This computer comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Just $10

The world has seen some inexpensive computers in recent years, and it all started with  Raspberry Pi, which are dirt cheap barebones computers that come without a display, IO devices or even a case, but has enough horsepower to carry some basic computing tasks without using much power. Most notable is the Raspberry Pi Zero, which came last year costing crazy sounding $5.

Today, the  Raspberry Pi foundation turned five and to celebrate its birthday, the Foundation just launched an update for its $5 PC, adding a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to its cheap computer.

The Pi Zero W

It is not that the Pi Zero was a bad or expensive computer, far from it, but getting wireless connectivity for it required users to go on the market and buy external dongles to get basic wireless connectivity, for an additional $5, the Pi Zero W will solve these problems.

In case you were wondering, the Pi Zero W has a 1GHz ARM processor, 512 MB of RAM and an HDMI port that can output 1080p videos.

The foundation also announced that it would be selling its line of Pi Zero compatible cases which will be injection molding.

Pi Zero cases

You can get a list of Pi Zero W sellers from here, but keep in mind that there may not be enough supply, at least for some time.

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The Raspberry Pi Zero is a Ridiculously Cheap $5 Computer

Who would have thought that on one day we will be able to buy a computer for less than  a coffee. The new Raspberry Pi Zero, which is a product of famous Raspberry Pi foundation costs just $5.

Announced  via its blog, it is already available for sale in UK & US and It is included free of cost with December copy of MagPi, a Magazine that is about these products.

The Raspberry Pi Zero, includes some seriously impressive specs for this price. These are the specifications for Raspberry Pi Zero.

  • 1Ghz, Single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • One Mini HDMI poet capable of 1080p, 60FPS output
  • Micro USB power similar to most of the Andrid Smartphones these days

One thing for sure, the $5 is not just a gimmick. You can use it for tons of your Raspberry Pi projects. The size is also half of the older A+ model. The 1GHz processor can run some good code and it definitely capable of running Minecraft and Raspbian etc.

Raspberry Pi computer
Pretty Small it is.

Talking about the dimensions, the Pi sizes around 65mm x 30mm x 5mm which is fairly small for a computer.

The Raspberry Pi Zero has some IO ports but it does not ship with any connector or cables so if you are interested in buying this, keep in mind that you will also have to buy them if you don’t have one now. These cables an connectors can be bought from Swag Store for £4, it includes a Mini HDMI and a Micro USB.


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