Apple iOS 10.2 is Here With Some Improvements and New Emoji

Apple just released a new update to its iOS to the general public, while the update is not the greatest software of the year, it adds a few nifty features and some new emoji for users.

If you are an Apple TV user, you will want to take a look at the new TV app that tries to streamline the viewing experience. Instead of searching in various streaming apps for TV shows and movies, the TV app will let you search for content across almost all video streaming apps directly. The TV app with also come with  single-sign-in.

Apart from the TV app, iOS 10.2 has updates and improvements under the hood. The Photos and Music apps are now a bit faster and more stable. The Messages app has a couple more full-screen effects including one for new love; RAW photos support has also been added to the photos app.

And finally, probably the most notable additions to iOS 10.2 are the new emoji. The shruggie emoji is finally available on the keyboard to express the feeling directly instead of copy-pasting  ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

 shruggie emoji
Shruggie emoji

There are face palm, bacon, croissant, and a few more emoji too, for a complete list, you can head over to  Emojipedia. If you want a new emoji that is not currently included in Unicode, you should check out this.

ROFL Emoji
ROFL Emoji

Apple had been testing out the 10.2 since October 31, and now that the update is released, anyone with iOS 10 device can install it over-the-air.

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Good News For Emoji Lovers: Now You Can Vote For New Emoji Requests

Using emoji is cool. They are great to express your feeling of Love, your Anger and even show Middle fingers to other people without typing a single word, they work everywhere and they are built into your phone. But, if you have heard about the Unicode Concernotium, you probably know that creating a new emoji is not at all funny. There is a long list of guidelines to be followed and there is no easy way to suggest a cool new idea of emoji that you may have.

A new website called EmojiRequest tries to eliminate the last point. Launched today, the site aims to let people request new emoji, create a concept art for them and also let other people vote for it to be selected.

With over 2000 requests, HushEmoji is on the top of list,

The concept of the site is pretty simple after a new emoji idea is submitted, it is checked if it will pass Unicode’s requirements or not. Then a mockup is made and it is shown on the site where other people can vote for it. If a mockup gets enough Upvotes, the site requests Unicode and if all goes well, you will have it soon. Keep in mind that even though a request has good amount of votes, it is still up to the Unicode Concernotium to decide.

Have an idea of emoji that can break the internet? you better reach out to the site. 

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Thanks to Apple, We won’t be getting Rifle Emoji

Apple has made sure that no mobile user gets the pleasure of pointing someone an emoji rifle in their text conversions.

Getting a new gun is may not be that hard in your country, but, Apple has made sure that no mobile user gets the pleasure of pointing someone an emoji rifle in their text conversions. Unicode, the organization that decides which emoji’s to approve for general public and which to discard, was requested to add a Rifle emoji for everyone.

However, the organisation has decided that it won’t be doing as it wont be in public interest. Apple is a very important and significant member of Unicode members. Its been told that the decision was largely influenced by Apple itself.

Considering that 200,000 Emoji are sent every second just on Apple’s mobile platforms, Unicode had to agree to Apple.

The ironic fact is, there is already a handgun emoji in Apple, Microsoft and all other phones, so, seems that Apple has problems with big guns. For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to Getting Geek.

For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to Getting Geek.