This is The Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung’s iPad Pro Killer And it Costs $600

There is no doubt that Samsung has always been a rival to Apple in the tablet market and its S series of tablets has been sold as the direct alternative to Apple’s iPad, the one who started the tablet trend. And now, the South Korean smartphone giant is ready to take on Apple with its new Galaxy Tab S3.

Tab S3

The new tablet has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 2048×1536 screen resolution had it run on the Android 7.0. Storage wise, the tablet ships with 32 GB of internal storage (same as the Galaxy S7) but it can be expanded using a MicroSD card (again, Same as the Galaxy S7) the tablet has 4 GB of RAM and Samsung has used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 to power the device.

In shooting department, there is a 13-megapixel rear camera with a 5 megapixel one on the front for selfies. Also, there is a 6000 mAh battery that supports quick charging.

VentureBeat reported that device would cost $600 which is $200 more than its predecessor, the Tab S2. But if you want to use the device for some productivity, you may also want to get yourself a Pogo Keyboard which will cost you an additional $130. Add them both, and you will be getting a complete S3 setup for $730 which is directly competitive with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

While the tablet looks premium and it has some powerful hardware under the hood, one thing that concerns me about the device is its software. Just like Google’s Pixel C tablet, the Tab S3 runs Android which is lacking when it come to having proper tablet optimized apps.

If you want to pre-order the tablet, you should keep that in mind too.

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Apple is wrong with word ‘Pro’ in its iPad

iPad Pro is a fascinating tablet, yet, Apple targets it to professional users which is kind of dumb because it lacks some essential features.

Apple’s iPad Pro is a fascinating tablet. Maybe the best device for mobile entertainment.

It feels lite and powerful enough to keep you entertained for hours. The display is one of the best in both variants (12″ and 9.7″) and it sounds far better than any iPad had ever done.
Despite it being a great entertainment machine, Apple markets it as a PC replacement and it is the point where Apple gets it wrong.
Apple iPad Pro is not Pro Enough.
When Apple launched the gigantic 12″ iPad Pro, the company said it was made to replace a PC. With the launch of 9″ model Apple repeated the same thing again.
Sure, it has better specs than other iPads and it is significantly faster, but it can’t really replace a Laptop for a professional user.

What does Pro means for Apple ?

If Pro is for writers and bloggers – it sure can replace their laptops. But sad for apple, all professional users are not making their living by writing. Most professionals design, manage, code or create. And By designing I am not just talking about using a stylus, I am also talking about Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Illustrator apps.

Example of a Professional setup ipad pro
Example of a Professional setup

iPad pro has no goddamn way to connect to my USB port directly. Than means a “Pro” can’t connect his printer or SSD or external monitor or whatever easily. Apple’s MacBook has a USB-C Port, which Apple does not sell as a pro device. But iPad Pro -A device that Apple targets to Professional users – does not have one, even though iPad Pro was released after the new MacBook. USB 3.0 sure will be to large for a tablet as thin as iPad but a USB-C port is completely practical. Apple has programmers capable to add support for it. The Smart Cover is a almost good as a regular keyboard, surprisingly enough there is not function or shortcut key row. I cant think of a real Professional who does not use keyboard shortcuts.

And Let’s look at the ‘Pro’ OS

After the hardware limitations, Apple has another serious problem, and it is with it’s iOS. Rather than giving flexibility, iOS is an Operating System designed with simplicity in mind.
While I like this idea for my Phone or a tablet. I cant think why a Professional user will trade-off customizability and power of its software with its simplicity.
Sure, it runs Microsoft Office, but the Office on iPad Pro does not has support for Macros and Visual Basic for Office. Similar to this, running desktop class Adobe Photoshop or Premier Pro (Both are ‘Pro’ applications by-the-way) is just a dream on iPad.
If you are a data base administrator, web programmer or a video editor or anyone who does anything other than writing or drawing, iPad Pro is not Pro enough for you.
Want one more example? I can write Apps for Windows 10 on my Windows 10 PC, I can write apps for Mac OS X on my Mac but to create an App for iPad, I will have to buy a Mac.

It is a great tablet, but it ain’t for serious work, and Apple should accept it.

Both iPad Pros are fast and have a really good display, but they can really replace a Laptop for a Professional – not unless there is a much powerful OS for them. And it would have been better if Apple sold them without shouting that they can replace a Real computer.
iPad will only be capable of replacing my Dell Laptop, once it can connect to my Portable SSD, run Visual Studio (or similar software) and show my social media feeds on an external monitor at the same time. And there are users who need to do much more from their computers than me.
iPad Pro might work for my Dad who is a teacher and only needs to check Mail and social media on internet. But, if you are a person making your living from computers iPad is far, far from replacing your Laptop.

Image Credit: Kaleb Fulgham on Flickr