Realme Soon to Launch App Store that Will Rival Google Play Store

Realme started last year as a sub-brand, just like Oppo. Very soon they grew and became a standalone company. So far, they have launched 5 smartphones. Like OnePlus, they also started their own community where users can ask questions and suggest features which can be added to their next release.

Realme started their community in December and weekly they answer to the relevant questions posed by the users. Few users even asked for a personalized app store. Realme said that developing and launching an app store is something they are considering. Once launched, the app store will serve as an alternative to one and only the Play Store by Google.

Realme Soon to Launch App Store that Will Rival Google Play Store

App Store By Other Companies

With this big news, we may wonder, are they the first one going to implement this idea and get on a battle with Google? Well, they are not the first ones.

  • The parent company of Realme, Oppo also owns an alternative store from where the users can download applications for their Android device.
  • In fact, the second largest smartphone maker in the world, Huawei, also has an app called AppGallery from where you can download games and other applications.
  • Speaking of Smartphone giants, who can forget Samsung? They have their own app store called Galaxy Apps from where you can download loads of paid as well as free applications which can be installed on your smartphone as well as a smartwatch. The icing on the cake is, games which are not released yet on Play Store, like Fortnite, can be downloaded from the Galaxy App store.

Can Realme App Store Stand Against Google Play Store?

Answering this question can be a bit difficult. It totally depends on how they develop the app store. From a developer’s point of view, Galaxy app store or store by Oppo is not up to the mark when it comes to flexibility and robustness. Google has been in the market for a long time and they have left no stones unturned to create a store where users can browse across thousands of apps arranged categorically, making it easier to find.

In order to become popular, Realme has to design a store in a way that the user finds it easier to search for apps in the Realme play store than in the Google play store. Also, just like Google, they have to tune up the security and app scanning which will prevent any malicious app from getting uploaded in the app store. Additionally, they also have to make sure that their app content is larger in comparison to the Google Play store, just like the Galaxy App store. Not to mention the competition from third-party APK stores in the market excluding play store Only then, users will consider it to be the perfect alternative to the Google Play store.

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