6 Things that Android Phones Can do, But iPhones Can’t

The war of smartphone operating systems is summed up to a clash between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS during the last decade. Both giants had been regularly updating themselves to match the requirements of the new era. Android, on one hand, has expanded its multifunctional abilities to new horizons, iOS on the other has brought much flexibility to give an equal competition. While both have their pros & cons, iOS has its design and structure pretty much fixed and it offers far less personalization than Android that all users are aware of. However, there are few key differences that make Android a bit privileged still more.

Those 6 notable functions of Android are delights to its users that iOS does not yet provide. Moreover, what we are mentioning are not some die-hard techy stuff but key functions that every user needs someday.

6 Things that Android Phones Can do, But iPhones Can’t

True Multitasking

Multitasking in Android 7
Multitasking in Android 7.0

Most important facility Android by default provides is working simultaneously on two windows, and with Android 7 Nougat, this is officially a part of OS available on all Android phones. Though, it had been functional in many earlier Android phones too. Apple’s iOS has something similar for iPad, but for iPhone, users have to do without it. It binds them to one App at a time.

Call Recording

Automatic Call Recorder in Android
Automatic Call Recorder in Android

iOS has some complicated third-party apps for recording calls but that too is not hassle free. While on Android all it needs is to turn on Automatic Call Recorder and it gives you AMR files for all calls that you can manage whichever way you want.

Photo Syncing in Background

Google Photos can sync photos in Background on Android
Google Photos can sync photos in Background on Android

Apple has no APIs to sync the content in the background. Thus your iPhone cannot sync the photos with your cloud account while your phone is standing by, or is at charge. iCloud though can be smoother than other cloud account but that has limited 5GB storage and has a high cost if you want to buy additional. Google Photos on Android provides Unlimited backup for photos and it not only syncs your content in the background, you can also set it to only sync when it is standing by or charging.

Having Guest User Accounts

With Guest Account and multi users account enabled, Android provides a Windows PC like facility with your phone. You can handover your phone to others with guest login on. All your data stays safe in your account while the guest can easily surf internet or play games seamlessly. iPhone has a strict no to multiple accounts. As soon as someone else can operate your phone all your data will be laid open to them.

Better Caller ID and Spam Filtering

Truecaller on Google Android
Truecaller on Google Android

Truecaller is the most popular crowdfunded directory to know the details of callers while ringing. With Android, it can privide full functionality but on iOS, you can at times see a spam caller identified only as spam. And with no multi windows available, it goes too hectic. Same applies for true-messaging where iOS prevent you from a better management of your SMSs.

Connecting to PCs and Macs Easily

With only an Android phone you can get a plain USB connection to PC and an option to use your phone’s internal or external memory as a USB device. With iOS you have to install lengthy software (iTunes) and have to set up your apps to have it connected to your PC properly.

Owning to those 6 key features, looks like Android secures its position pretty ahead in functionality while iOS stands a neat second. What do you think? Share with us in the comments below…

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How To Add More Options in Right Click Menu in Windows 10

Contextual menus can save a lot of time. In this post, we will discuss how you can Add More Options in Right Click Menu in Windows 10.

Having a convenient Right Click Menu anywhere is one of the joys of using Windows on PCs. These menus can save you the hassles of moving the mouse on the top of the Window to pick options and thus, can save a lot of your time. Application makers have the ability to add different commands on right-click menus in Windows to integrate their apps better. For example, Dropbox and Google Drive can add an entry to add a Send to Dropbox or Send to Google Drive option. In this post, we will discuss how you can Add More Options in Right-Click Menu in Windows 10.

Adding More Options in Right Click Menu

Since a few years in past, users have been able to edit right click entries using registry hacks, they are possible, but they are a hassle to manage if you are not a seasoned Windows user. Instead, you can use Right Click Enhancer, a free utility from rbsoft that lets you modify and add new entries on the right click menu of Windows 10.

Right Click Enhancer  for Windows
Right Click Enhancer for Windows

RightClick Enhancer is a collection of some mini-programs that let you modify the contextual menu in Windows. Simply Download it, Install it and you will be good to go with the small application.

Among the eight available modules in the program, probably the most useful is the first one called Right Click Tweaker. After clicking on it, you will be able to add and remove entries on the right click menu.

Modifying Right Click Menu in Windows 10
Modifying Right Click Menu in Windows 10

In the list of options, you should pay close attention to some frequently used options such as Copy as path, Copy to and Move to. There is an option called Print File List that sends a list of all items in the folder to your printer.

Once you have made all the changes, simply close the window and exit the application. There is no need to save, log-off or restart unlike making registry edits.

I have used the application on two PCs and in both computer, most options ran fine, apart from installing the application once, you don’t have to keep it running in the background which is great.

There is a Professional version of Right Click Enhancer on the site too which costs almost $10. If you don’t need the ability to create submenus or other advanced features, you will probably be fine with the free version.

Do you know of any other way of adding Add More Options in Right-Click Menu in Windows 10? Share with us in the comments below.

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How to (Easily) Extract Flash/SWF Files?

Flash is still one of the most used ways to let users play videos or games within web browsers. Here is how you can extract flash files easily.

Flash might be a hated technology; it is still one of the most used ways to let users play videos or games within web browsers. A Getting Geek reader asked me how he can extract flash files on his computer.

Hey, Saurabh!

I was playing a flash game online, and I really liked the music running in the background. I wanted to listen to the music clip only, but I couldn’t because some other in-game sound effects were also being played in the background.

Is there a way I can extract the music from an SWF File?


Now, before we start talking about how you can extract flash files, you should keep in mind that the SWF files/games you are trying to extract may be copyrighted.

Extracting SWF Files

Flash files have a .SWF file extension, and while it is a dying tech, it is still a widely used format to distribute browser games and – in many cases – videos online.

SWF files contain all visual elements and sound files. Images are usually in. JPG or .PNG format (you can read the difference between them here) and sound files are usually in .WAV, .MP3 or .OGG format.

You can use some tools to extract SWF/Flash files on your computer locally, but, to do that, you will need to download the SWF file locally.

How you can download flash files locally

If you are on Google Chrome, simply go to the Chrome Extension Store and download and install Flash Video Downloader. Once you have done it, open the page which contains the Flash game or flash file that you want to download.

Once you are on the page, from the toolbar, click on the Flash Video Downloader icon.

Here, you will be able to see all the flash elements from the page (these have .swf at their end) to download a flash file; simple hit the big-blue download button.

Extracting the flash files

You can find many applications that can extract flash files, however, most of them are not free. Here are two of the most popular and I am sure that they will get the job done.

Fortop SWF Resources Extractor

The Fortop SWF Extractor is free to download application; you can install the app from the website and use it to extract any (or even all) files contained within SWF files. To do that, just open the application and drag the downloaded flash files to the software window, then you can extract any file by selecting it and then clicking the extract button on the toolbar.

fortron Swf extractor main window

The application includes a small preview of the flash file on the sidebar, and you can select and preview files before extracting them.

GlobFx SWF Extractor

The GlobFx SWF Extractor looks slightly dated and feature-less then Fortop’s offering, but once you have bought the full version, it does its job well. Unlike Fortop SWF Extractor, with this one, you can see an enlarged preview of photos without first extracting them.

In the above two, I would recommend you to install the first one if you do not plan the buy the full version as it the latter adds a bit too annoying watermarks on extracted images.

Do you know any other way of extracting SWF files? Share with us in the comments below.

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It’s Not Just FPS Games: 5 Cool Ways VR is Going to Be Used

Virtual Reality (VR) is here and it is going to stay. With comfortable and affordable VR headsets turning into a reality, VR Gaming can soon become the most popular way to play your favorite games.

Virtual Reality (VR) is here and it is going to stay. With comfortable and affordable VR headsets turning into a reality, VR Gaming can soon become the most popular way to play your favorite games.

In fact, according to the experts, the industry will be worth $4 billion by 2018 and, while gaming will drive the bulk of headset sales, the applications for VR are almost endless.

In fact, as we’re already starting to see, there are many other industries that can harness the power of VR to create more engaging, entertaining and educational worlds.

So, with this in mind, here are 5 cool ways Virtual Reality will be used:

Virtual Reality Casinos

One medium that’s currently exploring the possibilities of virtual reality is the online casino industry. Building on the current movement towards authentic gaming options, virtual reality looks set to plunge players into a new world of possibilities in the coming years.

Evidence for this movement towards a more realistic way of gaming can be found inside 32Red’s suite of games. Known technically as live dealer casino games, options such as roulette give players the ability to interact with real dealers in a virtual setting.

Combining RFID chips and HD webcams allows the company to offer three forms of “live” roulette, including French, European and Immersive. Each one gives players the ability to watch, bet and become a part of a live game directly from their desktop or mobile.

The rise in popularity of these games is part of the reason VR looks set to become a major part of the iGaming industry. Indeed, games such as Casino Euro’s English Roulette (its own spin on European Roulette) and Double Bonus Spin Roulette at Grosvenor Casino could be enhanced with VR and prototype products such as Microgaming VR Roulette.

In Education Industry

While distance learning is nothing new, online classes are becoming more popular and that should create some interesting opportunities for the VR industry. VR can probably provide the best possible experience of remote learning.

Educational games such as Minecraft are already a hit with children, but if they were able to step into a world of hidden obstacles it would make things even more entertaining. Moreover, a heightened sense of realism would increase a child’s focus (as the sense of trepidation would feel more real) and, therefore, cause them to retain more information.

In fact, when you survey the current offerings from companies such as Oculus and Steam, the groundwork is already being prepared. Much like the mobile industry, both companies have prepared apps stores and VR marketplaces so that virtual education tools can be offered, found and distributed with ease.

For Communication

VR headsets like Rift and Vive have the potential of giving you the ability to feel like you are into another world. This is the most important concept in VR gaming, but it can also be used in situations when distant communication and remote interactions are required.

In fact, building on this idea, we can see that virtual tourism will soon become a real thing. Thanks to Google Street View, we’ve already seen how this sort of technology can help improve our remote interactions.

Indeed, it can be very useful for you if you are not able to go or can’t afford to travel to another place but want to know more about it. Essentially, VR will soon be the go-to medium when we need help reaching places that are too costly or impractical to visit under normal circumstances.

VR Shopping

Retail is another industry that will thrive thanks to VR. One of the biggest problems for online shoppers is the inability to see an item up close before they buy it.

Virtual Reality Shops can be a great new addition to the already growing e-commerce industry. With Virtual Tours and a real time shopping experience, Shopping on sites such as Amazon could become infinitely more immersive and efficient in the coming years.

Indeed, VR companies like Trillenium are already working on software that will enhance consumer’s shopping experience and one of biggest online retailers, ASOS, has shown interest in the app.

Trainings and Simulations

It may be one of the most obvious non-gaming use of VR for most people. Computer simulations have been around for a while, but, VR can add a real quality to the simulation experience.

Medical simulations or space simulations are one of the biggest benefactors of VR. For the Medical and Space exploration industry, price of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is really attractive and with an already available work force, VR can be a big help for them in providing a real and proper simulation.

It gets even more important for Military and Defense sector. US Military has used Unity 3D engine and games like Battlespace 2 to prepare their soldiers for combat. VR will add a realism and multi-user systems can be a big help for military in preparing troops for team-work.

Have you used a VR headset? how did you feel about it? do you know about any other way VR can be used? share with others in the comments below.

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