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Krypton, the next phone after BackBerry’s KeyOne recently went through the FCC certification but it is only now that we have come to know as a leaked image shows the device while there are doubts if it really is the device. But TCL (the company that makes BlackBerry phones) sticks to the October timeline.

For the devices needing more scrutiny may be a reason, according to Francios Mahieu, the Head of Global Sales for TCL, the phone will target business customers much like the KEYone did. the back of the phone shown in leaked photos looks similar to the KeyOne, but because the phone will won’t come with a keypad, it will have a much larger display.

A BlackBerry device with water resistance and a battery rated for 26 hours of mixed use can appeal to business-focused costumers who don’t want a physical keyboard. And there is another device with those features is sought too.

While the physical keyboard is finally dropped for the Krypton, BlackBerry does remain committed to devices with keyboard for future. Mahieu was quoted “keyboards are definitely a big element” for future BlackBerry-branded devices. Considering Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 have just made their way to the market, it will be interesting to see how BlackBerry can perform in the competitive market.

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