6 Reasons Why You Should Start Shooting Video in 4K Format

The future is already here and has 8.3 million pixels. Unfortunately, you probably don’t even own a 4K TV. The fact is that you don’t even need a super-expensive SLR or digital SLR for 4K shooting. Your smartphone does this, but you are probably shooting in a 1080p mode.

It’s time to make the jump. There are many good reasons why you should shoot your next project, whether it’s a YouTube vlog or a cute cat video with a great 4K resolution. Here are six main reasons for you to start shooting in 4K.

1. 4K gives you more options

Just because you are shooting in 4K, it does not mean that you need to work with 4K. For many projects, 1080p is good enough. The advantage of shooting in 4K is a very high resolution that allows you to zoom in the video since you have a much better source video to work with.

It is perfect for trimming videos for close-ups. This effect can usually be seen in a single camera interview, where the perspective shifts between the full-length plan and the close-up of the interviewee. Make it right, and you can use it for a dramatic effect to add emphasis and show more emotions.

You can go one step further and apply to your movie panoramic and zoom or the Ken Burns effect. Imagine that you can trim or add motion to any desired frame without losing image quality. There is no chance that you accidentally shake the camera.

You can even get pretty high-resolution photo shots from your shots. They won’t look amazing, but they are good enough for use on the Internet, for YouTube thumbnails, or even Instagram.

2. 4K video looks better

Even if your final product is in 1080p format, 4K shooting will provide a higher quality image. Your image will not look four times better, but the end result will be noticeably sharper.

You will also reduce the chance of losing color quality, as most cameras record 4K at a higher bit rate. This means that more color detail will be fixed, which will greatly improve gradual changes, such as the deep blue sky or other solid colors.

Sometimes the camera matters. Many modern mirrorless cameras, SLR cameras, both mirrorless cameras, and SLRs, as well as video cameras, shoot 4K using larger sensors, effectively reducing images from 6K or even from 8K to 4K (for example, relatively cheap Sony a6300). The Panasonic GH5 even makes a 6K video and 4K video at 400 megabits per second.

Yes, there are a lot of 1080p cameras that will shoot HD better than cheap 4K cameras.

3. You can stabilize your shots in the video

Whatever you do with the frame, the frames will probably look better if you keep the camera still when you shoot the video. But sometimes this is not possible, and camera tripods can be quite expensive. Thanks to shooting in 4K format, you can then stabilize the video in your video editing program, without loss of quality.

4. You will thank yourself in the future

Do you know how 720p videos look on a 1080p screen? Remember what kind of graphics the old games had? This is how your 1080p videos look on a large 4K panel. Although 1080p video will remain a suitable format for another few years, over time, you will still switch to 4K. And then, you will say thank you to yourself for making a 4K video.

5. Storage is relatively cheap

Another reason you can resist 4K videos is increased storage requirements. If you shoot on your smartphone, the solution is simple: do not store video on your phone for a long time. Transfer the video to your computer and save it there. It will be even better to send your video to reliable cloud storage, where it will be available to you at any time. Alternatively, you can use Freemaker Video Converter to reduce video file size keeping the 4K quality. Check this ultimate guide on file size reduction for all platforms.

You can also use portable hard drives, such as WD Passport and Seagate STEH, which are also quite cheap and have a pretty large size. You will probably need some time to fill a terabyte.

6. You can work on a relatively weak computer

Often, the refusal to shoot in 4K may be connected with lack of a reasonably powerful computer. But in fact, you can get around it relatively easily, and you don’t need to have a powerful desktop.

Many video editing programs have a video quality trim function when creating a video. But then, in the final rendering, your video will be back in full quality.

Besides, even a relatively weak computer can be accelerated. Just give it a try, and you will benefit from all the advantages of 4K

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