Net neutrality is the word that now-a-days can be seen flashing almost everywhere in social media. If you are just like us a common internet user you should know that internet is currently at major risk. Telecom operators (who are providing you connectivity to internet) are trying to do something that can change everything about how we use internet.

What is Net Neutrality and Why Internet is at Risk?

Think of internet as a global community of people all around the world. There are a lot of websites on the internet. Net neutrality means that all the data is equal on the internet. You can’t discriminate any website in providing access and speed of data transfer. You always have alternate web services to choose from. This makes the competition stiff and results as a better market for customers.

Apparently dear amazingawesomehoughtfulandhonest telecom service providers are finding problems in this system. Why? Because they think that they are not earning through these sites. They want to earn from OTT (over the top services) and they want to categories websites into groups –and charge users for visiting in the individual group.

What to visit Facebook? Pay little bit, want to visit twitter? Pay a bit too, want to watch YouTube video? Pay us more, want to visit Wikipedia? We want money sir! That is how this is going to work. And don’t forget that you will have to pay for them along with the data charge you are paying to access internet.

People at Telecom operator companies are forgetting one fact: why do they deserve to earn money if they have not made that website. Pathetic thinking.

Honestly –I agree that VOIP and WhatsApp like messaging services are killing call and SMS. But instead of kind that kind of work they should focus on introducing new services.

The side effects:

If the proposal is passed all internet users in India will be affected. Internet will be divided into groups of websites and we will have to pay for each group along with the charge we pay to access the internet. Also once the proposal is passed net neutrality will become a history. Services providers like airtel are thinking of making a contract with online retailer Flipkart. The result of that deal will be that user will have free access to Flipkart website and he will have to pay to visit other retailer websites (such us eBay, amazon) big players on the market can pay telecom operators to make access to their website free of data charge. But small and growing retailers, new startups will be affected most. There are strong chances of their business getting dead.

As a user you are also going to be affected, you will have to pay for OTT (over the top services) like WhatsApp, Skype and other also. That means if you want to send a message thought WhatsApp you will have to pay your Telecom Operator along with the fee you pay for internet connection.

It’s your turn to save the internet and net neutrality

There is something you can do to save the internet. TRAI has asked the consumers about their opinions on this proposal. You can answer these questions till 24 April 2015 you need to send a mail answering their almost 20 questions. If you don’t want to answer all 20 question yourself, you can go the and from there you can answer all the 20 questions related to net neutrality in just 2 clicks. Believe us this task is worth doing.

Internet is the last front where everyone is equal and every user needs to support net neutrality –not for themselves but also for future generations.