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See Nokia 8 Being Scratched, Burned and Bent in This Brutal Durability Test

After the launch of Android-powered Nokia 6 as a comeback last year, Nokia has been actively launching phones. Recently launched Nokia 8 established itself as a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone and Galaxy S series lineup and while iPhone 8 may boast of high-tech stuff inside, visually it seems a bit fragile. And while in other cases that could be just a visual illusion, at least in competition with Nokia 8 it is true. This smartphone from HMD Global does make iPhone seem feeble to itself.

Notoriously famous phone destroying YouTuber, JerryRigEverything had made those two smartphones face his fire under his durability test.

Zack started the torture scratching Gorilla Glass 5-topped display with a Moh’s level 6 pick. Soon seen that home button could take a razor blade attack without bleeding. The front-facing camera behind the glass is safe, it means. Next tet proves that nylon-wrapped earpiece is fine too.

He establishes that Nokia 8 uses 6000-series aluminum and not the stronger 7000-series. The iPhone 6 Plus used 6000 and it fell to Zack’s tortures.

The dual cameras are covered by the glass instead of plastic well-protected. Sides, back, and buttons are metal while the top, bottom, and corners are plastic. This combo seems to give this smartphone quite a durability. The surprising part is how the device sustains the bending test. Even if of inferior metal Nokia 8 doesn’t budge with pressure. The design part and stronger internals do help it in exams, that even the meritorious students failed hopelessly.

Considering Nokia 8 is not a cheap phone at all, it is good to know that at least it’s not as fragile as many other flagships in the market are.

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