Google is Reportedly Working On A Cheaper Pixel Phone

Google Pixel is the first Android Phone to be completely made by Google. While Nexus Phones have been around before Pixel was on sale, these phones only had Google’s influence on software as almost all hardware decision were taken by other companies.

With Pixel, Google changed the scene. While almost everyone is in love with phone’s spectacular performance and stunningly good camera, the price is probably the biggest turn off for most buyers. There is no doubt that with Pixel, Google was aiming at iPhone more than ever.

But that might not be the same in future.

As 9To5Google reports, Google is working on a cheaper version of the phone to compete with the mid-tier of the smartphone market. The upcoming phone will be significantly cheaper than the asking price of Google’s current Pixel, which costs around $800 in India. Google has codenamed the project ‘Pixel 2B, ‘ and it will release the phone with the Pixel 2.

Speaking of Pixel 2, Google is working its ass off on the new phone. Sources say that new Pixel will be at least $50 more expensive than current phone, but the company will add significant new features to justify the price.

It is almost sure that new Pixel phone will come with water resistance -it’s a shame that current Pixel phones don’t have it. And alongside with that Google is doing more efforts in refining the already great camera of the phone for the future versions.

The search giant has been working with two different SoC manufacturers: Intel and Qualcomm for the new phones but there is no further detail about if the company with use both of them for manufacturing.

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Google is Opening a MadeByGoogle Store in Lower Manhattan

MadeByGoogle Store will be located in 96 Spring Street and in the store, and the company will showcase all of its hardware in its full glory.

Even in the age of e-commerce where you can get electronics and get them directly delivered to your doorstep, Google has realized that traditional stores still hold their place and this is why the search giant is opening a retail store in Manhattan on the 20th of this October.

The store will be located in 96 Spring Street and in the store, the company will showcase all of its hardware in its full glory. Just like Apple and Microsoft do with their own stores.

After the recent launch of Pixel Phone, Google WiFi and Google Home, the company has enough hardware to justify having a physical store of its own. However, it is not the first time Google is betting on a physical store, when the company was experimenting with now dead Google Glass, a series of stores were opened on cities like London, New York and San Francisco.

There is no word about if company will be opening other store or if Google will be selling products from other OEMs (Microsoft does)

Google has a large enough lineup of hardware products that includes Chromebooks, Tablets, phone etc. it will be interesting to see how Google’s new store does.

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