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Watch Google And Samsung Hilariously Making Fun of Apple in Their Ads

Brands making fun of each other is nothing new in the world of advertising, but ads related to tech are often really funny and Google and Samsung’s new ads show this. Recent commercials from Samsung are so unabashedly mocking Apple iPhone X that it gets funny in a unique way. The “notch” screen is mocked particularly with a funny haircut.

This commercial is themed upon growing up for an Apple fan called Erik. He supposedly is buying iPhones for whole last decade. He is here finally given a reliving tagline suggestion of ‘upgrading’ to Galaxy. Erik’s suffering is covered in various acts like queues, messing with the dongle for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

The gist of it is a realistic point that Apple adopts every feature long after Samsung. That had been the case with waterproofing, camera quality, wireless charging, larger screen and so on.

Google, on the other hand, also picked a similar strategy for the promotion of Pixel. It’s ad answers a series of questions for what Pixel can do. And its features are put in bright contrast to those of iPhone X. The much-detested ‘No More Storage’ alert is displayed on iPhones and the voiceover says: “Pixel will never do this”.

With those Apple targeting commercials, somehow both Samsung and Google are giving Apple a taste of its own medicine that it used long before to mock Windows PC and Microsoft in contrast to its MacBook. Time will tell if those commercial leave a lasting impact of Apple’s loyal consumer base. But in the meantime, I think users in both camps can have a good laugh, Considering Apple has also done a lot of this in his ads.

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