Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs : Everything You May Want to Know

There is no doubt that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are 2 the biggest CS visionaries in recent years. One is known for making the PC accessible to almost everyone and the other is behind iPhones. Following is an infographic that compares both of them with respect to their contribution, wealth and their products among other things.

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Bonus: Here is the ERB Music video about bill gates, it may contain some cursing, but I found it funny to listen to.

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How Has Android Evolved Since It’s Birth

Ever since the Android OS was launched, Google and Android community has continuously been working to improve the operating system. The UI has been enhanced; security has been beefed, and new features have been added to keep the Smartphone-centric OS relevant and useful.

Folks at TopAppCreators made a simple infographic to help you keep up with the evolution of Google’s flagship operating system.

Click on the infographic to enlarge.

android evolution infographic

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How Has Computer Science Evolved Over Time?

Technology is one of the things that are progressing every day and every moment. What could not be imagined a few years ago in computing, is now possible and there are no signs of all this slowing dow in future. So, let’s take a look at how we came to where we are and how has computer science evolved over time.

You can click here to see the infographic in full size.

The Evolution of Computer Science [Infographic]