Beware: Kickass Torrent Clone is Looking For Your Credit Card Details, one of the most popular clones of the original Torrenting site, has turned into a scam.

It has been a bad month for file sharing peeps, first the popular Torrenting site Kick Ass Torrents was taken down after  its founder Artem Vaulin was arrested. Then, last week,, a popular torrent meta search engine also shut its business. 

After the two above losses, torrent community had a really big gap to cover and to do this, many Kickass Torrent clones came into existence. However, some of them are not as good as original Kickass torrents used to be.

In fact,, one of the most popular clones of the original Torrenting site, has turned into a scam.

At first glance, everything seems fine with the UI and content of the site. But, if you try to open a torrent page and try to download a torrent file, users are asked to create a user account.

kickass torrent scam
Original site never asked for registration to download torrents.

The sign-up form suspiciously asks users to enter their Credit Card Details.

While advertising on original Kickass torrent was questionable on many pages, the site never asked for any personal or financial information during sign-ups from users. One can guess that after the original clone was taken down, the domain name would have become available and someone bought it with the idea of running a scam.

Be careful pirates, torrenting smething may cost you more than buying it in some cases.

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Thanks to IsoHunt, KickAss Torrent is (Sort-of) Back

It is hard to say about what will happen with the founder of KAT, but KickassTorrent has been helped to make its way back on the internet.

30 Year old Torrent Site KickassTorrent was taken down after its founder Artem Vauin was arrested in Poland.

It is hard to say about what will happen with the founder of KAT, but KickassTorrent has been helped to make its way back on the internet.

IsoHunt, a website that helped ThePirateBay in past, has successfully hosted a working Mirror of the sire at a new address

kickass torrent is back
Mirror of KAT

The mirror features almost all uploaded data from last year to year and a half, however, users wont be able to use the forum, community and support on the new site. The mirror looks Identical to the original version of site and functionality is also the same.

It’s not perfect but if users need to save and archive something it’s time


That’s not all from IsoHunt

The IsoTeam has also supported Vaulin by linking its post to a petition Titled “Free Vaulin”, Granted that the petition can’t do much for KAT’s founder but because the sentiment is nice, it wont hurt Vaulin either.

Our freedom is to share the human right which Artem Vaulin has been providing to millions of users from all over the world. By arresting him our rights are violated.

-iso hunt

Now that KAT is restored within a few hours, it is sure that fighting against Piracy is very, very tough and Torrents are going to continue to be the biggest weapon for pirates.

Kanye West And The Torrent Story

Who would have thought that Kanye will accidently share a photo proving that he uses Torrents too.

Earlier today, Kanye shared a photo on twitter showing off the view counts on his YouTube video, see that below.


The image looks normal at first but then twitter users noticed that the rapper had opened Torrent site ThePirateBay in another tab on the computer. Possibly trying to download a software for free.

Musician Deadmau5 soon replied to Kanye’s tweet and called him a “Dick”.

It is obvious that many people use torrents to get pirated software and music (Kanye’s too). It is surprising to see someone using it and also trying to sue torrent sites for pirating his music.

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Image credit: Jason Persse on Flickr