This is How Windows 10 Will Look in 2017

Credit: MSPoweruser

Upcoming Windows 10 UI | Credit: MSPoweruser

Microsoft has continually been working on improving the operating system since it was launched in 2015. The company is preparing to launch an update with a game mode and some other new features, but Microsoft has something bigger in its mind.

MSPoweruser found some leaked images of Microsoft’s upcoming design language which is codenamed Project NEON.

Unlike the shift from Aero to Metro, the design overhaul will be more iterative than something of evolution, and it will replace the current Microsoft Design Language (MDL2) which is being used in the latest version of operating system.

Credit: MSPoweruser

As the screenshot above shows, the update in design emphasis more on text and images over the other elements on the screen. Apart from that, the software elements will also get smooth animations across the board.

Microsoft is also adding translucent elements on the app Windows that will show blurred and unfocussed desktop backgrounds in-app sidebars and other elements. The company has the component as ‘Acrylic’

The Redmond giant will implement the Project NEON later in the year with an OS update codenamed Redstone 3. It will be launched later in the year after the Redstone 2 (Creators Update) will be launched in April.

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