WhatsApp now supports Free Calls


Whatsapp –a cross platform messaging client has recently launched calling support for Android devices. iOS and Windows Phone support is also expected to arrive soon, apart from that there are rumors that Whatsapp may now come with Video Calling support in near future. All these implementations are generally good for customers unless telecom companies try to stop them using their dirty tricks.

What can be impact of Whatsapp calling?

Most people own smartphone and most of them are using Whatsapp –considering millions of installations from play store. We should not forget that there are other apps and websites as well who provide free calling services. Some notable of them are: Viber, Skype and most remarkably Facebook. Using Facebook messenger you can make audio calls and by using the site on a desktop you can make free video calls as well. The main point is that Whatsapp calling is not revolutionary. Personally I prefer Messenger calling more than Whatsapp calling. The logic is simple in my case: Facebook is more widely used than Whatsapp and also it does not requires the receiver to update to latest version of messenger.

In other countries and more developed areas of India where everyone has a 3G or Fast Wi-Fi access available, Whatsapp or other calling is a lifesaver. In other most of the areas of India where a lot of people are still stuck with grandma age slow 2G, VoIP calling is just Hokum.

Although this case is changing rapidly in India and also in other developing countries. People are getting faster Wi-Fi in their workplaces and also in their homes. There is growth in 3G and 4G coverage in India. As network will become faster, naturally people will go for VoIP Calls and Video Chats.

Mobile Operators are in panic because of WhatsApp

Most of mobile network operators are in panic because of Whatsapp and other VoIP calling. Still I strongly think that they are acting like a giant douches. Instead of acting smartly and providing a better alternative they are trying to charge people for Whatsapp and other VoIP services,

Mobile Operators, people are starting to hate you

Honestly I have not met any person in last year who said that X mobile network is best. Instead of providing a smart choice they are providing stupid plans and increasing Data prices in every couple of month.

Now in these situations they need to change their business model, instead of just increasing data charges they can make Voice plans cheaper. That can be life savior for mobile network providers if they start subscription based service, like an example: one tablet, one phone and one Wi-Fi with unlimited data at price of 3000 per month per customer, if there was such kind of plan I will certainly go for it as I spend 1K every month just for my 3G internet plan. This kind of services can be win win for both –the provider and also for customer.

What do you think about VoIP and Mobile network providers? Do share with us through comments.

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