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This is The Google Pixel 3 And Its Kinda Ugly

Pixel Phones have been a sure shot success for Google. Both OG Pixel and Pixel 2 have received praise from most users and the phones have sold well too. With this, Google is working to launch new Pixel Phones somewhere around October. And, we have some photos of the upcoming phone.

TechCrunch shared some photos of the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL recently. And let me tell you, if you are not a fan of Notches, this one is going to be a big disappointment for you.

Sure, other Android phones have come with Notches in past even Google added support for Notches on the latest release of Android Pie, but Pixel 3 XL’s notch seems to be one of the deepest we have seen. Almost twice as thick than iPhone X’s and the phone still has a sizable chin at the bottom.

But all the news is not bad, probably the smaller Pixel 3 will come without a notch and the phone will also have some new colors.  Apart from that, the phone will probably have the best cameras at the time of launch as Google has done in the past two years.

Still, I long wait for the days when Notches will be gone as a tread just like Flip Phones, Qwerty phones and Plastic back phones have.

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