These Google Chrome Extensions Will Force You To Go Back To Work

Lets talk about some Google Chrome Extensions that will stop you from Procrastinating all the time.

It is  11.30 AM and I am about to do an assignment for my classes. After firing up Chrome, I have finally opened Wikipedia and Google Scholar. Suddenly, I receive a notification about a friend watching Game of Thrones. Fast forward to 5 PM and I have seen 15 YouTube videos, Chatted with 5 of my Facebook friends, stumbled upon 50 pages on Reddit and written 100 words of my assignment.
Are you also one of the lazy ass people (eg. me) who keep wondering on the internet instead of Working ? I have done some work for you.
Here are some of the best extensions available for Google Chrome that will force you to get back to work and stop you from wasting hours on doing -technically- nothing.

Go Fucking Work

go fucking work

As the name says Go Fucking Work is a Chrome Specific extension that will force you to stop dicking around on the internet and go back to do something productive.
Setting up may take some time, depending on how many sites you want to block. To use the extension, simply install the extension, and enter as many as sites that you get distracted from. After setting up the extension, you can enable the extension from Chrome toolbar.
Download The extension


Nothing better than Planting a tree and watching it grow. But what if it dies of you don’t stay focused and start wasting your time watching cat pic on Instagram?
Forest does not force you to go to work, instead, it tried to make you feel guilty for being a Lazy procrastinator.

Install extension, Plant a seed and then it will grow if you don’t waste your time. If you do waste it, the Tree will eventually die and you will loose all the Pride that you can get by planting a tree. There is also an Android App if you are interested in seeing your forest on your Phone.
Download Forest



Is the Facebook to blame for your sea level productivity ? Focusbook may come in handy. Focusbook stops you from using Facebook by asking you why are you using it. Once installed and enabled, the extension will ask you why are you using Facebook instead of working just like your Dad may. Just as you can’t do anything without answering your Dad, Focusbook won’t let you do anything unless you answer its (sometime embarrassing) questions.
The idea is great for procrastinators, It would have been great if developer makes it for other sites too.
Download focusbook

Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow is a great Google Chrome Extension for pomodoro users. In case you have no idea of what pomodoro is, it is a productivity method. In this, you work for 25 Min, after that you take break for 5 Min, Once you have completed 3-4 cycle, you can take a 25 Min Break.
Strict Workflow just stops you from wasting your time during the 25 Min productive time.
After the times in complete, you can get a break for 5 Mins.

chrome extension to force you to go to work - strict workflow
Strict Workflow is better than Go Fucking Work in at least one way, it automatically blocks knows time wasting sites by default. It will help you in minimizing your setup time.


Stay Focused

Stay Focused is a lot different than other Chrome Extensions mentioned in the article.
Instead of simply blacklisting websites to force you to go to work, Stay Focused allows you to use any site for a limited amount of time. After the time allocated is exhausted, the site cant be accessed for that day.
Next day, the Quota is refreshed.

chrome extension to force you to go to work - stayfocused

You can also plan your breaks. During that time, you can use any site you want.
Stay Focused should be your Extension of choice if you are looking for as much as customization as possible.

Download Stay Focused

At the end, it all depends on you

No matter how great these extensions are to force you to go to work, there is always an option to disable them. Ultimately, it depends on you that how much work do you want to do.
Do you know about other Google Chrome Extensions that make you do work? How do you try to stay productive ? Share with others in the comments below.

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Allow me to cheer you up.

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How To Disable Pull To Refresh On Google Chrome

Chrome users, answer this question: How many times have you refreshed a Web page on Android App accidentally?

Pull to refresh was a trend that got popular after Google Added it on its Lollipop version of Android. In theory, it provides a seamless way of checking for new or updated content on any App or Website.

When adding it with other apps, Google also added a pull to refresh ability in its Android Version of Chrome.

However, if it is doing more harm than good, you can easily disable the annoying Pull to refresh on Google Chrome for Android.

Disabling this can be really useful if you are like me and use a small smartphone.

Disabling Pull to Refresh on Google Chrome for Android

To disable pull to refresh on Google Chrome for android, you need to open the app and in the URL bar type the following:


In the next page, you can see tons of additional power user tweaks that are used to customize the chrome web browser. (These are also available on Desktop versions)


Now, tap the three dots to open browser menu and select Find in Page

disable pull to refresh on google chrome for android (2)

here, in the text box that just popped up, type Pull to go directly to find the Disable Pull to Refresh Effect

disable pull to refresh on google chrome for android (1)

Under it tap on Enable 

At last select Relaunch Now to restart the Google Chrome App.

Once you have restarted the app, you can see that Pull to Refresh for Google Chrome has been completely disabled. You can still refresh the page by selecting the Reload option from browser menu or by tapping the rotated circle button on the screen.

If you need, you can re-enable Pull to refresh by following he above steps again and at the last selecting the Disable option under Disable Pull to refresh effect on Google Chrome app.

Do you know any other way to do this rather than above? if yes, share with others in he comments below.

Browser Slow? How to Make Chrome Fast Again

Google Chrome is great. It is fast, stable, has tons of extensions and it is easy to use. However, with time if you feel like it is not working the way it used to work, you are not alone.

Google Chrome is great. It is fast, stable, has tons of extensions and it is easy to use. However, with time if you feel like it is not working the way it used to work, you are not alone.

Tons of people say that their Chrome Browser is becoming bloated and slow by time, making it painful to use and forcing it them to look for alternatives. It is normal. Sometimes it is your fault, you browse too much but don’t clean your PC or you install too many Add-ons or extensions.

Sometimes it is not you. Your PC may be infected with some nasty. Adware, malware, PUPs and other stuff may make your PC slow (not just the google Chrome)

Follow this simple 10 Minute guide to make your web-diving buttery smooth again.

Fixing Chrome

Don’t have the time? You can reset Google Chrome to its default settings. Open the Hamberger menu and click on Settings.

From the next screen, select Show advanced options.

At the end, you will find a button to Reset Google Chrome to its default settings.

Please keep in mind that it will delete all your Data, Saved passwords, and bookmarks too.

Remove The Extensions (That you no longer use)

Chrome has tons of great extensions and we have already covered some great Google Chrome extensions in past. However, too many of them can make your browsing like hell. The affext performance and consume memeory and therefore you should only keep the extensions that you use.

Using more than one extensions for one task think can affect performance too.

To remove them, open Settings in Google Chrome and click on extensions on the left side of the screen. From here you can Deactivate or Remove any installed Chrome extension.

remove google chrome extensions fix

Remove Unnecessary Chrome Apps

Unlike browser extensions, Chrome Apps are mostly capable of running offline and they are bigger in size. Some of them run in the background even if Chrome is not running. surprisingly, some of them can be removed from the extensions screen. But,  most are not visible on that screen.

To check the number of installed extensions and remove any of them Open a new tab and Click on Apps located just below the Back button of Chrome. You can find a list of all installed apps in here. To remove any app Right-Click on it and select Remove from Chrome option.

fix google chrome apps

If interested, you can see how much space does the app consumes in your computer by selecting App info in the Right Click menu.

Clear the cache files and other junk files

Cache files are actually stored to make web browsing faster for you. These are data saved from websites on your computer. Cache files are useful at loading the same web page again.

The other important things are cookies, these are essentially some small files who store your user settings for a website.

To clean these head to your User history by Pressing CTRL+H and clear browsing Data.

fix google chrome - histoy cleanup


On the new dialog, select all the type of stuff and Time selection drop down menu select From the beginning of time

after you made sure that  you have checked all necessary boxes hit the clear Browsing Data button.

Check your PC for malware, Adware, and PUP

If you are too lazy to check through every screen of an installer or you don’t hesitate in borrowing stuff fro internet, chances are that you have some PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) or some malware or some Adware in your PC. Apart from making the computer insecure, they also ruin your web browsing experience via annoying Ads, popups, and toolbars.

There are tons of free and paid antivirus and antimalware on the internet.  I recommend Avast Free Antivirus as it is cheap and it has a strong protection against antivirus.

For the second opinion, you can check Malwarebytes Antimalware. It is also free for on demand scan and the program is easy to use and navigate.


To search your PC for installed Crapware such as PUPs and adware, you can check AdwCleaner or BitDefender Adware Removal Tool. Both of them are free to use.

I am pretty sure that the above steps will make your Google Chrome perforam better. If you have any other adwise or suggestion, don’t forget to drop it via comments.

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Image Credit:  Stephen Shankland On Flickr

5 Cool Google Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Have

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing.
Here I have listed some of the coolest extensions for your Chrome Browser.

The best thing about Google Chrome is most probably its huge library of extensions. Thousands of Apps and extensions are made for Google Chrome, some of them are even capable of working offline.

For those who don’t know about them, an browser extension are tiny piece of software that can add features in a web browser. Such as you can install an extension to remove all the ads or spoilers from internet.

They are a lot different than a browser plugin. Plugins are a lot more powerful and they sometime require system level permissions to work. also, a web site may need plugin installed in order to work, not a user.

Taking Adobe Flash for example, a website will need Flash plugin to be installed in order to play flash video whereas a website will never require you to install a browser extension.

Searching and Finding right extension for yourself is quite time taking and confusing because of a big library of extensions in Google Chrome Store.

Here I have listed some of the Must Have extensions for your Chrome Browser.

Pocket for Chrome

Pocket or formally known as Read it Later is a free extension, that is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Imagine times when you are browsing internet and you find an interesting post, but you don’t have time to read it. Then rather than bookmarking it, you can save it for offline reading in Pocket.

Once a page is saved, pocket will remove all the clutter from page and make it more readable. The app from Chrome Store can also save it for offline reading.

Not just that, Pocket also has an Android and iOS app and they sync with the desktop extension.

[su_youtube url=””]

SidePlayer For YouTube

We have already discussed it in past, SidePlayer will let you play a floating video in Google Web Browser, you can continue to do your work while keeping an eye on a YouTube Stream.

Sideplayer lets you play YouTube Video as a Popup on screen

You can read more about SidePlayer in this post.

UpNext Music Player

This is one hell of extension for Music Lovers, UpNext Music Player is a legal way of using YouTube as a music player. To play a song just install the extension and type the name in search box, it will automatically pull results from both YouTube and SoundCloud and start playing music.

5 coolest achrome extensions - upnext music player

UpNext is completely free to use and it looks really slick. You can create playlists and you can also import your Public playlists from YouTube. The charts section of extension will give you recommendations from Reddit and other sources.


Are you getting sick of seeing the same ugly blue color of Facebook? well, you don’t really have to be. Stylish is the best extension for Google Chrome to change the theme of websites.

It simply replaces the UI components from websites with the custom made by users around the globe. It has thousands of themes for thousands of websites. It is both easy to use and free.

You can read how to use stylish to change website themes from here.



Available as both an Extension for Google Chrome and as an app for android. It is just like a god gift for managing phone from computers. PushBullet is excellent at sending files and text from Computer to Phone and vice versa.

Moreover, you can view and also reply to notifications from your PC. PushBullet makes it really easy to send text messages from your Computer.

5 coolest chrome extensions - pushbullet

Did I forget to mention a extension that is cool and should be on this list? if yes, drop it in the comments below.


Image Credit: Stephen Shankland On Flickr