Google Chrome is Killing Flash Starting Next Month

Adobe Flash, a platform to stream videos on the Internet and a way for advertisers to create supper annoying Ads will soon be disabled by default on Google Chrome.

As discussed on it’s official blog Chrome 53, which will be rolled out for users next month, will favor HTML 5 Videos instead of the older proprietary format.

Adobe Flash Player played a pivotal role in the adoption of video…Today, sites typically use technologies like HTML5, giving you improved security, reduced power consumption and faster page load times.

After the newer update is out, Chrome will choose HTML 5 Videos by default and if a site only only supports Flash, Chrome will prompt you to enable it before you can watch the Video.

It is not the first time Google has taken steps to stop flash from being used, Chrome made Flash videos click-to-play in the 42nd release of Browser.

Why it Matters and why is it good for you?

While there people argue about Flash being bad because it is a product of Adobe, which is a corporation and HTML 5 is more open. Flash has some other reasons for it’s hatred.

One of the biggest reasons behind tech companies ignoring Flash is its terrible security. Alongside with it, it uses more battery and processing power on Chrome or other browsers.

None of Apple’s mobile devices support Adobe Flash. Edge, Firefox and Safari have all started moving away from Flash in favor of HTML5.

Also, that many video sites have shifted to HTML 5, Killing Flash makes sense.

4 Better Adobe Reader Alternatives

If your work does not involve PDF signing and heavy annotating, Following are some of the best Adobe Reader Alternative.

Just like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader has been standard for viewing PDF files for years. However, Most used is not always better, once snappy and light Adobe Reader is now too much bloated, filled with too many options and too heavy on size.

This makes Adobe Reader slow and heavy on resources.

Sure it comes with many bells and whistles, Not everyone needs them. If your work does not involve PDF signing and heavy annotating, Following are some of the best Adobe Reader Alternatives.

Microsoft Edge

An Adobe Reader alternative list kicking off with a Web browser? Yes, Microsoft Edge and almost all modern web browsers have necessary components to show PDF documents. Unlike other software, you don’t have to worry about software updates because web browsers are generally automatically updated.

To open a PDF File in Google Chrome or Any other web browser, right click on it and from the menu, click on Open With> Microsoft Edge.

adobe reader alternatives -Microsoft edge


SumatraPDF is my default PDF viewer and if you need more powerful PDF viewer than a web browser, it should be the fist one to see.

adobe reader alternatives -sumatra pdf

SumatraPDF is small and light, it can open PDF files quickly and it is compatible with most PDF Files.

Despite being small, it has many important features such as a start page listing all the recently opened files, A tabbed window to manage multiple opened documents, a system to create nad manage favorites and more. If you want an Adobe Reader Alternative that is fast and feature rich, SumatraPDF is best for you.

Download SumatraPDF

Foxit Reader

It is not the smallest but surely it os one the prettiest alternative to Adobe Reader. Foxit reader was created to compete directly with Adobe Reader and in many aspects, it does that. FoxIt has two UIs to manage document viewing, the first one is new Ribbon UI which looks and feels like Microsoft Office ribbon.

adobe reader alternatives -foxit reader

The other one is older Menu bar and toolbar system that looks like Adobe Reader. If you want, you can change colour from the Options in Foxit Reader.

Download Foxit Reader

Cool PDF Reader

It is cool because it is only 3.5 MB in size, Cool PDF Reader is a freeware and it can open many other file formats such as  JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF etc.

adobe reader alternatives -cool pdf reader

It is straight forward and easy to use. You don’t need to dig in thousands of menus and options, with Cool PDF Reader, you can open PDF Files, Zoom In and Out, take snapshots and print them too. The reader is also available in a standalone version which does not installation.

Download Cool PDF Reader


So, in conclusion, Following are the best Adobe Reader Alternatives:

  • Sumatra PDF
  • Cool PDF Reader
  • Foxit Reader
  • Built in PDF viewer in Microsoft Edge Browser

Do you know about any other Adobe Reader Alternative? Which one do you prefer? Share with us in the comments below.