Microsoft’s Upcoming Surface Pro 5 Just Got Leaked

Fans of Microsoft’s Surface series have been gushing about the elegant design and the notepad comfort that the devices have added in the gadget world. It had been since its 2015 release of Surface Pro 4, that a coming update was awaited. Looks like the wait is soon to be over and the patience rewarded. A recent leak reported by VentureBeat has unraveled few features that Microsoft’s newest surface device will include. Also, Microsoft is supposedly making an announcement of a new Surface Pro on its China Hardware Event coming week which may reveal more about the coming releases by the tech giant.

The successor of Surface Pro 4, will be titled simply as “Surface Pro“. It retains the much admired elegant design of its series and rather focuses on updated internals along with specs. VentureBeat leak also suggests that the tablet is about to hit the market this year  And by the coming the Monday they are to provide a detailed info of its specification in particular.

The leak also details that while its accessories remain quite the same as of Surface Pro 4, latest Type Cover and Surface Pen Renders are to come out in new colors with this release, to be quite much on the pattern of those which released for Surface laptops recently. The innovation and compatibility of new Type Covers and Surface Pen paralleled with new gadgets bestow a unique color sense for it’s Surface Pro alternative.

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The Core i5 Microsoft Surface Pro Just Got Even Cheaper

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been one of the most impressive two-in-one’s since its launch. And even though the line of product has not been updated since 2015, the Windows 10 powered tablet still holds a good spot in price performance graphs for tablets, except that the i5 variant of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 just got cheaper.

Generally, the Surface Pro with i5 Processor and 256 GB SSD goes for $1200 MSRP, and Microsoft sells it on the Microsoft Store for $1049, but the tablet is currently available at best buy for $950, almost $250 less than the MSRP.

The particular model sports a 12.3 inch 2736 by 1824 resolution display, a dual-core Intel i5 Skylake chip, a 256 GB Solid State Storage and eight gigs of RAM to power Windows 10.

Tech Enthusiasts will notice that the tablet was launched on 2015, which means it does not have the performance and power consumption improvements of latest generation Kaby Lake processors. However, considering the price, Surface beats similarly priced MacBook’s and other tablets, it should not be a big problem.

There are rumors that Microsoft may launch an updated Surface Pro with 4K display soon, so if you are interested, it might be worth the wait.

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New Microsoft Surface Could Arrive Before March With A 4K Display

Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets has become the flagship tablet experience for Windows 10. In 2016, Microsoft updated the Microsoft Surface Book with a faster processor, improved graphics chip, and bigger battery, but there was no update in Microsoft Surface Tablet line as there is no modification since Surface 4 in 2015.

It appears that Surface tablets get some updates in 2017. Digitimes found a Chinese-language Economic Daily Report that says Microsoft is planning to release the fifth version of the tablet in the first quarter of 2017.

Apart from the release date, there were some other interesting details in the report too. The newer Surface will have an Ultra High Definition (3840X2160) display giving the tablet much better screen with almost 34% increase in PPI. The Surface 5 may also have a magnetic charging stylus to ink and draw on the device.

Surface 4 does not have a 4K Display
Surface 4 does not have a 4K Display

Microsoft is also changing device manufacturer, Pegatron, the company behind a number of manufactured products such as iPhone, will now be handling Surface production.

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