a pulse passing through a second layer called substrate and is reflected back to piezoelectric transducers to determine the image of whatever object is touching the substrate.

This patent is also to metamorphosized many technological parts that require high voltages. In short, it is the future and it seems Apple is having a hard time bringing it up to iPhone8 while being close to adapting the technology. If iPhone 8 doesn’t include this technology l, it will be gruesome and annoying to loyal Applers, for there may be a case if Samsung incorporates such stuff in Galaxy S9 or Note 9 in 2018.

If that happens, Apple’s looking forward to including it in 2019 devices, it will be interesting to see if Samsung can manage to add the same feature to its Galaxy S9 which will probably come in January next year. 

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5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone’s iOS

Just like Xbox and Playstation have been a deciding factor of friendships in recent years, picking the correct mobile OS whether its iOS or its Android is becoming increasingly difficult. In early years, iPhones were the easy choice fo people who were looking for phones that just work. However, since Android 4.4 Android has improved itself massively and most reasons to go for iOS are have started to become moot. Lets take a look at 5 Reasons why Android is a better mobile Operating System than Apple’s iOS.

Android Has Far More Free Apps Than iOS

Free apps and games on Android are a clear win over iOS, which expects you to pay more frequently. A large number of apps have heavy price tag on iOS, that are freely available on Android. Big difference when you are paying extra money to iOS and buying the same, sometimes even less functional version. Then there are freemium and ad-supported version on PlayStore.

Google Assistant and Google Now are far superior on Android

If you use Google services, using Google Now is kind of a no-brainer. While iOS has a decent app for Google Now, the Android version has always been getting new features first and runs efficiently. Technology is forwarding to offer real convenience boosts to our routine jobs. Tough competition. Nonetheless, for now, the predictive and pre-emptive nature of Google Now is best suited on Android. The same goes for Google Assistant, sure Siri is OK, but compare it to Google Now and you will find that Google’s offering on Android is far more powerful.

Custom ROMs

Chroma is a well known Android Custom ROM

While Custom ROMs have lost some of their popularity in recent years, they still matter a lot to geeks and tech enthusiasts. It makes a big difference when you can get Lineage OS offering you the vast liberty to use your apps and games in newer ways while inviting custom ROM builders too to open platform of innovation as opposed to locked and rigid iOS.

Android has better support for multi-window multitasking

Multitasking in Android 7
Multitasking in Android 7

That is a definitive upvote to Android. You just can’t open multiple windows on an iOS phone. Simultaneously writing a mail, checking your notebooks and surfing on the internet at once is possible on Android phones running Nougat with its ability to run two apps on the same screen at once. That is a very big privilege of Android users putting it right ahead of iOS.

Android Phones are far more customizable

Evie is my favorite Android Launcher

Only Android gives you a whole range of launchers, only Android gives you a huge variety of customization widgets, and only Android has a myriad range of shape and sizes of smartphones to suit for a taste. Where iOS gives you a feel of uniformity, Android invites you to a fancy-dress party. Don’t like how the icon of Facebook or Google Chrome looks? with Android, only a quick trip to Play Store will do the trick, but on iOS, it just is not possible.

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Every new product Apple just announced: iPad, red iPhone 7, Apple Watch bands, and more

Apple gave it’s customer base a fantastic surprise on Tuesday morning. It announced a truckload of new and exciting products, that range from a new variant of the iPhone 7 to Apple Watch Bands. If you missed the grand reveal, you need not worry. We have summarized all the new products here for you.

Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple just introduced a new variant of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that will come in Red color with an Aluminium finish. They will be available to order in-store and online beginning Friday, March 24 at 8:01 a.m. Pacific time.

The Red iPhone will come as two variants in 128 and 256 GB storage each. They are priced at $749 for the 128GB iPhone 7 and $869 for the iPhone 7 Plus. If you’re enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program, the cost of an unlocked red iPhone with AppleCare+ will be $37 a month.

iPhone SE storage bump

The iPhone SE with its 4 inch display is a very powerful device with 16 and 64 GB variants. Now Apple is doubling up the devices storage. You will get the 32 and 128 GB variants for the same price as the former ones. You can get a new base model SE for $399 beginning Friday, March 24.

9.7-inch Retina iPad

This new device by Apple will be simply called iPad and it is priced at $329. Apple will phase out of the iPad Air 2 and begins the production of the iPad. The iPad comes in 32GB and 128GB versions (the bigger one is $100 more) with TouchID, an A9 chip, 10-hour battery life, and the usual color options (silver, gold, space gray). It will be available on March 24.

Also, Apple iPad Mini 2 is gone

The iPad Mini lineup is all but gone. With the only remaining device being $399 128GB iPad mini 4. Apple has killed off its iPad Mini 2.

Clips, a video-editing iOS app

Apple left nothing untouched. It didn’t just launch hardware but software too. It rolled out a free iOS app called Clips that will work on iOS 10.3 and further. It will help you capture, edit and post your videos to social media.

New iPhone Cases

Apple just introduced new colors to its iPhone cases. The silicone case will include colors azure, camellia, and pebble and the leather will come in taupe, sapphire, and berry. Blue, pink, and neutral option are coming to both accessories. They’re available to order online now for $35 and $45 for the iPhone 7 silicone and leather cases, respectively, and $39 and $49 for the iPhone 7 Plus versions.

Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

We won’t have to worry about your pocket while buying a special edition Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2. Apple is now selling the band as a stand-alone accessory for $49

Hermès Apple Watch bands

If you are willing to spend a few hundred bucks, then Apple and French fashion house Heroes just added a beautiful new leather option to their collection. At the cost of $339, you can pick up a single tour leather band in chartreuse or teal for your 42mm watch. If you splurge on a 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 with the “fauve barenia” double buckle cuff, Hermès will throw in an exclusive Orange Sport band.

New nylon and Sport Apple Watch bands

The budget restricted buyers need not worry. Apple also introduces woven nylon and fluoroelastomer Sport bands.

The nylon strap will come in a wide strap version at $49. It will come in the colors, orange, berry, red, pollen, Tahoe blue, and midnight blue. Apple also added three new colors to its $49 Sport band collection, camellia, pebble, and Azure.
The leather strap will cost you $149 for a classic buckle option, now in three additional colors: sapphire, berry, and taupe.

Swift Playgrounds in new languages

Apple had introduced its iPad coding app Swift Playgrounds with iOS 10 last year. However, it was only available in English. Apple announced that the app will now support Latin American Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

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After Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is The Latest App To Copy Snapchat

Over past months, we have discussed how Facebook and Instagram have ripped-off features from Snapchat and added them to their apps. While there have been no lawsuits (And I don’t think Snapchat can sue Facebook Inc.) These added features have helped Facebook in increasing the user count a lot. Today, WhatsApp –a Facebook-owned company- joines the traditions of copying features of Snapchat.

From the latest update of the app, users will now be able to set Images, GIFs, and Videos as their ‘status.’ The feature was in beta test for some time, but now it is being rolled out to all users including ones on Windows Phone.

The new multimedia Status feature is an awful lot like the one in Instagram Stories. So much so that you can add emoji, text, and doodles on the status Images and Videos. Once the status is up, everyone in your contact list who is not excluded specifically will be able to see and reply to the status within the app.

Even more interestingly, the Status updates will expire after 24 hours, yup, Just like ones on Snapchat.

With the new status updates, WhatsApp is also trying to return to its root. Back when the app was launched, WhatsApp did not have any messaging ability, in fact, it was only about setting up status so that all of your contacts can know what you are upto.

You can find the new find the new feature in the Status tab inside WhatsApp app on your phone. If you can’t find it, make sure that the app is updated to the latest version from App Store, Google Play or Windows Store according to your device.

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Apple is Preparing To Manufacture iPhones in India

India has been one of the biggest software manufacturer countries for many years, but it has not been able to compete with China or US in hardware manufacturing.

It looks like things may get better soon, Apple is reportedly preparing to manufacture iPhone in the country soon.

Indian IT Minister Priyank Kharge’s deleted tweets were spotted by BuzzFeed News today. These tweets claim that the Cupertino company is preparing to begin iPhone manufacturing in the Banglore state of India.

The two tweets by Minister read:

Glad to announce initial manufacturing operations of the world’s most valued company: Apple, in Karnataka. Another validation for Karnataka.

Apple’s intentions to make iPhones in Bengaluru will foster cutting-edge technology ecosystem & supply chain development in the state.

Apple did not release any statement about the IT minister’s claims, but considering Apple CEO Tim Cook has already visited India, the possibility of the company establishing some plants in India is quite high. WSJ has also reported in past that company is in talks with Indian Government about doing some manufacturing in India.

India has proven to be a profitable market for the company in recent years. Also, the Indian government passed some rules in 2016 which remove any restriction on opening a flagship store in India by Apple or other IT companies.

If Apple manufactures iPhones in India, users in the country should see a significant price drop (currently, iPhones in India cost a lot more compared to the US) and hence the company will have a better chance at beating Android Flagship markets in the country.

What do you think about Apple’s plans? If you live in India, would you switch to an iPhone if it were a bit cheaper? Share with us in the comments below.

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iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn is Planning to Replace All Human Workers With Robots

Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant behind iPhone and many other electronic devices, is planning to be as much as automated as possible in upcoming years.

A report from DigiTimes suggests that company has a three-phase plan to automate the manufacturing process using software and self-made robotic units called Foxbots.

In the first phase, Foxconn aims to set up individual automated work stations for work that workers are unwilling to do or is dangerous.

– Dia Jia-Peng

According to the general manager of the automation company, the first phase will involve replacement of human workers with robots where the workers are unwilling, or the working environments are dangerous.

In the second phase, the company will focus on improving its efficiency by streamlining production lines in the factory to reduce any number of robots that are excess.

In the third and final phase, the company will automate the entire manufacturing facilities, and only a small number of workers will be assigned to production, testing and inspection process.

The company is hoping to automate 30% of all factory work by 2020, and as of now, it can produce almost 10000 Foxbots in a year. The idea is not new for Foxconn, and the company has already automated almost 60000 jobs at one of the manufacturing plants.

Unlike the US, finding cheap labor is not tough in China, and this is why most companies in the country do not use robots to automate factory lines. Foxconn itself is the employer of more than 1.2 million people which makes it one of the largest employers in the world, and in those employees, more than 1 million are working in China.

The company is large enough that one of the plants can produce 5,00,000 iPhones in a day and is widely known as iPhone City.

As financially beneficial as it is for the company, it will ultimately put thousands if not millions of workers in the state of unemployment.

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Apple iOS 10.2 is Here With Some Improvements and New Emoji

Apple just released a new update to its iOS to the general public, while the update is not the greatest software of the year, it adds a few nifty features and some new emoji for users.

If you are an Apple TV user, you will want to take a look at the new TV app that tries to streamline the viewing experience. Instead of searching in various streaming apps for TV shows and movies, the TV app will let you search for content across almost all video streaming apps directly. The TV app with also come with  single-sign-in.

Apart from the TV app, iOS 10.2 has updates and improvements under the hood. The Photos and Music apps are now a bit faster and more stable. The Messages app has a couple more full-screen effects including one for new love; RAW photos support has also been added to the photos app.

And finally, probably the most notable additions to iOS 10.2 are the new emoji. The shruggie emoji is finally available on the keyboard to express the feeling directly instead of copy-pasting  ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

 shruggie emoji
Shruggie emoji

There are face palm, bacon, croissant, and a few more emoji too, for a complete list, you can head over to  Emojipedia. If you want a new emoji that is not currently included in Unicode, you should check out this.

ROFL Emoji
ROFL Emoji

Apple had been testing out the 10.2 since October 31, and now that the update is released, anyone with iOS 10 device can install it over-the-air.

Do you care about new emojis in iOS? Share with us in the comments below.

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Super Mario Run Won’t Work Without Internet

While everyone seems to be excited to control the hopping plumber on their phones, there is one weird requirement to play the game: You will need to be online.

Super Mario Run is going to be launched on December 15. And while everyone seems to be excited to control the hopping plumber on their phones, there is one weird requirement to play the game: You will need to be online.

Considering the game will keep the necessary data on local storage, being should not be a requirement for anyone. Games such as Temple Run have been running offline for years -yes, some functionality such the market place is unavailable, but you can still play the game.

Well, that won’t be the case with Super Mario Run. As Nintendo’s icon Shigeru Miyamoto told Mashable:

“[O]ur software [is] very important asset for us,” said Miyamoto. “We wanted to be able to leverage that network connection [to offer] the game in a way that keeps the software secure.”

So ultimately this step by Nintendo is to fight with piracy. It can’t be said if Nintendo will win for sure, but paying users are losing in some ways.

Nintendo first announced the game at Apple’s special event on September where the company revealed that gaming’s biggest icon is making its debut on smaller screen with an iOS game, later, the Japanese company also received that the games won’t be platform exclusive as it will launch on Android too.

If you are curious about how the game works and you want to take a sneak peak, you can go to an Apple Store nearby. And if you are too lazy to do that, here is a video of Miyamoto playing Super Mario Run while doing bicep curls.

How do you feel about Nintendo’s decision of requiring an internet connection to play the game? Share with others in the comments below.

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