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AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus : Which One Should You Use?

AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus : Which One Should You Use?

Adblocking on the internet has been a topic of heated debate in recent years. On one hand, Ads help content websites get monetized and help the owners pay their bills (Getting Geek Included) and on the other hand, ads are increasingly becoming more and more intrusive.

Google Now Launcher is best launcher for android tablet

These are the 5 Best Android Tablet Launchers

In the wake of the myriad options of customization in Android, a launcher is like your modular setup that gives your house the look you like. While phones have been getting tons of great launchers in recent years (Here are our favorite ones) finding the

This is How Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Look (Probably)

At this point, I don’t feel it is possible to get through a week without seeing a leak about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. Now that the phone is approaching the market, an interesting mock-up of phone leaked again showing the design of the phone, meanwhile, Samsung has