Google Just Added An Ad-Blocker on The Latest Chrome Version

Google had been implying an inclusion of ad-blocking facilities on Chrome browser on mobile and desktop from April. In June, it officially announced a Coalition for Better Ads to improve online advertising. From then a waiting has begun to see those strategies in action. And seemingly a spotting of Chrome’s Canary browser has brought new light to this facet of Google, a company whose primary power is the advertisement industry.

Credit: TechCrunch

The ad-blocking feature was first found by a blogger named Carsten Knobloch. Soon it was confirmed by TechCrunch. The ad-blocking option was seen inside the ‘All Sites’ settings inside Google’s experimental Chrome Canary for Android. Under the Site settings, a sub-setting called ‘Ads’ is found. Toggling this will turn ad-blocking on/ off. Still, considering Googles respect for advertising, you must not expect a rude firewall like of Adblock Plus or so. It is clear that it will ‘block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads.’ But, we could not find this option in the Google Chrome Canary app.

Google, however, told Engadget that the ad-blocker was “part of our general approach of running experiments to test possible features that could provide users with the best experience on Chrome.” As for now, the feature is not included in stable Chrome builds on both mobile and desktop for now. Google might actually bring this feature in 2018.l only.

Google way will surely offend huge market powers that dominate digital advertising space. Nonetheless maybe that Google is giving those firms and other advertisers some time to review their own advertising practices, becoming a favourer of consumer rights. Considering Chrome is among the most popular web browsers in the market, Google’s step is definitely interesting.

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