Microsoft Made An App Just to Take Selfies (Seriously)

Microsoft Selfie is the new recently released app for iOS. The app uses machine learning to improve and edit selfies.

We have talked about Microsoft apps made for productively in past, we have talked about a Microsoft made an android launcher in past, but who could have thought that one day we will get to see an App by Microsoft just to take selfies.

Microsoft Selfie is the new recently released app for iOS. The app uses machine learning to improve and edit selfies.

After you have clicked a photo using the app, Microsoft Selfie analysis the photo and provides the best editing options. It takes gender, skin tone, lighting, age and other things into account before providing any edits. And shows you a preview of the resultant photo, if you wish, you can make other changes on the selfie using the built-in tools in the app.

The app is currently available in English and simplified Chinese language and it has good reviews so far.

Microsoft selfies

Though it is interesting, it is not the first time that Microsoft is doing something related to selfies, back in last year, the software giant created a website that predicted the age of a person in a photo.

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Now You Can Upload 100,000 Songs to Apple Music Library

Good news for people with too large music collations, Apple Music new allows its users to upload up to 100K songs. Previously it was locked at 25K.

Good news for people with too large music collations, Apple Music new allows its users to upload up to 100K songs. Previously it was locked at 25K.

Apple’s Eddy Cue announced in the past that they are working to increase upload limit of user music into Apple Music servers.

MacRumors has confirmed that the limit has been lifted for Apple Music and iTunes match. This will make it possible for music enthusiasts to stream and download their own music content which is not yet available on Apple Music or iTunes.

When scanning for Music files on iTunes, it will match all music files with the iTunes or Apple Music library and if any file is not found, it can  uploaded to Apple Serves to make it available for streaming on the go.

At the time of writing, Apple has not yet updated its support page. 

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Windows Phone is Best If You Are Concerned About Security and Hate iPhone

Microsoft has been trying to make its mark on smartphone industry for long. For recent years, it doesn’t seem to be working. I have already  written about some of the biggest problems with Windows Phone.

Consumer technology is rapidly changing, we are now seeing a time period where users are getting more concerned about privacy than the initial feature set of a software or hardware product. Smartphones are one of the most used personal devices. We take care of them just like we do with our babies and smartphones know a lot about us: Where we go, what we search, what we do and the list goes on and on.

Current OS leader in mobile devices is Google’s Android. No doubt it has a nice feature set, zillions of apps (OK, Not really, but there are lots of apps) and it is open source, which gives anyone the ability to tweak the OS in is the desired way.

Privacy matters

It is hard to see a single week without a major security breach. It feels like everyone is waiting to get our credit card information and to steal our identity.

Some of these can’t be fixed by end users, some of them can. As consumers, we should pick the most secure software solution for daily use. Nobody wants to see his/her private photos found on corners of the internet and this is why the privacy matters.

On the smartphone world, this is the point where Android fails. It falls off a cliff.

Let’s Face It: Android Sucks on Security

Fanboys can say whatever they want to say, but this is a fact. Sadly, it is not possible to blame just one person. As the main developer, Google tries to make it as secure as possible. Phone OEMs also try to do the same, but with this hell like fragmentation, it just doesn’t work.

In past years, we have seen some serious Android vulnerabilities.  As an example,  a hacker can hack your Android smartphone with just a text message. Google wants to fix all of this, but it is not possible. Google creates updates and makes sure that they are delivered to all supported nexus devices, but this doesn’t cover millions of other Android handsets.

Even after google releases a security update, OEMs and Network providers don’t deliver them on time. (Mostly, they don’t even bother) Big brands such as Samsung, HTC and others may even release a security update, but smaller brands  (I am Looking at you, Micromax and Spice) just ignore them.

iOS is good at Android’s Weak point

iphone 6 and 6s Plus sales

Apple iPhones are shipped with its propriety iOS and it is good at security.

That is not because they are coded better.

Google knows how to code software too, Google just can’t release update for every device.

Apple controls all the iPhone software. Because of this, whenever Apple finds a vulnerability, it can patch them over the air. There is not need to wait for network carriers and OEMs to take action. It is similar to Microsoft’s process of updating Windows for desktops.

This also makes sure that whenever an update is available of iPhone, all iPhones who match the system requirements will be updated.


Windows Phone is good middle ground

Despite being good at security, many users don’t like iPhones. I do not want to get into a debate on Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone.

Getting to the fact that iOS devices are expensive than Android and Windows Phone devices, it makes sense too. Android has diversity majour plus point and availability of Low-cost phones is one good point too.

Windows phone is a good (if not perfect) middle ground.

All Lumia device are updated by Microsoft. Windows 10 Phones are also able to run universal apps and it can also be used as a full desktop computer when it is docked to a station.

Windows Phone is also more secure than Android because of one reason.

Low market share.

Windows Phone is just opposite to desktop Windows on market share. If nobody is using a platform, no one will want to create a virus for it.  Android suffers most because it is most used OS for mobile devices. Windows Phone saves itself because very few people are interested in such low user base.

What Should I pick?

It depends completely on personal opinion, Mobile web is good enough to do all necessary tasks online and web looks the same on every device (Mostly)

If you are concerned about user privacy and security, (And don’t like iPhone) consider buying a Windows Phone. It has some good features to keep you happy. granted that there is a large app gap, It will (hopefully) get better as Windows 10 supports universal apps.

However, if you really love android, Consider buying a Google Nexus or Android One device.

Google updates them frequently and it is much better than nothing. They are considerably cheaper than Samsung flagship phones and other Android Phones for their specifications.

What do you think about Android Security? Do you agree with me about Windows Phone? Share with us in the comments below.

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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to release in India on October 16

Apple’s latest iPhones namely 6s and 6s Plus will start selling on October 16 in india. Per-Orders have already begun.

According to Times of India, Apple’s latest iPhones namely 6s and 6s Plus will be available  for sale on October 16 in india. Per-Orders have already begun.It is being said that the launch event will be held in approx 80 Cities.

iPhone sales are already in fire.

This is the fastest release of any apple Product in india since the release of any apple product. Older devices took several months to be made available for sale in india. Apple has modified the market plans for new devices beginning from this iPhone Release.

The company surprisingly made new iPhones available for sales in China from on the same day, when it was released in US and other countries.

Pre-orders have begun

After confirming the release date in india, retailers have started taking Pre-Orders on iPhones. Among the phones, the cheapest 16GB Version costs around 62K whereas the 128GB iPhone 6S plus costs 92K.

You can pre-order the new iPhones on all major mobile retailers.

Apple released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on 25th September, it was announced with Apple iPad Pro, a new Apple TV and iPencil. Released date for other products is not yet confirmed.

Among all the products announced iPhone was most exciting due to several new features such as new 3D Touch Technology, a Better Cameras and improved camera.

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Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Broke Sales Records in first week

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple iPhone 6 sales has hit 13 Million, it is the highest for any apple product within first week of its launch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple iPhone 6 sales has hit 13 Million, It is highest sales number for any apple product within first week of its launch.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S+ were available for sale this week. Apple will start selling the phones on almost 40 more countries including  Italy, Mexico, Russia and Spain form October 9. iPhones have already received iOS 9.0.1 Updates after their launch. The update fixed several bugs.

Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history

-Tim Cook

The record breaking sales are just as apple expected. To sell iPhone in so high numbers, apple made several efforts. The company launched a program to let customers buy iPhones 6s and iPhone 6S Plus pay $0 as a downpayment and then pay every month.

The installment is $27 for iPhone 6s and $31 for iPhone 6S Plus.

Starting sales of iPhones in China with US is also said to be a factor in 13 Million sales. In pervious years, Apple did not make iPhone available in china from the day of starting sales in USA.

You Will Need to pay Microsoft to use Microsoft Office on iPad Pro

Microsoft Office for iPad Pro will not be free to use. Users can download the apps from App store on iPad, but functionality will be reduced for Microsoft Office for iPad users.

Microsoft has always charged everyone for its desktop suits, be it for Windows or Mac OS X whereas apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and its own Windows Phones were free to create and edit documents.

Well, that will not be happening with the new iPad Pro. Microsoft Office for iPad Pro will not be free to use. Users can download the apps from App store on iPad, but functionality will be reduced for Microsoft Office for iPad users unless they sign in with their Office 365 subscription. Documents can be viewed and printed for free but to create or edit them you must have a subscription of Microsoft Office 365.

Why iPad Pro won’t have Free Microsoft Office?

Microsoft office ipad pro 1
Microsoft Word for iPad Pro | Image: Apple

the reason of Microsoft office for iPad not being free is dead simple. Microsoft does not count any device having more than 10.1″ screen size as a mobile device. iPad Pro has a 12.9″ screen which is bigger than the accepted limit. Whereas other iPads and iPhones do not cross the size barrier which is why they are free to use. Even as Apps for iPad do not have all features of their a desktop counterparts, Microsoft require you to have a Office 365 subscription to edit and create documents.

Microsoft Office 365 costs $6.99 monthly or $99.99 per year, and it gives user 1TB of OneDrive storage and 60 Skype Minutes per month along with the permission of installing Microsoft Office suite in upto 5 devices.

Considering it not being a bad deal, Microsoft hopes that iPad Pro sales will also result in more Office 365 Subscribers.

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Apple iOS 9.0.1 Update is out; Fixing several bugs

Apple iOS 9.0.1 fixes several bugs that were present in the iOS 9.0.0 update. iOS 9.0.1 update also addresses several security related fixes.

Just after releasing the 9th version of its iOS, apple has released a minor update for its iPhones, iPods and iPads. After the iOS 8 update which was not a good experience for users Apple has been releasing several updates regularly. Apple iOS 9.0.1 fixes several bugs that were present in the iOS 9.0.0 update. Among the improvements the most notable fix is the Slide to Upgrade which caused several Apple devices to freeze on the screen. The update also fixes the bug that caused alarms and timers to fail. iOS 9.0.1 update also addresses several security related fixes.

Update is focused more on Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+. The update is just after almost a week later the 9.0 update if iOS. Apple is trying it hard to keep the iOS as much as glitch free as possible. It sizes almost 35MB to download.

Updating to Apple iOS 9.0.1

Apple iOS 9.0.1 Update is out; Fixing several bugs

iOS 9.0.1 is available as an OTA (Over the Air) Update and thus you do not need to use a PC or MAC to update. To update the iOS to this latest version open Settings app and then tap to General > Software Update and follow the onscreen instructions . If you want, you can use iTunes to connect and update to iOS 9.0.1.

Apple has said that iOS 9.0 adaptation was great and now almost 50% of all registered iOS devices are running  it. Apple is hopeful that most users will also update to iOS 9.0.1.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

The recently launched apple Macbook may be futuristic with USB C Ports, but We have found some reasons why you may not like the new Apple MacBook laptop.

Before I get to the new Apple MacBook, Let me clarify one thing –I am not an apple hater and also I am not a Microsoft fan boy. in my previous articles I have pointed out what according to me Microsoft is doing wrong. You may or may not agree with me on all the things I am saying here.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook


On a recent event apple launched its new MacBook, apple’s flagship laptop. It costs a whopping $1299 and has many new features: a more comfortable keyboard with wider keys, better battery life. Completely redesigned outer shell are to name a few. The new MacBook is notably a lot thinner piece of hardware then the earlier MacBook and the new MacBook looks a lot classier than its predecessors.

The change you may find really hard to digest is the addition of a new USB type C connecter and the removal of all other ports form the laptop. Yes-for those who don’t are not informed of that – The new MacBook lacks power port, a display port, and Ethernet port even normal USB ports. In place of keeping these ports apple desired to add a new USB C type port and remove all the other ports form the laptop. The results? The new MacBook is a lot thinner and looks a lot better, but it is the point where things may go wrong. Is looking cool all that matters? What about usability and flexibility, the USB C type port is not even compatible with older USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports. Just to make the device pretty it is not good to drop important ports. On that price you can’t even add two USB Disks at once. Dropping an Optical Disk drive is OK now a days also I do agree that we don’t always need to have a VGA port on laptops now, but removing all other ports and giving only one USB port is bad … really bad for me.

Why you may not like Apple MacBook

Honestly, if USB C port was introduced in iPad or iPhone that will be a welcomed and loved that feature. MacBook are supposed to be a perfect powerhouse where we can serve our other devises –can charge them, backup them, even diagnose them. If you’re MacBook will have to run for external help just to add more than one USB that will be awkward. Some users who live most of their digital life just under a Web browser maybe can live with that; but not everyone. For some of us lives who carry a USB Flash disk on our pocket, use USB gaming headphones or use external mouse, it is a big bummer. I personally think that apple could at least add a few USB C type ports so that at least we could not be complain about lack of connectivity ports. If it is going to be the future of Laptops, I am going to stick with my current laptop for a few more years.

To remove the annoyance apple has presented a compromise – you can add an adapter to add other peripherals to the laptop.  At first the idea sounds OK, but thinking beyond that you may realize that it is quite annoying. You will have to buy adapters to plug an external displays. Even when going anywhere we will have to carry that adapter.

Look at a situation: If you are running out of battery you can plug the charger in USB port and can continue to work, that sounds good. What if you are listening music from A USB pen drive attached to the ONLY USB Port? Thinking ahead what if you want to take printout of a word document from a Pen drive. You will have to copy the document to your local storage and then you will attach the printer to the only USB port or you will have to attach an adapter on MacBook and then add both the things to that. Currently there are chances you can do the task at once. I personally find that hard to speak as an upgrade.

Also apple is not giving you a single adapter free. Instead you will have to shell cash for that (Hint: they are not cheap either).

And about the competition

Recently, just after Apple launched the MacBook, Google launched its Chromebook Pixel. Pricing $999 the chromebook packs 8GB RAM and 2 USB type C ports also 2 USB ports. That is much better than the MacBook. We always will have the ability to add more than one device on Chromebook.

Wireless computing may be the future, but don’t folks at apple think that taking these kind of steps is too futuristic.