Facebook Live Now Han An Audio-Only Mode (For Face Shy And Podcasters)

Facebook has been focussing on live events since last year, the introduction of video streaming and 360-degree video are one of the most notable additions to the platform. Facebook’s Live Video streaming, creatively called Facebook Live is now available in for audio only mode.

As Facebook announced it in its blog, publishers who only want to share audio streams instead of full-blown videos, can now do it directly within the app.

We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video. We’ve even seen some Pages find creative ways to go live and reach audiences with audio only by using the Facebook Live API or by adding a still image to accompany their audio broadcast. Our new Live Audio option makes it easy to go live with audio only when that’s the broadcaster’s preferred format.

–  Shirley Ip, Product Specialist Facebook

It will be a great addition for podcasters who had to use some still images on the video, and obviously, Live Audio will come in handy for publishers and broadcasters who are living in areas with slow-network connections.

It is a good thing for listeners too, as it will consume less bandwidth of your data plan. If you are an Android user, you can keep listening to the stream even if your device is locked, which is not possible for Video streams. It won’t work on iOS, but on iPhones, you will still be able to keep listening when you browse your Facebook feed.

Background playback on Android
Background playback on Android

Facebook has cleared that Live Audio is, as of now, only available to select publishers including BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins. The feature will be available for general consumer in early 2017.

Now that Facebook has started taking steps against fake news and the Messenger now supports group video chats, Facebook’s December seems to be going great.

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Super Mario Run is Crushing The App Charts with 40 Million Downloads in 4 Days

Despite being criticized for its requirement of Internet to let users play, Super Mario Run has launched-off with wild success. The app has completed more than 40 million downloads in the app store.

Mario’s creator, Nintendo revealed the install numbers today via a press release. According to Apple’s iOS App Store, the game has topped the “Free” chart in almost 140 countries. It should be noted that the game is -at the time of writing- available in 150 countries.

If we compare the hopping plumber’s journey on mobile phones to Pokemon Go, Mario looks way ahead. At the launch time, Pokemon Go completed 25 million downloads after 11 days of its initial launch. But it should be kept in mind that Pokemon Go was released in only a few select markets.

Now that Super Mario Run is available on iOS devices, Nintendo has revealed some plans to make it easy to access all different modes once they have installed the game on their devices.

Users can now play with friends in a Friendly Run mode; no one will need the ticket for it, but it will be limited to 5 players in a day.

Source: Sensor Tower

Nintendo has cleared that the game won’t be an iOS exclusive, but there is no date of Android release. It won’t be a surprise if we get to see the same record breaking installs on Google Play Store Too.

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Here is One More Way To Never Lose Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are expensive, $159 to be exact. And replacing them is expensive too, each of the three parts of the complete package will cost you $69. So one hero found an excellent and innovative way to never lost any AirPods.

So there you have it, if Apple can have the courage to remove the headphone jack from iPhone 7, you too can gather the courage and punch a wide enough hole on each of your ears.

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Now You Can Do Group Video Chats on Facebook Messneger

After years since Facebook Messenger was launched, the app finally added Group video chat today.

After years since Facebook Messenger was launched, the app finally added group video chat today.

As Facebook announced in a blog post today, you can now start a new group video chat in the app by tapping video call on a group conversation or by creating a new group within the app

Obviously, everyone in your group needs the Facebook Messenger installed on his phone to make/accept these calls.

If you have Google Hangouts to do group video calls, you will find messenger way of handling multiple users similar, if there are more than 6 participants, you will automatically see a carousel like UI where messenger will show the face of active users. If there are less than seven users, you can pick between an option to see all participants at once though.

You can have a max of 50 participants on a group video call.


Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps in app stores and Facebook forcing users to install it in order to use Facebook messages has paid-off well The feature is available on iOS, Android and web version of the messenger.

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Lenovo’s Cool New Yoga Book Will Come with Chrome OS too

In case you missed it, Lenovo Yoga Book is a new typing, drawing and writing computer by the company. The laptop-tablet hybrid does not have any physical keyboard. Instead, the Yoga book comes with a virtual keyboard on a touch panel that you can even turn off to use the surface with a stylus to draw on the screen.

Initially, the Yoga Book was released in 2 variants, one with Windows 10 and another running Google Android. Now company’s Android and Chrome chief has confirmed to Laptop Magzine that the laptop will come with a Chrome OS version next year.

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Yoga Book is unique because it is light weight, futuristic and practical at the same time. Just like other Yoga series laptops, you can flip the screen 360 degrees to use it as a tablet with its touch screen.

Now that Google has brought Android App Store to Chrome OS, it makes sense for OEMs to offer Chrome OS for devices sporting touch screens.


The Chrome OS will need some modifications to work with the surface. It is almost sure that Lenovo will keep most of Yoga Book’s pen-based features untouched.

There is no word yet if users will be able to install Chrome OS on their Yoga Book if they got one with Android or Windows 10, but I assume that it won’t happen.

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Thanks to some Ex-staffers, KickassTorrents is Back From Dead

Kickass has finally resurrected back from the dead by its ex-staffers who have been working since the site was shut down in July.

If you recall, in this years July, probably the biggest torrent site KickAss was taken down after its founder was arrested.

Since then a lot has happened in the pirate community, some notable incidents include a clone of KickAssTorrents by IsoHunt and even some scams targeted around the popular torrenting site, however, nothing has been done to successfully get the site back online.

Well, Kickass has finally resurrected back from the dead by its ex-staffers who have been working since the site was shut down in July. The site looks almost identical to its predecessor, but it has been started with a clean database.

While a clean database could afraid many pirates, many old members are back on site to re-upload and increase the contents of the site.


The fight of media companies and governments against piracy is not new, but it has been heated this year, and I don’t think it will slow down in future too. It will be interesting to see what effect KickAss torrent makes now that it is back.

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Even Replacing a Single Apple AirPod is Expensive

Apple AirPods sure make pairing with devices easy, but they don’t have any trick up their sleves to save them from being lost.

Apple AirPods sure make pairing with devices easy, but they don’t have any trick up their sleeves to save them from being lost. If you have a pair and want to know how much you will have to pay if you lost them, Apple has cleared that out: $69 for a single AirPod.

As Apple’s support page indicates, if you lose a single AirPod from the pair, you can have a new one for $69. If you lose the charging case, the price will be same too.

Considering a new set of Apple AirPods -complete with a charging case- costs $159, if you lost two pieces of the AirPod, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to buy a new set altogether.

And if you need to replace the batteries from your AirPods, it will cost you $49.

After removing headphone jack, Apple is promoting wireless music earphones continuously. It can’t be said for sure if wireless earphones will make the experience any better, but the future of wireless music listening is expensive for sure.

Bonus: Here is a video about the biggest problem of Apple AirPods:

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Facebook Reveals A Plan to Fight Fake News

After being criticized by many folks in media and by the general public, Facebook has revealed a plan to deal with the fake news problem.

Fake news has been proved to be a big problem for Facebook in past months, mostly during the US elections. After being criticized by many folks in media and by the general public, Facebook has revealed a plan to deal with the problem.

We believe in giving people a voice and that we cannot become arbiters of truth ourselves, so we’re approaching this problem carefully. We’ve focused our efforts on the worst of the worst, on the clear hoaxes spread by spammers for their own gain, and on engaging both our community and third party organizations.

– Adam Mosseri, VP, News Feed

In its blog, the company announced today that the Social Network will now take help of third parties and users to identify and remove fake news from the site. First up; Facebook is testing some ways for its users report a news story should they think it is fake. Simply click on the upper right corner of the post, and you will see options to report the story.

facebook plan to fight fake news

Apart from this, Facebook is now working with several third party fact checking services to detect and identify fake stories and hoaxes.  Once a story has been flagged by the community as fake, the social networking giant will send it to fact-checking organizations, if found false, Facebook says that anyone clicking on the link will be warned and if possible, users will be provided with the correct news.

And finally, Facebook says that it is taking some other steps reduce financial incentives for fake news sites. Now spammers won’t be able to spoof domains. However, the company has not disclosed how.

It can’t be guaranteed that the above steps will be able to stop fake news completely, but it is good to know that Facebook has started to take actions.

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Apple iOS 10.2 is Here With Some Improvements and New Emoji

Apple just released a new update to its iOS to the general public, while the update is not the greatest software of the year, it adds a few nifty features and some new emoji for users.

If you are an Apple TV user, you will want to take a look at the new TV app that tries to streamline the viewing experience. Instead of searching in various streaming apps for TV shows and movies, the TV app will let you search for content across almost all video streaming apps directly. The TV app with also come with  single-sign-in.

Apart from the TV app, iOS 10.2 has updates and improvements under the hood. The Photos and Music apps are now a bit faster and more stable. The Messages app has a couple more full-screen effects including one for new love; RAW photos support has also been added to the photos app.

And finally, probably the most notable additions to iOS 10.2 are the new emoji. The shruggie emoji is finally available on the keyboard to express the feeling directly instead of copy-pasting  ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

 shruggie emoji
Shruggie emoji

There are face palm, bacon, croissant, and a few more emoji too, for a complete list, you can head over to  Emojipedia. If you want a new emoji that is not currently included in Unicode, you should check out this.

ROFL Emoji
ROFL Emoji

Apple had been testing out the 10.2 since October 31, and now that the update is released, anyone with iOS 10 device can install it over-the-air.

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NASA Now has a Giphy and Pinterest Pages and they are out of this world

During the Apollo 11 mission, who would have thought that after a few decades, they will become part of Internet Dank Memes.

America’s The National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA has already had his official accounts on more than ten social platforms. Well, NASA has added two more today: Giphy and Pinterest.


Let’s talk about Pinterest first; NASA says that Pinterest will be used to post “new and historic images and videos, known as pins, to collections called pinboards.” NASA already has a lot of visual content and the ability to pin them on a virtual board and categorize them appropriately makes a lot of sense.


But I am more interested in the latter one: Giphy. The Internet has been seeing a rise of Giphy since last few years, and what can be a better thing to share on Twitter and Reddit than astronauts eating tacos in space. Head over to NASA’s Giphy and you will see that there are both kind of Gif’s Serious and not.

Thank you internet, Thank you NASA for making my twitter profile look a bit more scientific.

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