This is The Google Pixel 3 And Its Kinda Ugly

Pixel Phones have been a sure shot success for Google. Both OG Pixel and Pixel 2 have received praise from most users and the phones have sold well too. With this, Google is working to launch new Pixel Phones somewhere around October. And, we have some photos of the upcoming phone.

TechCrunch shared some photos of the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL recently. And let me tell you, if you are not a fan of Notches, this one is going to be a big disappointment for you.

Sure, other Android phones have come with Notches in past even Google added support for Notches on the latest release of Android Pie, but Pixel 3 XL’s notch seems to be one of the deepest we have seen. Almost twice as thick than iPhone X’s and the phone still has a sizable chin at the bottom.

But all the news is not bad, probably the smaller Pixel 3 will come without a notch and the phone will also have some new colors.  Apart from that, the phone will probably have the best cameras at the time of launch as Google has done in the past two years.

Still, I long wait for the days when Notches will be gone as a tread just like Flip Phones, Qwerty phones and Plastic back phones have.

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Google Pixel Has Some Serious Problems After Android Pie Update

If you are an Android fan, you must already know that Google launched the newest version of Android, named Android Pie just recently. It looks like the update has been the reason for some bugs in Google’s first Pixel Phones.

The bug prevented Pixel Phones from fast charging which drastically slowed down the speed at which the phone chargers. This basically makes the included fast charger ineffective.

Google has acknowledged the issue and stated that the company has started to do some research and working on a fix.

The company wrote “We’re aware of an issue where non-Power Delivery (PD) USB-C chargers no longer rapidly charge the 2016 Pixel and Pixel XL after the upgrade to Android 9 Pie. The 18W rapid charger included in-box is a PD charger and does not exhibit this behaviour. We are verifying a fix for non-PD USB-C chargers and will roll it out in the coming weeks.” to Engadget.

Fast charging seems to be working just fine on Pixel and Pixel XL running Android 8.1 Oreo which makes it clear that the issue is not hardware related. Interestingly, originally the issue was reported in DP4 by Google as “Won’t fix”.

Looks like the Google had to do it due to public pressure.

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Google Just Launched The Latest Version of Android And This One is Called Android Pie

After months of beta testing and teasing, Google is ready to push the latest version of Android to some of its devices. The Android 9 now has a name too: Android Pie.

Despite having a new major version number, Android 9 is more of an evolution than a revolution. The company has focused more on AI and gestures than changing how the OS looks and feels (apart from the new navigation at the bottom).

Android Pie has a new navigation system which gets rid of the multitasking button and adds iPhone X like gestures for switching apps and going to home screen. The Pie adds to it by making it easy to access the Google search bar via just one swipe from the bottom.

Apart from the navigation and AI, Google has also added a new app called Digital Wellbeing. It will help users in monitoring their phone usage and getting rid of phone addiction if they have any.

If you are looking to install it on your phone, you may have to wait a couple months as the Android 9 is, at the moment, only available to install on Google Pixel and Pixel 2 series phones and the Essential PH-1 phones which was launched by Andy Rubin last year.

No doubt some people will criticize Google for ripping off Apple’s navigation gesture, but I think the company has added to at rather than lifting the features as is from iPhone X.

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Original Pixel Customers Are Dragging Google To Court

While Pixel and Pixel XL on 2017 ware great phones in many regards but it looks like not everything about the phone was satisfactory for customers. Aside from the arguably bland design, the phone had some major issues with its microphone.

Just recently, a group of Pixel owners has filed a complaint on the court on the matter stating that the phones had these problems from the very beginning. The case also contains that Google knew about the issues and knowingly sold these defective units with the standard warranty.

In the march of 017, Google acknowledged that some Pixel and Pixel XL phones may have a failure because of a physical defect in around 33% phones. These issues were due to a crack in the solder of the microphone component going into Pixel’s mainframe.

Time will tell if Google has to face a lawsuit because of the problem, but it is worth noting that this is not the first time Pixel phones are in talks because of hardware defects. The new Pixel 2 XL phones have been criticized because of their AMOLED display color shifts and burn-ins.

In the microphone case, customers have reported a range of issues including high-pitched smearing and clicking noises. Some have been fixed with software updates, but it looks like some problems still persist.

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Download The Android One launcher (With Working Google Feed) For Your Phone

In case you missed it, Android One is a new Google project that is centered around making A more lightweight version of Android that will be snappy and responsive even on less powerful hardware. While Google doesn’t officially provide Android One’s Launcher on Play Store, a developer recently modified the launcher and made it possible to install on non-Android One phones.

The launcher itself is very similar to Google Pixel 2 Launcher and it borrows many features from that too. The icon style is a bit different and interestingly, it has support for Google Now panel, something that Google announced to Kill with its Google Now Launcher. 

If you are craving for a simple stock-like Android interface without any Ads and added bloat, you may want to give the app a go. You can download the APK file here but make sure that you are not on a phone with Pixel Launcher.

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Google is Killing the Pixel C, Sales Stopped, Support Will Continue

Pixel C was Google’s answer to Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad Pro which was a tablet trying to replace the need for a laptop. After selling the tablet for more than a year, the company recently announced that it will stop the sales of Pixel C and will be retiring the product.

“As is common when a device has been out for a few years, we’re now retiring Pixel C and it is no longer available for sale. We are committed to updating and supporting it, including the recent update to Android 8.0, so customers can continue to get the best out of their device,”


– Google

On the statement to Cnet, the company also said “Our newly-launched Google Pixelbook combines the best parts of a laptop and a tablet for those looking for a versatile device,”

Google will continue providing software updates and possibly, new Android releases in future, but new users are now encouraged the check the Pixel Book instead, which is a convertible laptop running Google’s Chrome OS. The Pixel Book, is much more expensive then Pixel C, selling it around $1000 or roughly Rs 64,000

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Everything You Need To Know About Nokia 1 Android Go

While Google has been keeping mum about phones that will come under Android Go program, some recent information has indicated that Nokia, which is run by HMD Global will be one of the partners with Google.

Under the Android Go program, the phone is said to be focused on emerging markets and will be designed by Google to make a smooth experience possible on low-end specs.

A Russian tipster Eldar Murtazin recently revealed that the phone will be a part of Google Android Oreo (Go Edition). The phone will come with an HD display and 1GB of onboard RAM, apart from that, the phone will also have 8 gigs of internal storage. The phone will come preinstalled with lightweight Google made apps including YouTube Go, Maps Go and Files Go which are optimised for entry-level phones.

Probably the most attractive selling point about the phone will be its pricing which is said to be just Rs 6,670 or $104. Apart from Nokia, Google is also working with Huawei to make another Android Go project phone.

In terms of specs and pricing, Nokia 2 is the closest Nokia phone with the upcoming phone, the phone has a price tag of Rs 6999 and has mostly same specs as the upcoming Nokia 1.

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Google is Killing Project Tango, Here is Everything You Need To Know

In case you missed, Project Tango is an augmented reality project which was Google’s first attempt at making AR a mainstream thing. To get the project going, Google partnered with makers and launched some phone, the first of which was Asus Zenphone AR which came with a massive battery and a huge screen paired with 8 GB of RAM.

Well, after running the project for almost a year, Googles’s tango team announced that they will be shutting down the project Tango.

There is no doubt that Google poured a lot of money into making products in under Tango project, but as Apple did with iPhone X, it is possible to do a good job at AR without adding too many specialized sensors to the phone.

Google shutting down Tango is not that surprising, the search giant already has invested many resources into another Augmented Reality related project called ARCore, because ARCore does not require specialized hardware, chances of it getting better adoption are far better compared to what Tango had. Still, if you are one of the people to buy a phone based on Project Tango, it is a bad news for you.

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Watch Google And Samsung Hilariously Making Fun of Apple in Their Ads

Brands making fun of each other is nothing new in the world of advertising, but ads related to tech are often really funny and Google and Samsung’s new ads show this. Recent commercials from Samsung are so unabashedly mocking Apple iPhone X that it gets funny in a unique way. The “notch” screen is mocked particularly with a funny haircut.

This commercial is themed upon growing up for an Apple fan called Erik. He supposedly is buying iPhones for whole last decade. He is here finally given a reliving tagline suggestion of ‘upgrading’ to Galaxy. Erik’s suffering is covered in various acts like queues, messing with the dongle for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

The gist of it is a realistic point that Apple adopts every feature long after Samsung. That had been the case with waterproofing, camera quality, wireless charging, larger screen and so on.

Google, on the other hand, also picked a similar strategy for the promotion of Pixel. It’s ad answers a series of questions for what Pixel can do. And its features are put in bright contrast to those of iPhone X. The much-detested ‘No More Storage’ alert is displayed on iPhones and the voiceover says: “Pixel will never do this”.

With those Apple targeting commercials, somehow both Samsung and Google are giving Apple a taste of its own medicine that it used long before to mock Windows PC and Microsoft in contrast to its MacBook. Time will tell if those commercial leave a lasting impact of Apple’s loyal consumer base. But in the meantime, I think users in both camps can have a good laugh, Considering Apple has also done a lot of this in his ads.

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Android Has A New Feature To Highlight Apps That Eat Your Battery Life

Battery life has always been a major aspect of choosing the phones. Most users have experienced the annoying and distrustful feeling of dealing with low battery performance by their Android phones that claim much higher performance in its specifications. Arguably in most cases, it is not the phone, it is the Wakelocks, some apps keep draining the battery by preventing the phone from going into a deeper sleep. Wakelocks are caused by apps that constantly poll the phone for information.

Third-party apps had been there to crack down on wakelocks. But now Google is bringing an inbuilt solution. Latest Android 8.1 Developer Preview has the battery app sighting to find battery eating apps. It shows up a warning in the battery settings with a red battery icon. Also, the offending app, with its effect on draining the battery. Tapping it one can fix the issue. One may kill the app or restrict the permissions to it.


The new feature may add up to Android 8.1 or keep us wait a little longer, depends. It’s though a daring step that Google is testing a feature which gives us better control over phones. Battery particularly is one the major aspects that affect a user’s liking or disliking of his phone. With this new feature, many users will be able to use their phone to its potential.

Google has rolled out some builds of Android 8.1 in previous weeks, if you want to try these features though, you will a Pixel phone or Google Nexus devices.  Considering pushing battery sizes to the limit has hurt Samsung’s reputation recently, it will be great to be able to get better battery life with optimizations rather than just by packing huge battery’s just like the Nokia 2 does.

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