Facebook Just Launched M, an AI Assistant For Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched its digital assistant named M on Thursday for the US-based users of its Messenger app. The digital assistant will pop up in the chat window and suggest helpful actions to the users.

The move is an effort to compete with others such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung, all of which have personalized assistant, and maybe even a precursor for a broader launch.

M uses artificial intelligence and “suggests relevant actions to help manage conversations or help get things done,” Facebook product managers Laurent Landowski and Kemal El Moujahid said in a blog post. “We are bringing the power of M’s AI technology to support and enhance the Messenger experience and make it more useful, personal and seamless.”

M will simplify actions such as sharing money with friends, sending locations etc for the users. Facebook had announced M in 2015 as an experiment. The expansion of Messenger can be seen as a step in the social network’s broader AI goals.

Facebooks founder Mark Zuckerberg has created a personal digital assistant named Jarvis for his home that helps in simple household tasks.

Just recently Samsung launched its own personalized assistant Bixby with its flagship models Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and it will be interesting to see what consumers choose as their preferred AI assistant in upcoming days.

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Now You Can Do Group Video Chats on Facebook Messneger

After years since Facebook Messenger was launched, the app finally added Group video chat today.

After years since Facebook Messenger was launched, the app finally added group video chat today.

As Facebook announced in a blog post today, you can now start a new group video chat in the app by tapping video call on a group conversation or by creating a new group within the app

Obviously, everyone in your group needs the Facebook Messenger installed on his phone to make/accept these calls.

If you have Google Hangouts to do group video calls, you will find messenger way of handling multiple users similar, if there are more than 6 participants, you will automatically see a carousel like UI where messenger will show the face of active users. If there are less than seven users, you can pick between an option to see all participants at once though.

You can have a max of 50 participants on a group video call.


Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps in app stores and Facebook forcing users to install it in order to use Facebook messages has paid-off well The feature is available on iOS, Android and web version of the messenger.

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