This is The First Samsung Chromebook That Supports Stylus and Android Apps

Apple and Microsoft are no longer the only companies betting on stylus operated convertibles; Samsung just jumped into the game with its two new Chromebooks.

chromebook plus

The smartphone giant just introduced two new Chromebooks named Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. Despite the difference in their naming scheme both laptop are almost identical except for their processors. The Chromebook Plus runs on a custom ARM SoC, and the Pro uses a Core m3. Apart from these the following specifications apply to both devices:

  • 12.3″ touch screen display.
  • A pressure-sensitive stylus support.
  • 32 GB eMMC storage
  • 720p camera
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2.4lb metal chassis

The company claims that these Chromebooks will have up to 8 hours of battery life. Both devices have a 360-degree hinge that provides them a tablet and a tent operation mode.

The Chromebooks come with a stylus

The company says that it collaborated with Google to build the device. It comes with two USB-C ports which can output 4K video and can also charge the device. Very much like the Note lineup of Smartphones, the Chromebooks with come with a stylus that can be stored inside a slot in the device and it looks almost identical as Note 5’s stylus.

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Both models will run apps built for Android. Google Play is supported and much like any other Android tablet or Phone, most apps should work with the device. Android has some great apps to make use of a stylus and considering Chrome OS had no specific apps to utilize a tablet, having the ability to run Android note-taking and drawing apps is great.

The Chromebook Plus costs $450 and it will start shipping in February of this year. The price for Core m3 powered Chromebook Pro has not been disclosed.

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A New Asus Chromebook with USB-C Leaked

Asus C302CA has a 12.5″ touchscreen with an FHD (1920×1280) resolution.The screen can be flipped around the keyboard to use the Chromebook as a tablet.

Windows 10 is not the only platform Asus is working at; the company also has a Chromebook ready for launch.

According to Chrome Unboxed, Newegg accidentally listed the new Asus C302CA yesterday, revealing all the specs, some pictures and other details about Asus’s latest Chrome OS powered device.

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The listing is now taken offline, but it indicated that Asus C302CA has a 12.5″ touchscreen with FHD (1920×1280) resolution. Similar to Lenovo Yogabook, The screen can be flipped around the keyboard to use the Chromebook as a tablet.

The device runs off a 2.2 GHz Intel Core m3 processor, and it has a pretty unique port selection, at least. The Chromebook has two USB-C ports and a MicroSD slot for storage expansion. There will be no legacy USB 3.0 ports or full-size SD card reader either.

The unit listed by Newegg had 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of Flash internal storage for the cost of $499, but it is not yet clear if Asus will have other system configurations for the device.

Following are the full specifications of Asus C302CA:

  • Intel’s Core m3-6Y30 Processor (4M Cache, up to 2.2 GHz)
  • 12.5″ Full HD (1920×1080) Touch Display with the brightness of 300 nits
  • 64GB EMMC Internal Storage
  • 11.97″ x 8.27″ x 0.54″ dimensions
  • 2.65 lbs. weight
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2 x USB3.1-Type C
  • 1 x Headphone-out & Audio-in Combo Jack
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • MicroSD Card Slot

The Newegg listing has been removed, but considering the CES is just a few weeks ahead,  there are good chances that Asus will showcase the device officially soon.

What do you think about the leaked Asus C302CA? Share with us in the comments below.

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Was Google too Eager to Release Pixel C

Over the years Google has made some really good hardware, most notable and famous are Pixel series of Chromebooks, This is not the same about Pixel C.

Over the years Google has made some really good hardware, most notable and famous are Pixel series of Chromebooks. Alongside with them, Chromecast is also impressive for the small design and almost perfect functionality for the price.

This is not the same about Pixel C.

A Really Promising idea

Pixel C starts with a really impressive idea, a Google-made tablet focused for productivity. That is what a lot of Die-hard Android users want. It has a great aluminium body and a really bright display.

Granted that it is slightly thicker than Apple’s iPad, it holds the charm with its great looks and gorgeous screen.

The keyboard is excellent too. Rather than going with a mechanical hinge like Microsoft Surface, it relays on some really strong magnets to connect the keyboard with the tablet. It charges wirelessly so you don’t need to plug it ever, not to mention that it connects with Pixel C via Bluetooth which helps in keeping it completely wireless.

Pixel C
Image: Google

Build quality is great and it matches the sturdiness that you expect with a $500 tablet. Keyboard costs an additional $150 but it is worth it and it has good key travel.

Despite having some great looks and features, feels like a too rushed product.

Failing on the software front

Google has made some excellent piece of software too, Google Chrome is one of the best examples, but Pixel C runs on Google’s Android.

This is where the problems show up.

Pixel has a really beautiful screen. The screen ratio is 1: Square root 2, which is good for web browsing and working on documents. With this screen ratio, a user can run two app side by side at once without losing the core functionality of the app.

Sadly, you can not run two apps at once, at least not side by side. With the almost perfect 10.2″ display that runs on 2560 by 1800 screen resolution, it sucks that the $500 tablet can not snap two apps on the screen. Even Apple has that available in iOS 9.

Microsoft has been doing this with Windows for desktops and even with Windows RT.

Early developer builds had the functionality of running two apps simultaneously, but it was dropped with the final builds of Android marshmallow.

Google has kept the OS almost stock, one of the most notable customization is done with the navigation and app switcher. The back soft touch control along with the touch key for home screen stays at the left bottom side of the screen whereas, unlike other tablets android phones, the task switcher stays on the bottom right side o the screen.

Lack of Tablet-y Apps

Google Android app store is huge, with more than a million apps made for android phones over these years.

However, the number of apps made specifically for tablets are really low. Most of the app looks like a stretched version of the Phone app. Some apps scale well but right now Google can’t compete with a large number of Tablet optimised apps made for Apple iPad.

We could wait, you could wait

The convertible tablet market is right now on fire. Microsoft is doing some great work with Surface tablet and even with Surface Book, Apple has recently released an iPad Pro with a keyboard aimed at professional users and now android has its flagship too. Lack of optimization of app and OS are really a deal breaker for many people.

Rather than jumping off the cliff with Pixel C google could talks sometime in customizing the OS for Pixel C or make ist available for all android devices by adding it in OS itself.

It is not impossible, Samsung has been doing it for many recent years.

I am sure that multi-window support will make its way on Android soon, But I don’t really thing that Creating a premium and low featured tablet was necessary for Google.

Pixel C is an expensive piece of hardware and it has its own limitations by Now, taking a looks at Pixel Chromebooks by Google, it won’t be too surprising for me if it could not turn itself to a tablet with large market share.

What do you think about Pixel C? Do you agree that Google rushed with the release date? Share with us in the comments below

5 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Have

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing.
Here I have listed some of the coolest extensions for your Chrome Browser.

The best thing about Google Chrome is most probably its huge library of extensions. Thousands of Apps and extensions are made for Google Chrome, some of them are even capable of working offline.

For those who don’t know about them, an browser extension are tiny piece of software that can add features in a web browser. Such as you can install an extension to remove all the ads or spoilers from internet.

They are a lot different than a browser plugin. Plugins are a lot more powerful and they sometime require system level permissions to work. also, a web site may need plugin installed in order to work, not a user.

Taking Adobe Flash for example, a website will need Flash plugin to be installed in order to play flash video whereas a website will never require you to install a browser extension.

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing because of a big library of extensions in Google Chrome Store.

Here I have listed some of the Must Have extensions for your Chrome Browser.

Pocket for Chrome

Pocket or formally known as Read it Later is a free extension, that is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Imagine times when you are browsing internet and you find an interesting post, but you don’t have time to read it. Then rather than bookmarking it, you can save it for offline reading in Pocket.

Once a page is saved, pocket will remove all the clutter from page and make it more readable. The app from Chrome Store can also save it for offline reading.

Not just that, Pocket also has an Android and iOS app and they sync with the desktop extension.

[su_youtube url=””]

SidePlayer For YouTube

We have already discussed it in past, SidePlayer will let you play a floating video in Google Web Browser, you can continue to do your work while keeping an eye on a YouTube Stream.

Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You can read more about SidePlayer in this post.

UpNext Music Player

This is one hell of extension for Music Lovers, UpNext Music Player is a legal way of using YouTube as a music player. To play a song just install the extension and type the name in search box, it will automatically pull results from both YouTube and SoundCloud and start playing music.

5 coolest achrome extensions - upnext music player

UpNext is completely free to use and it looks really slick. You can create playlists and you can also import your Public playlists from YouTube. The charts section of extension will give you recommendations from Reddit and other sources.


Are you getting sick of seeing the same ugly blue color of Facebook? well, you don’t really have to be. Stylish is the best extension for Google Chrome to change the theme of websites.

It simply replaces the UI components from websites with the custom made by users around the globe. It has thousands of themes for thousands of websites. It is both easy to use and free.

You can read how to use stylish to change website themes from here.



Available as both an Extension for Google Chrome and as an app for android. It is just like a god gift for managing phone from computers. PushBullet is excellent at sending files and text from Computer to Phone and vice versa.

Moreover, you can view and also reply to notifications from your PC. PushBullet makes it really easy to send text messages from your Computer.

5 coolest chrome extensions - pushbullet

Did I forget to mention a extension that is cool and should be on this list? if yes, drop it in the comments below.


Image Credit: Stephen Shankland On Flickr