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You May Have To Wait Few More Months For Google Daydream

Google just announced the Google Daydream, but you will have to wait to get your hands on it.

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5 Ways to Make Real Money From Your Android Phone

Here are some of the best apps and websites for you to make money from.

This is how Google Glass 2 Looks

Looking at the new photos of Google Glass 2, it seems that Google has worked on the design well.Glass includes…

Google is Giving $20 Play Store Credit With $35 Chromecast

If you haven't yet bought a Google Chromecast or You think it still costs too much, Google has something for…

Google Photos Now Supports Shared Albums

Simply called shared albums, they make it easy to collect photos and videos from relatives and friends

Was Google too Eager to Release Pixel C

Over the years Google has made some really good hardware, most notable and famous are Pixel series of Chromebooks, This…

Browser Slow? How to Make Chrome Fast Again

Google Chrome is great. It is fast, stable, has tons of extensions and it is easy to use. However, with…

Damn It Microsoft, Here is How to Move From OneDrive to Google Drive

OneDrive was one of the best cloud-based storage for free until now when Microsoft announced that it is making tons…