The Easy Guide To Unblock YouTube At School, Office or University (For Free)

Want to access YouTube at your school? Let’s discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college and at the university for free.

Access to YouTube at your school may be blocked for any reason, many schools just block all outgoing traffic to unknown websites, many places will block access to YouTube because they think it could be a productivity killer. While it is no doubt that any website on the Internet can be a productivity killer, YouTube does have a lot of educational content, including tutorials, how-tos, and explanations. If you want to access YouTube at your school, unblocking it should be fairly easy, read on and we will discuss some of the easiest ways to unblock YouTube at school, college or at university without spending money on buying software or mobile apps.

Adding HTTPS on the address

Before digging into other techniques of getting YouTube to work, give this a shot: on the address bar, use HTTPS instead of HTTP when you enter the YouTube’s website address. While it may not work on all schools, many institutions block access to an insecure website. Using HTTPS makes sure that you are connecting to the SSL version of YouTube which may be enough to let you watch YouTube at school.

Unblocking YouTube at School: The VPN way

VPN is probably the best way to access YouTube at school. Not only you will be able to access YouTube, it will also tunnel all of your data, making it very difficult for ISPs to track what website you are visiting. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it definitely is the best way to unblock YouTube at school.

The market is full of VPN providers which offer their services for free or with a monthly fee. If you don’t want to shell out cash, in my opinion, the best free option is using Opera Browser. Opera comes with built-in free VPN services. Unlike other free VPN’s Opera does not have a daily data limit and it won’t inject ads into your YouTube experience.

Using Opera VPN to access YouTube
Using Opera VPN to access YouTube

To access YouTube at school, just download Opera from here. Install the app,  Open it and click on the VPN button on the left side of the address bar.

Apart from Opera, there are tons of good VPNs available, including:

  • TunnelBear VPN: Good service, it has a limited free tier. You will have to upgrade to a paid tier if you use a lot of YouTube.
  • Hotspot Shield: With Ads, this VPN offers a free experience. Keep in mind that they may keep a log of your browsing activity on the free tier.
  • ExpressVPN: It’s a paid VPN, but the service is fast and prices are reasonable. ExpressVPN does not track your browsing activities.

Just for watching YouTube at school, I think Opera’s free built-in VPN should be more than enough though and it has an Ad-Blocker built in too.

Using Proxy Websites

If you don’t want to install any app or extension and using HTTPS is also not working, using Proxy Web Addresses should be the way to go. With this method, all of your data is sent and received by your browser is passed through a proxy web address which should let you unblock YouTube at school. To change your Proxy Web Address, simply do the following:
First, you will have to find a proxy address to use, you can browse this website or search on the internet for free proxy addresses.

  • Once you have a Proxy Address, on Chrome open the menu and then Click on Settings.
  • Under settings, click on Advanced to get to proxy options.
  • Now, under System, click on Open Proxy Settings.
  • Under Connections tab, click on LAN settings.
  • On the next dialog, enable “Use a Proxy server for your LAN”
  • Enter the Address and Port number you have got from the internet.
  • Click on OK.
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school
Using Proxy Web Addresses to access YouTube at school

If a proxy address does not work, you can always try other address. To disable a proxy, just uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN in the dialog box.

Just Download the video Locally

In case changing proxy is not your cup of tea and you don’t want to install apps on your school computer, you can simply download YouTube videos locally, We covered some of the best ways for downloading YouTube videos that you can check out. Otherwise, you can find the video via searching for the topic on Google and then clicking on the Videos tab just below the search box.

Then copy the video address and enter it on an online video downloading site such as KeepVid or

Unblocking YouTube With TOR

TOR can be used to unblock YouTube at school

TOR is a very secure Mozilla Firefox-based web browser, which lets you browse the web anonymously. It can easily unblock any website that your School or college may have blocked access to. TOR also hides your IP address so it becomes very tough to see and track your browsing data. TOR is free to use and it will definitely let you browse and watch YouTube at your school or university.

Using Proxy Websites

Using Proxy Sites is one of the popular ways of getting around internet restrictions on schools and offices. While Proxy sites are not as private as using a VPN service, these don’t need you to install any browser extension and most of them are very easy to use. Proxy Websites have an address bar on them where you can enter the web address of the site (which will be in your case). Once you have pressed enter, the website will be opened in a new tab with a proxy address.

Here are some popular Proxy Websites:


One of the major problems with Proxy Sites is that most of the inject unreasonable number of ads within web pages, to get around this, you can always use an ad blocker or a web browser that has built-in ad blocking features such as Opera or Brave.

How Do You Unblock YouTube at School?

Well, I have always used Opera’s built-in VPN to access YouTube at my college. How do you get YouTube at your institution? Let us know in the comments below.

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You Can Now Install YouTube’s Offline Focused App ‘YouTube Go’

YouTube is already available on iOS and Android platform via its official app. While the app works just as expected on high-end devices, Google has been working hard at making India’s data saving centric audience attracted to the online video streaming website.

In its effort, Google has already added an offline saving feature to the official app and order to cater to more people in emerging markets; YouTube Go was previewed back in September in last year.

Built primarily for Indian users, YouTube Go is a lot focused on dealing with data limits and offline playback. The app has added options to let users share offline videos with others via Bluetooth and preview videos without using data.

Starting today, you can install YouTube Go from Play Store to your Android phones. It is in unreleased status which means there may be some bugs, but during my usage, I did not face any hiccups.

The app is just 8.5 MB and it supports some older versions of Android too: as old as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Some people may suggest that anyone can download the APK file and install it, but it won’t work if you are outside of India.

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How To Use YouTube TV Mode On Windows 10

YouTube TV mode Windows 10Google has made YouTube apps for both major mobile platforms, but the search giant has been too lazy to create an official YouTube app for Windows 10. You may find some on Windows Store but compare to how Official apps are for Android or iOS; they seem like garbage. This is especially annoying when you are using a PC on your home theater system, and you want to navigate around youtube using a remote or keyboard rather than a mouse.

The text is too small from a distance and navigation can be annoying as you will have to use the mouse to navigate and search the site.

YouTube TV Mode

Luckily, YouTube now has a TV mode that works under any desktop browser, and it has a TV-optimized UI so that you can use it from a distance. I f you have an HTPC plugged into your entertainment system, it is defiantly a better way to watch YouTube from the couch.

Accessing YouTube TV Mode

Getting the TV mode of the site is not complicated at all, simply add /tv at the end of URL, and you will be switched to the TV mode. As you will notice, the TV mode will not have any full-screen button in the video player, to toggle between full screen and windowed mode, you can press F11 on your keyboard.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to see your YouTube library or subscription without logging into it using your Google Account.

To log into your Google Account, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Press right arrow key on your keyboard to open menu and select Sign In
  • On the popup, you can find a code, write it down somewhere as we will need it later.
setting uo youtube tv on Windows
Write down the key as you will need it soon
  • Open a new tab on your web browser and go to
  • Once you are there if asked log-in to your Google Account using your Gmail ID and Password.
  • Select YouTube accounts from the screen and then enter the code to log-in to YouTube TV mode.

  • In the next screen click on Allow and then you will be good to go.

Once you have logged-in you can browse your YouTube library by going to Menu>Library

Using YouTube TV mode

The TV mode works a lot like Windows Media Center; you can use a remote connected to your PC to navigate. In case you don’t have a remote, a keyboard will work too.

To navigate around the UI and select/change videos using Arrow keys on the keyboard. To choose any option, press Enter and to get back to the previous screen, press ESC key on your keyboard.

If you need to search, you can do so on almost any screen by pressing


While it is not as good as using YouTube on Android TV or Apple TV, the YouTube TV mode is still better than browsing full version of the site from 6 feet distance.

Have you tried the mode? How do you use it on your setup? Share with us in the comments below.

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YouTube By Click Review: A Good Video Downloader For Windows

I spent some time testing and using the premium version of the app on Windows and here is a complete YouTube By Click Review.

Sure, streaming video has never been more accessible than these days, but you might still find yourself in situations where having a fast enough connection to stream a video is not possible. For people who like to take their entertainment with themselves, Downloading and keeping videos on their phones and computers have always been a good and reliable option. YouTube By Click is one of the most popular applications on Windows to let users download videos from the Internet. It is available in two versions: free and premium. I spent some time testing and using the premium version of the app and here is a complete YouTube By Click Review.

A Little Disclaimer first: Many sites don’t like users downloading videos and the videos might be copyrighted too, you should keep that in mind and read the T&Cs before downloading anything off the internet.

YouTube By Click Review

YouTube By Click Main Window
YouTube By Click’s Windows App

Basics and Installation

YouTube By Click is a Windows only application developed by By Click Inc. The application is available in two versions: A free, feature-limited version and a premium version, which (at the time of writing) costs $20. I went for the paid version as it can download unlimited videos and it has some other features too.

YouTube By Click is available for Windows only and it is supported on all recent releases of the OS. The download file is small and the installation is straightforward compared to other “Video Downloading Software” I have encountered over the years. In both the free and paid versions, the installer does not come with any bundled software and I only found that the footprint of the application on Hard Drive to be around 33 Megabytes.

UI and First Impressions

The app feels quite responsive in terms of launch timings. The UI consists of some toggles to let users switch between audio and video mode and select the download format for videos. Other toggles include a video quality switch and a button to choose the download directory on the PC.

youtube by click main ui
The toggles are easy to understand

Below these toggles, you can see the files that are being downloaded, are downloaded or search results.

Below that, you can find buttons for toggle search, find help and see application settings dialog box. The bottom right corner there is a toggle to stop automatically detecting videos.

At the bottom, you can find video recommendations, which are based on videos that you have downloaded. These recommendations quite handy especially when you are downloading music videos.

Recommendation come in handy if you are looking to download videos related to a niche/topic
Recommendation come in handy if you are looking to download videos related to a niche/topic

Overall the UI is satisfactory, it could be improved further (for example, clicking on “YouTube By Click” should open the menu instead of taking me to the website), but it is easy to use and understand.

Features and functionality

The app can download videos from a number of websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion etc. and in my experience, all work fine. As the name suggests, most automated and advanced features of an app such as recommendations and playlist downloads are only for YouTube.

Once activated, the maximum resolution of video download was 4K (as long as the original upload was in 4K) and the download formats include 3GP. FLV, AVI, WebM, and MP4, the latter being the default one. YouTube By Click worked well with the Chrome browser that I use. There is no extension for Chrome that can be installed and this eliminates the possibility of having a direct download button within the player window. Instead, when playing a video a bubble shows up asking you if you want to download the video being played. You can copy the address of video and a popup is shown to offer you with the download options.

YouTube By Click Play Bubble
The popup bubble offers you to download a playing video

Playlist download works just as expected. And you can download private playlists by signing into YouTube from Options> Accounts and selecting Add Accounts under YouTube.

YouTube By Click can also convert local videos to different Video or Audio formats which is a nice thing to have.

One of the coolest features of YouTube By Click is that it can download all videos from a channel pretty much the same way it works for YouTube Playlists. You need to copy the URL of Channel and the app asks if you are interested in downloading the channel.

Using YouTube By Click in real life

As we discussed in UI section, the application is easy to navigate with some room for improvement. Unlike some tempermoneky scripts, YouTube By Click does not offer any download button next to videos and you are required to copy the URL from either the address bar or from the right-click menu. At first, it feels like an unnecessary step, but considering that bubble notification appears when you are watching a video, it doesn’t hurt user experience much.

The app worked well for all supported sites and I found no notable bugs or performance drops when downloading more than 100 videos from playlists.

One great feature I wish it had was automatically downloading new videos from subscribed YouTube channels as it would make it really easy for road warriors to stay updated with YouTube channels they subscribe to.


YouTube By Click is a good video downloading solution and it does what is promises without any complications. The app justifies the asking price in terms of available features and if you like keeping videos offline, it won’t disappoint you.

Still, if you are a very casual user and you don’t need any of its advanced features, you might be better off with the free version or using other ways to download videos for offline use.


How To Download 3D Videos From YouTube

Lets take a look at some of the easiest ways to download 3D Videos from YouTube to your Windows/Mac computers.

Last Saturday, I received a mail from Getting Geek reader Naina asking me how she can download 3D videos from YouTube.

Hello Getting Geek team,
I have a pair of 3D glasses dusting in my cupboard and I also have a 3D TV in my home. The problem is, there is no way I can connect my TV with my Laptop (the HDMI Port seems to have broken, I don’t want to spend too much in getting it repaired)
I was wondering if there is an easy way to download 3D videos from YouTube  so that I can later copy them to my flash drive and them watch them on my TV.

Ask your questions here.

Sure, Naina has a good question, but before discussing how she can download 3D videos from YouTube, I want to clear one thing : YouTube policies don’t seem to be liking Downloading videos from their website. You should only consider downloading anything from YouTube if you understand these legal problems.
Now that I have given you proper disclaimer, let’s dig into the problem

Searching 3D videos on YouTube

Of course, not all videos on YouTube are available in 3D (creating 3D video is a lot of hassle and computer work, BTW)

download 3d videos from youtube
To search for 3D videos, open YouTube and in the search box, enter the video that you want to download. On the next screen, you will be seeing a list of found videos. To filter out non-3D videos, simply click on Filters and then select 3D from the list.

Now that only 3D videos are shown, you can download 3D videos from YouTube .

Downloading 3D Videos from YouTube

Using KeepVid

If you don’t want to install any application on your computer to download videos, KeepVid is a great website. Simply navigate to the site and paste video URL in the text box. then hit the Download button.

You will soon see a list of available resolutions and their file sizes, simply pick any of your choices and you will be good to go.


Using Desktop Applications

If you are using a PC running Windows XP or newer, you should try installing the free version of 4K Video downloader. it is a bit restrictive on features for the free version, but if you are looking for downloading less than 25 videos at once, you don’t really need to purchase the full license.

4k downloader downloading 3d videos
Simply copy the URL of the video in YouTube and add it on 4K video Downloader. Next, you will be seeing a dialog box asking you about the resolution of the video to be downloaded.
Simply select any version that is labeled as 3D and click on Download button at the bottom.

The app is available for both Windows and Mac. In case you are running Linux, there is a version available for Ubuntu too.

The another application designed to download 3d videos from YouTube is called 3D YouTube Downloader. The app is free and it is available for Windows Only.

In comparison to 4K downloader, the 3D YouTube downloader may be a bit confusing at first for some users, in this situation click on Tools > Advance Mode to view some additional options.

3d youtube downloader

Playing 3D Videos on your computer

Windows Media Player or iTunes don’t have support for playing 3D videos. But you can download and use VLC Media Player to play your 3D videos.
After installing VLC, open your media file on the player and click on Tools > Effect and Filters
On the next dialog, click on Video Effects and then select the last tab labeled Advanced
Here make sure that Anaglyph 3D is checked.

play 3d videos on youtube

Do you know any other way to Download 3D Videos from YouTube ? if yes, share with others in the comments below.
If you have any questions like this, you can drop it here, I will try my best in answering it.

How is The World of Videos Changing

The video has changed the way we entertain ourselves, and industry of Video is also changing. Starting from some Video rental stores, we are now watching Most of our Video content on The internet.



The video has changed the way we entertain ourselves, and industry of Video is also changing. Starting from some Video rental stores, we are now watching Most of our Video content on The internet.

Video Services like YouTube and Vimeo are now one of he biggest sources of video streaming and new players such as Twitter andFacebook are also making so great impact.

Thousands of people are making their living from YouTube and some of them are making some serious cash from it.


video streaming changesVia SwitcherStudio

How Big is YouTube?

We have already talked about the absurd amount of money people make on YouTube.
Lets see how many videos are on YouTube and how much has it grown since its introduction in 2005.

YouTube is huge, the Google Owned company recently started subscription based services to expand its business on the internet.

The Video streaming service is now more than just a place to see cat videos, instead it is place where hundreds of YouTubers make living,  Thousands of brands promote themselves and millions of people watch videos.

We have already talked about the absurd amount of money people make on YouTube.

Lets see how many videos are on YouTube and how much has it grown since its introduction in 2005.

How Big is YouTube?

Click on the infographic to see in full size.


How Big is youtube


What do you think About YouTube and YouTube Red? Share with others in the comments below…

Image:  Rego Korosi on Flickr